s started to leaved the hall.

When Caius left the hall, he met Clair and Baris at the exit gate.

Burt was also standing in right side of Clair. Clairs face was brighter than when he got his graduation certificate.

Caius laughed inwardly. He seemed a little silly. However, when Clair was around Burt, he seemed to be glowing. Its too bright.

Burt smiled. ”It has been a long time since we last met. ”

Caius reciprocated the smile. ”Indeed ”

All of them were heading to the banquet hall.

”Caiu… ” Someone called Caius.

It was Viviana. Caius seemed a little surprised.

”Aren you supposed to be in duty? ” Caius asked in doubt.

”Well I too a day off to visit you. I did great, right? ” Her face seemed like she was asking Caius to praise her.

Caius laughed. ”Well, its really great that you are here. ”

Five of them headed to the banquet hall together.

When they reached there, the hall was already crowded with students and their parents.

All those nobles were dressed luxuriously while students were still in their uniform.

Many tables were filled with different delicacies. They were too eye pleasing. The hall was decorated in light colours. The decoration was also eye pleasing but not too overwhelming.

All of the people present there were starting to enjoy the banquet. Some were enjoying the delicacies in front of them. Some were dancing. The music was also light and pleasing.

Burt took Clairs hand and headed towards the dance floor.

Three of them didn really want to dance.

A girl came to Caius. ”Would you like to dance a song with me? ”

Polite Caius was once again unable to refuse and said in soft voice. ”It will be my pleasure. ”

Baris and Viviana looked at each other awkwardly. Viviana broke the silence first and said, ”Well we should also dance one song at the very least. What do you say? ”

Baris smiled. ”We totally should. ”

After one song, Baris, Vivana and Caius gathered together. Clair and Burt were still dancing. Three of them suddenly felt tired when they looked at the dancing couple.

They didn have any energy to stay near the dancing floor. They decided to enjoy delicacies.

Caius was intently choosing which macaroon to eat. He was unable to choose between chocolate and strawberry flavoured.

At last, he chose both of them. All the food in his plates were sweet tasting.

When he was about to head to explore more sweets, he saw Theodore. He was surrounded by many girls and boys. He was always the centre of attraction. His face was…clearly showing that he wasn interested in being there.

Caius thought. Well, I guess it really is too tiring to be surrounded by people everywhere you go.

He continued to look around for more sweets.

When he was busy filling his plate, someone approached him. When that person stopped right by his side, all the people present there seemed a little shocked.

They all started to whisper. Caius turned his head upward. He wasn too pleased to see that person..rather his face looked too unhappy…

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