When Caius reached the Eastern Palace, he didn have any energy to do any work. Two servants helped him change his clothes and put on a blue nightshirt.

The servants left after putting off the light.

He was lying down on his spacious bed. He was extremely tired. However, he just couldn fall asleep. He was staring at the white ceiling. His mind started to wander in his past memories.

Caius was the son of the Flores Family.

Flores Family had been serving the royal family since the regime of the first Empress. The Flores Family had a long history. This made them extremely respectable among the Nobles. The Flores Family owned several mines and were one of the wealthy and powerful family of the Empire.

Caiuss mother Marchioness Valeria Flores was often referred as the protector of the Empire. She was the commander of the royal army. She dedicated most of her time to strengthen the royal army. The strength of the royal army was entirely due to her dedication and strict nature.

His father Kasper Flores was a professor in the Royal Academy for the nobles. He was renowned for his lectures in diplomacy. He had exceptional diplomatic skills.

His elder sister Viviana Flores was heiress of the Flores Family. She followed her mother and joined the royal army. She was already deputy commander at the age of twenty three. She was an admired leader, a respected warrior, an exemplary daughter and a kind human. However, she had a little flaw, she had little brother complex.

Caiuss childhood was surrounded by love and care. The children of the Flores Family were allowed to do what they wanted. Caius had outgoing nature. He was the apple of the eye of the entire family. He joined the Royal Academy at the age of twelve.

He was always top of his class. He was extremely famous among his friends. Likeable personality, hard working nature and a bright face made him famous in the entire academy.

The entire Flores Family was famous in the capital and in the high society. They were often named as the ideal family. The reputation of the Flores Family was good in the Empire.

When he was nineteen, Valeria fell sick. Due to her sickness, she could no longer handle the position of the commander. She retired from the royal army and started to recuperate at her mansion.

After Valeria retired, some nobles started to show their hidden fangs. They started to target the wealth and power of the Flores Family.

The then Empress of the Empire was bedridden. She could no longer handle the affairs within the nation. The Empresss situation went downhill day by day. Many problems started to arise within the palace and in the entire empire.

Soon, the Empire started to lose the well kept and hard earned peace and balance.

There was cut throat competition between the first princess and the second princess for the throne. Some nobles were in the side of the first princess and some were in the side of the second princess.

Without naming the next successor, the Empress took her last breathe. This caused the existing competition to deepen.

The battle between the two princess went on for a long time. Some nobles including Flores stayed in the sidelines. However, one day suddenly the second princess withdrew her right to inheritance.

That caused heated discussion in the entire empire.

The first princess Cyra Laney, rose to the throne. The supporters of the second princess were highly dissatisfied with this result. They started to oppose the decisions made by the new monarch in every step.

Caius saw the Empress for the first time during the Coronation Ceremony.

The ceremony was held in the Main Hall of the Main Palace. Everything was decorated in purple as the royal symbol. The ceremony looked grand.

Many nobles and some envoys of neighboring countries were present in the ceremony. The entire Flores Family was also present.

At that time, the Empress was standing high above others.

She was dressed in a Purple Gown. Her golden hair was styled in waterfall crown braid. And a crown decorated with blue and pink diamonds was placed on her head. Her jewellery made her elegant.

She was dazzling in Caiuss eyes.

The Coronation Ceremony went on for a long time. After the Coronation Ceremony, there was a banquet for the celebration.

Caius was with Viviana during the entire banquet. His first dance was with his sister. After his sister left with her acquaintance, he was left alone in the hall.

Caius was tall and thin but not too skinny. His light brown hair, downturned eyes, small and pink lips made him look especially appealing.

He was dressed in the lightest shade of blue. There was a laced bow tie that was blackish blue with a sapphire brooch around his neck.

He looked elegant. His elegance and calm demeanour started attracting the attention of those present in the hall.

Caius was standing alone by the side of a pillar. Soon, a girl approached him. She put her hand forward and said, ” Mister, would you honor me with a dance? ”

Caius thought that it would be rude to decline the offer to dance. He accepted the dance with a smile on his face.

Soon many girls approached him for a dance. Polite Caius couldn refuse their offer and danced throughout the rest of the banquet.

After the banquet ended, he was extremely tired. He had already made his mind to stay away from any other tiring banquets in the future.

After few days, Valerias health started to deteriorate. She wasn able to manage the affairs within the Flores Family anymore.

Vivana soon succeeded the title of Marchioness. There was a banquet held for the celebration of succession of the title.

Most of the nobles who were in the capital were present in the banquet. Even the newly crowned Empress was present.

The banquet wasn as grand as that of the Imperial Palace. But it wasn any less.

The hall was decorated beautifully and the hospitality was even more better. All the people present, were enjoying the banquet to the fullest.

After the banquet ended, the Empress didn leave. In front of all the members of the Flores family, the Empress put forward a proposal.

”I Cyra Laney, the seventh Empress of the Laney Family, of the Earthenia empire wishes to marry the youngest son of the Flores Family, Caius Flores. ”

They didn reject or accept the proposal. But their face showed their unwillingness. Vivianas face was even more ugly.

Seeing the anger in her daughters face, Valeria came forward and said in a weak tone, ”Your Majesty, the Empress. I hope you would give us some time to discuss about this with all our family members. Such important matters are to be discussed by the entire family. ”

Caius was even more surprised. He didn know empress at all. He only saw her briefly during the Coronation Ceremony. Hearing the Empresss proposal, he was confused….

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