Sound of swords clashing and scream of soldiers were piercing the walls of the Imperial Palace. Imperial army wasn able to keep out the swarming force of rebels. Noble faction was charging directly towards the main palace.

The leader of the rebel force Duke Theodore Wallace looked cold and scary holding a sword painted with red blood. He looked like the reincarnation of devil in the eyes of those imperial guards.

When they reached the main hall of the Main Palace except some soldiers and some royal guards, no one was in sight.

The general who was in charge of leading soldiers to the Western Palace fastened his steps while approaching the duke and reported, ” Your Excellency!! No one was in the Western Palace. We were not able to find anyone. They must have fled already using the secret passage even before we entered the royal grounds. ”

The duke thought for a while and ordered, ”Dispatch a team to track down the royals. If found don expose yourself. Stay hidden! Don take any action until the next order is given. ”

The general thought that it was better to clear all the remaining royals. But after hearing the dukes order she could only answer, ”I will do as you say. Your Excellency ”. She then left the main hall of the main palace.

The noble faction looked puzzled, one of the member of the Noble faction Count Alfred Ford took a step forward and asked, ” Your Excellency, isn it better to remove further problems soon and coronation for new monarch also needs to be done. ”

”That can wait. ”

Hearing the answer of the duke no one questioned further. Although the noble faction was now alongside the duke in the battle, they were still afraid of him. The duke was infamous for his cold and indifferent manner. Despite the fact that he was a good leader, the aura around him made him unapproachable. So, the noble faction decided to rise this topic after the turmoil was settled.

The main hall fell into silence. Except the sound of the soldiers and the swords against each other that was ringing throughout the walls of the palace, no one inside the hall made any noise.

The duke was in deep trance and suddenly to everyones surprise he asked, ”What about the Eastern Palace? ”

Count Alfred answered, ” Your Excellency, seems like the Eastern Palace hasn been abandoned but from your order we haven yet confronted the people there. ”

”Help all the soldiers get treatment. Get the imperial army surrender their power for now. Order them to be present in the court tomorrow morning. Further discussion will be done tomorrow. ”

After the order was given, the noble faction dismissed themselves.

Not long after, the duke headed towards the eastern palace with ten soldiers behind him.

Eastern palace

As soon as the rebel force entered the imperial grounds all servants and guards panicked. A man, neatly dressed was sitting in the study room looking outside the window. The night was in its peak. The full moon was shining brightly, overshadowing the brightness of all the remaining stars. His downturned eyes were lost in the brightness of the moon.

A servant came to him.

”YOUR HIGHNESS!! YOUR HIGHNESS !! The rebel force has already entered through the gates of the Imperial Palace. All the servants are fleeing. Even the main palace looks empty by now. ”

” …I understand ”

”Your highness! The rebel force is leaded by the duke along with the noble faction. They will never allow someone related to royal family survive. You…..You should flee. ”

”Where…..To where should I flee? ”

”Your highness ”

”All the members from the main palace and the western palace must have already known about the rebel force approaching the imperial palace. All those royals must have already fled without any word. Your highness!! You must protect yourself. ”

”The imperial palace has already been surrounded… is impossible to get out of the palace now. Even if I could there is nowhere for me to go and hide. ” The man said.

”I don know what the Empress was thinking. She didn even try to take eastern palace into consideration when leaving. ” The servant expressed his dissatisfaction with a frown in his face.

Hearing the servant his heart tightened but he didn have any time to be mournful or put any useless anticipation. He could only try to do what he could do for himself and those who were still there…

”What is the situation of the people in this palace…..servants and guards? ”

”There are no guards in the palace right now. They were sent to confront the rebel force. Including me, there are five servants left….all others left after rebel force made their way inside the palace. ”

”You all should have left… ”

He was indeed grateful that he wasn left alone but he wished that they had left. Because he was neither able to repay them nor protect them. He felt helpless. He could only try to keep them alive for now.

”When the force reaches the Eastern Palace. Don resist and don refute. They wouldn hurt servants unreasonably if we don try to fight them. Remain silent no matter what they do here….. ”

”But your highness.. you ..they….. ”

The man interrupted, ”I know you can leave and… try to stay safe… ”

The servant left the room. Caius was left alone once again.

The Eastern Palace was a little far from the main gate and the Main Palace. Rebel force still hadn charged into the Eastern palace even after few hours, it didn make sense. The rebel force should have come to the palace of the first consort no matter what. That thought made Caius somewhat uneasy and unsettled.

He stood up from his chair and started walking around the study room. Only sound of his steps echoed in the room.

Long time had already passed, Caius still didn get any information about rebel force, his heart started to pound faster alongside every minute that passed by.

The long silence was broken when a servant came in yelling and panicking.

”YOUR HIGHNESS!!!! SOME SOLDIERS ARE HERE AND THE DUKE IS LEADING THEM. What should we do?…..Your highness!!!! ”

Hearing this Caiuss hands became sweaty and his mind started to waver. However, he didn lose his compose and tried to remain and look calm. He was comforting himself and encouraging himself.

Everything is going to be alright… Everything will be alright…..Everything has to be alright

After few minutes, he could hear footfall of the soldiers quickening bit by bit. His heart tightened. No matter how calm his outlook seemed, his inner side was in war of its own.

Suddenly, the door of the study room was opened. It was so forceful that the air coming through the door blew some of the papers resting in the table. The wind carried the scent of blood. The soldiers and their leader, Grand Duke Theodore Wallace , were dyed in red.

Caius saw a tall man about twenty centimeter taller than him in black armor. He looked like the god of the death himself with red blood splattered in his pale skin, he looked too scary. Caius wasn even able to utter a sound. The dukes eyes were filled coldness.

Where did the things go wrong?….Is this really the end…? Although the duke looked like a dignified person from afar…..from this proximity, his presence is suffocating me….What should I do if he actually ordered me to be executed and hanged outside the palace to be an example and warning to others opposing him. Can I be saved??? WHAT REALLY SHOULD I DO NOWWWW

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