ow. Lin Yiyang took Yin Guo, pushed aside the crowd, walked down, and entered a ramen restaurant converted into a basement.

At the moment when the glass door was pushed open, the aroma came in.

Every table, every big ramen bowl is steaming with white mist, on both sides of the narrow aisle, every table is full, the hot interior, hot noodles, this is really the best choice made today.

Wu Wei had already occupied a table for four inside, and when he saw the two of them, he smiled and waved: “Here it is.”

Yin Guo met him for the second time, greeted him friendly, put down her bag, and went to the bathroom first.

Seeing Yin Guo leave, Wu Wei immediately lowered his voice: “You’re so funny, I took off my clothes, and my hair was covered in foam.
You messaged to reserve a seat, just to eat a bowl of ramen?”

“Don’t talk nonsense when you came already.”

Lin Yiyang took off his winter clothes, put it on the back of the chair, waved his hand, and said hello to the boss.
After the two chatted warmly in Japanese, he asked for ‘Sake’ first.
[ T/N: Sake is an alcoholic beverage of Japanese origin ]

The boss asked if he wanted to order, but he rejected it, and he had to wait for Yin Guo to come out.

Wu Wei was at a loss: “Didn’t you go to Flushing to gamble? How did you meet the little beauty?”

“It happened in the ballroom,” he said.

The two men spoke a few words, to clarify the ins and outs, and Yin Guo just returned.

Wu Wei immediately put away the face of “watching a good show” and asked with a smile: “I heard him say, you are also here to participate in the open competition?”

“Yes, it’s the women’s team.” She smiled and sat opposite the two men.

“I’m also a member of the list,” Wu Wei stretched out his right hand, “Come on, I’m so destined to hold one.”

“Good fate.” Yin Guo shook hands with him.

“I came in that day, and your brother talked to me.
I thought I was a lie. Later, when I saw that the club was on the box, I confirmed,” Wu Wei smiled and talked about Blizzard that night,” and began to think that the club was your brother’s, and did not expect it to be you.

No wonder, they became friends so easily, and they invited them to drink especially.

She finally figured it out.

The two chatted for a while, but Yin Guo gained a lot of information about Lin Yiyang from Wu Wei.

Wu Wei was studying at New York University.
Lin Yiyang helped prepare the materials and came to study for a master’s degree. The two have different majors.
Lin Yiyang came a year early and had to study for three years, while Wu Wei only needed to study for one year. He didn’t leave after graduation, he just wanted to wait for Lin Yiyang to finish his studies and return to China together.

“Actually, I’m just average nine-ball.
I practiced when I was young.
The nine-ball is popular in the United States, and I have followed the custom in the countryside.” Wu Wei said with a smile.

He was right.

Many people in the United States will use nine-ball as family entertainment.
They have a ball table at home, but very few people play snooker. Today, when she met Lin Yiyang at the ballroom, there was only one snooker table in the ballroom where she usually trained, and no one was playing.

In professional games, people here are not keen on snooker either.

For Yin Guo, she plays American billiards, and the US Nine-Ball Open is very important.

But from Wu Wei’s words, she could tell that the other party was a snooker player who mainly played English billiards.

Just like my cousin.

His friends are all pros, why isn’t he?

Yin Guo looked at him.

Lin Yiyang had been sitting there, drinking the Sake that was brought first. The small glass bottle, the size of a palm, blue and translucent, was held in his palm, and took two sips.
Most of the bottle was emptied.

He didn’t seem to listen to their conversation seriously.
When Yin Guo looked at him, he pushed the menu in front of her: “Order first, then talk.”

“Yes, first, first.” Wu Wei echoed.

On that menu are pictures.

Ramen is a way to open a shop all over the world, just look at the pictures to choose noodles and add vegetables. Yin Guo quickly liked the menu, and she returned it to Lin Yiyang. Lin Yiyang waved his hand and directly called someone to place the order.
He was so familiar with this place that he and Wu Wei could blind spot without looking at the order.

Wu Wei changed the topic and talked about his daily life in New York, and was concerned about Yin Guo’s next accommodation arrangement.

“It should still be a hotel,” Yin Guo said, “now that.”

“Didn’t consider renting a house? Short-term rental?”

“I thought about it, but I think three months is not too long or too short.
I’m afraid of trouble, and I can’t find a good one.”

Wu Wei immediately invited her warmly, saying that the apartment he rented was a three-bedroom apartment, two of which were a pair of sisters, and they were going to move out this month. He can help ask the landlord if he can let Yin Guo rent for a short period of time first. In this way, there are two advantages.
The first is to save money at this stage, and the second is that if Yin Guo’s cousin gets an offer from New York University, it is not bad to rent it directly.

Good location, convenient transportation, ready-made house.

Wu Wei’s words really touched her.

When she came, her friend suggested a short-term rental, but it was just because her friend was in China and it was inconvenient to find a house for her, so she gave up. Since there are reliable listings, renting is certainly cost-effective.

Yin Guo thanked him happily and added Wu Wei’s WeChat.

“Wait for me to ask the landlord first, and I will give you the exact news tomorrow.” Wu Wei finally said.

Because they had to hurry, they didn’t talk anymore and finished the noodles quickly.

After supper, Lin Yiyang and Yin Guo got on the subway again, and it was eleven o’clock when they arrived at Yin Guo Hotel.

The hotel she lives in is a relatively remote neighborhood, surrounded by repair factories, and the only lively place is a small gas station. From the subway entrance to the hotel, you have to go through a dark road. Except for the light of the gas station, there are no extra lights, three or five minutes away.

The wind picked up in the middle of the night, and it blew her a chill.

He took Yin Guo to the door of the hotel, where two barmaids were smoking. When the two approached, they just snuffed out the cigarette butts.
The two of them helped open the heavy black-lacquered iron door of the hotel and entered.

She stopped in front of the steps: “Do you still have a subway ride when you go back?”

“The subway is 24 hours a day.” Lin Yiyang took off the club barrel from his shoulders and hooked the rope as if he was about to hand it out as if he was waiting for something.

His hand hooked on the rope was exposed, Yin Guo saw it and thought of his right hand when he was holding the club.

The sport of billiards requires long, uninterrupted years of polishing and hard practice.
Like any sport, one cannot slack off in one day. The layman can’t see it. His level has been cultivated all year round, not quite like an amateur…

There was a knock on the glass door behind her, interrupting her thoughts.

She looked back and saw her cousin waving at them behind the frosted glass.

Lin Yiyang’s arm passed over her shoulder at the same time, pulling open the iron door for her. He pushed Yin Guo into the warm room and handed the club bucket to Meng Xiaotian.

“Thank you, Brother Yang, for sending my sister back.” Her cousin smiled and thanked him.

He nodded, saying goodbye.

Then he put his hands in his pockets, turned around, and walked back along the path beside the gas station without street lights.

Yin Guo touched her ears.
Just now when Lin Yiyang pulled the door, the cuff zipper scratched her ears: “Did you come down by chance?”

“Brother Yang sent me WeChat, saying that you are coming, let me pick you up,” said cousin, “I guess I mentioned that there is a bar under our hotel.
He is worried, is he afraid that you will run into a drunk?”

Unexpected answer.

Yin Guo looked back again.

Lin Yiyang was raising his hat to block the cold wind. In the distance is the light of the gas station, and on the left is the wall beside the road.
Gradually, the figure disappears into the wind and snow, in the direction of the subway.


T/N: Hello readers, very sorry for the late update, and I am sorry to tell you that I am dropping this novel as things are not going well irl and I am getting busier.
Thank you so much for reading.
Hopes everything goes well with you.
May you all stay healthy and happy!!

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