The Empress could see their reluctance in their faces. But she couldn care less. She said, ”Of course, you can take all the time you want. It isn an order after all. Its just just a proposal. Though, I hope you would provide me a positive answer soon. ”

Her words were warning not suggestion. Her obstinate behaviour was well known in the palace. And Valeria knew about it.

Valeria just smiled and said nothing. She didn want to unnecessarily provoke the royal family and more importantly Cyra Laney.

After showing her stand, the Empress left. The hall was in silence. Viviana suddenly outbrusted.

”Empress is same as my age. And she wants to marry my younger brother?? What is she thinking? Our Caius isn even yet of legal age. ”

Valeria reminded her, ”Mind your words. You should be mindful about what you talk about Her Majesty. ”

After seeing her mothers calm expression, Viviana couldn believe her eyes. How could her mother who always doted on them be calm after hearing that absurd proposal?

”But mother, isn it true? I would never accept this proposal. Not only their age is different. Their personality is also different. Since there is no love involved isn it just a political alliance? I can allow my brother to be a sacrifice for her benefits. ”

After expressing herself, Viviana stormed out of the hall. Valeria was trying to stop her but she wasn well enough to stop her.

Valerias foot staggered. Caius came forward and supported her.

Kasper saw his wifes situation and said, ”You should rest right now. We will discuss about it again after Vivi has calmed down. Let her digest this first. Don stress over it. ”

After that he took Valerias hand and helped her to her room. On his way out he said, ”Caiu, you also don take any stress and take a good rest. You must be tired after a long day. ”

Caius was left alone in the hall. He didn feel good about the orderal caused by the Empresss proposal.

Caius had never thought about getting married. He was planning to join the Ministry of Foreign Affairs after graduating. He had planned many things for his future. He didn want to marry just yet.

Although he had never fallen in love, he didn want to get involved in a political marriage.

Seeing his friends Clair and Burt also Baris and Farica, he also wanted to find someone he loved. Although that was a secondary topic in front of his career plan. He still hoped for it to come true.

He just had so many things planned for his future. He never thought of being caged inside the palace. He wanted to be be like his family members who were successful in their respective careers.

With the proposal of Empress, his plannings started to fall apart. He knew very clearly that refusing the Empresss proposal would create problems for the entire family. He didn want to cause problems for his family.

There was nothing he could do at that moment. He could only return to his room and try to get some sleep.

That night was very long for Caius.

Next day, entire Flores Family was present for breakfast. Viviana had a sullen face. Valeria and Kasper were looking calm on the outside.

Caius had never seen his family having such tension early in the breakfast table. They always used to have breakfast happily, enjoying their rare family time together as all of them were busy with their own work.

Caius hated that kind of situation. The Empresss proposal seemed to have hammered their relationship making it kind of stiff. There was an awkward silence.

Valeria couldn take it any more. She spoke first, ”Caiu, what do you think of Her Majestys proposal? ”

Before Caius could speak, Viviana roared.

”Mother, she has just rose to the throne. Don you know her intentions? She is trying to use Caiu as a shield and a sword. Our little Caiu can be used for politics. I would never allow that. ”

Of course Valeria knew Empresss intentions. She wanted to strengthen her power. The reputation, power and the wealth of the Flores Family made them very suitable for the Empresss scheme.

Now that many Nobles had started eyeing Flores Family and her health was deteriorating. It wouldn be bad to use their relationship with the royals to protect the family.

But she couldn just sacrifice her dear sons happiness and freedom for the family. The family was important but her son wasn any less important.

She still said, ”Vivi I am not asking you. Keep your mouth shut. Let Caiu decide what he wants. No one is pressuring him. ”

Hearing her mother, Viviana looked at Caius..

Caius was actually afraid. He didn know what to do. He had never seen his sister losing her temper in front of their mother. However, after the Empresss proposal they had already argued twice. It made him feel more afraid to make any decision.

He was afraid that his decision would be wrong. He was afraid of creating trouble to the family. But he was also afraid of getting married just yet….

He didn have any sort of feelings towards Empress. He had just seen her only two times. To brew any feelings it would obviously take some time.

He also didn want to get married without graduating. He wanted to explore more.

He turned his face downwards and said in a low voice, ” I….I don want to marry right now…. ”

Seeing her bright sons face turn pale, Valeria felt heartache. She couldn care for Empresss intentions or threats. She just wanted to make sure that her precious children were happy.

As for the Empress, their family was indeed facing problems but they were still strong enough to face the imperial family without being pushed to the corner.

Seeing the tension, Kasper with a smile on his face said, ” If Caiu doesn want to get married it is alright. Our Caiu is just nineteen. Why are you dropping your face? Eat your breakfast and father will take you to visit the National Archives Center. Didn you want to visit there? ”

”Yes, father ” Caius replied with a little relieved face.

The tension in the air somewhat subsided. Caius started eating his breakfast.

Vivana was stealing glances of Caius during the entire breakfast. Her brother never hesitated putting forward his opinions. His dropped face made her feel sad and mad at the same time.

After breakfast, he went to his room. His servants helped him change into black pants, white shirt and a black coat. There was a cute laced bow tie around his neck.

They also styled his light brown hair neatly. They were satisfied with how pretty…handsome he looked.

He got into a blue carriage with his father.

The National Archives Center wasn a place where anyone could go. Caius wanted to go there for some time. However, only some personnel were allowed inside the Center.

Kasper was allowed to go in and out of the Center whenever he wanted. He was especially busy for some time and wasn able to take Caius there. He wanted to cheer up Caius. He even put hold on his all other works to bring Caius there.

Kasper saw his sons mood not much different from earlier. He felt sad. He loved seeing Caius getting excited to go where he wanted to go. He loved how Caius used to show bright smile when he got to do what he wanted.

Kasper felt like his son was forced to think about something he didn want to and didn have to. His resolve to refuse the Empresss proposal became firmer.

Throughout the entire journey both of them didn initiate conversation.

When they reached there, one of the acquaintance of Kasper approached him. Kasper had to leave to discuss his work.

He looked at Caius and said, ”Caiu you can look around and search for what you need. Be careful not to misplace the documents. ”

”Yes Father. ” After replying Caius started to look around. He wanted to find documents about Northern Region. He searched for a long time to no avail.

When he was nearly tired he saw someone whom he had never expected to meet there….

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