Caiuss wish was overshadowed by the empresss authority. He had already decided to agree to the proposal.

He spoke his mind, ”Mother! After graduating from the Academy, I will visit the estate. I will remain there till I reach twenty. I will return here to marry the empress. ”

Hearing her sons plan, Valeria thought for a while. Then she opened her mouth.

”You can go there after graduation. However, if you change your mind about marrying the empress, let us know. The empress caught us off guard this time. I am sure we will be able to find a way out of this situation. ”

If Caius was not in the capital and he wished to refuse the proposal, he would be able to go to another country. Valeria had already planned how to protect her son if he went to another country. She was also thinking how to make sure empress wouldn be able to threaten their family.

Caius shook his head and said in soft voice, ”No mother…. I will not change my decision. ”

Vivana was angry how her mother and brother had already decided to accept the proposal. She looked at her father and said, ”Father, look at mother and Caiu. They have already …. ”

Kasper was looking at his daughter with helpless look. He interrupted her, ” Vivi, at this point we can go against the royalty at all. Let your brother leave the capital first. When he is there we will make sure to look for other alternatives. At last, the choice is in Caiuss hand. ”

Viviana listened how all of the family members were giving up. She hated it. She hated how everything was collapsing right in front of her eyes. She couldn do anything.

She knew her brother the best. He would never refuse the empress if his refusal jeopardise the familys welfare.

When the empress indirectly threatened them, Viviana wanted to make sure that Caius wouldn have to face the empress.

She wanted to divert the flow of conversation. However, she couldn hide her emotions. Her face was like the sky that was slowly being covered by the ash colored clouds. Her face clearly showed that her anger was taking over the rationality in her.

She knew that her brother was looking at her. However, she couldn put on a poker face. Before she could say anything. Caius had already started to question the empress.

After listening to the empresss self-centered words, her anger was rising slowly. Even after the empress left, her anger didn leave her.

When her brother agreed to the proposal and the entire family was slowly inclining towards his decision, she couldn hold her anger anymore.

She stood up. She looked at her brother and mother. Then she stormed out. Caius wanted to go after his sister but he didn have the heart to listen to her at that moment. He paused his foot.

Kasper looked at his son and said gently, ”Caius, we might not be able to reject the proposal right now. But if you don want or you are accepting the proposal due to fear, you don have to. One year is enough for us to find a way out. ”

Caius looked at his father. He knew one year was enough for them to look for other option. However, half a year was sufficient for the empress to completely wipe out the Flores Family.

Caius knew that their parents were aware about that. Still they were trying to make him assured to express his true heart.

If he showed a little bit of unwillingness, they would risk everything to make him happy.

That was not the result, Caius wanted. He wanted his family to be well always.

Vivana and Caius didn let their disagreement hamper their relationship in any way. Days were passing without any major trouble.

In two months time, Caius graduated from the Royal Academy.

On the day of graduation, the sky was clear. Trees were already changing their clothes. Leaves were already decorated in vibrant colors.

The trees within the academy also attracted attention of people.

The hall of the academy was filled with students. All the students were in their uniform. Caius was standing with his classmates. His classmates were discussing about their plan after graduation.

Listening to his friends, he felt jealous. But he couldn express his jealousy or his sadness.

”Caiu… ” Caius heard someone calling him. He saw his friends Clair and Baris coming towards him. Since both of them were taking same subject they were always together.

Caiuss mood got brightened.

”Finally, we are graduating. Two months ago, I thought we will remain here forever. ” Clair showed a bright smile in his face.

All of them laughed. Caius looked at Clair.

”There were ten graduation projects. I was afraid there won be sufficient time to complete all. Thank goodness we completed them without any problem. ” He said in a very tired tone.

Clair looked at Caius somewhat surprised, ”Did you complete all of them? ”

Caius didn understand what he meant. Weren we supposed to complete them to graduate? What is he talking about?

Caius answered in doubt, ”Yes. Didn you complete as well? ”

Baris was stunned. There was silence for a moment.

Clair looked at Caius and said, ”Didn the professor say anything when you submitted the projects? Well I guess he could brag about your achievement and increase load for next semester. ”

”Huh? ” Caius wasn sure what they were talking about.

Baris laughed and said, ”Every student was supposed to choose five projects from the list given. It is same for every student regardless of the subject they are taking. ”

Caius was surprised, ”When did they inform us? I didn have any idea….. ”

”Well, the notice was given after providing the list. You must have missed the notice. ” Baris looked at him with pity.

Those five projects were killing them. If they were asked to do all ten, they wouldn be able to survive.

Clair sighed. ”Well I guess Caiu was tensed about the graduation. In this two months time, he never visited me. ”

Baris agreed with Clair. ”Yes, since two months Caiu seemed to have changed. ”

Clair jokingly said, ”Our Caiu must be starting to act like a mature by doing more works than other students….children. ”

Baris couldn help but laugh. When he looked at Caiu, he seemed absentminded.

Clair waved in front of Caiuss eyes. Caius flinched.

Whenever Caius heard such words, he would get flustered. But this time, he looked …. somewhat different from normal times. Both Clair and Baris couldn figure out why Caiu seemed a little different from other times.

”Caiu, is something wrong? ” Baris looked at Caius with caring eyes.

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