Guo sat on the trolley, waiting for the luggage only to fall asleep again.
At dusk, the luggage was finally delivered by the conveyor belt. She thought she had seen the dawn, but the hotel called: due to not checking in on time, both rooms were cancelled.

At that time, she stood at the entry gate and almost cried.

Fortunately, a Chinese girl who was sleeping at the airport in Chicago stopped her after leaving the customs and said that she will be picked up by her family in a car. The other party told Yin Guo that in such a blizzard, it was more difficult to get a taxi than to climb to the sky. She suggested that Yin Guo could take her car to leave the airport and go to Manhattan, which was better than staying at the airport.

With the help of kind-hearted people, Yin Guo and his cousin were sent here.

Despite the blizzard outside, at least there was wine and food.

Someone behind her pushed open the frozen glass door.

The cold wind blew mercilessly across the back of her neck, Yin Guo shivered and pulled up the neckline of her down jacket.

Meng Xiaotian also wrapped his coat tightly: “It’s so fucked up, I thought we crossed into “The Day After Tomorrow”.”

Not to mention, it’s like.

The scene of ” The Day After Tomorrow” is New York, the frozen Statue of Liberty, the cruise ship rushing up from the sea, and the library that saves everyone… Yin Guo likes to watch disaster movies the most, and has watched this movie 7 or 8 times.
The original scene seems reproduced now.

At this moment, the mobile phone shows that the outdoor temperature is minus 25°, and with the blessing of the cold wind effect, the somatosensory temperature is already minus 40°. They came in the thickest down jackets, which were completely unbearable outdoors in this weather.

When she just got out of the car with her luggage here, she felt like she was about to freeze.

Yin Guo put the phone in front of him and let Meng Xiaotian watch, not to miss Zheng Yi’s messages. After explaining, she put on her down jacket and hat, put her hands on the edge of the bar, rested her head on it, and closed her eyes.

”It’s really cold.” Meng Xiaotian was chanting the scriptures beside her.

The band on stage sang an old song with a melodious tone, like a hot sun, like a sunny day, like all images related to summer. The lead singer whispered in English between the songs, he was playing and singing to the girl he admired, he was deeply attracted to her, he couldn’t extricate himself, he was fascinated, he was deeply in love, but he was timid and shy, wandering and stopping, not knowing what to do.
Close to recognizing the song—

It’s ”YELLOW”.

“Sister.” Meng Xiaotian called her.

“Yeah.” Yin Guo answered.

“Xiaoguo.” Meng Xiaotian patted her as if something really happened.

Yin Guo used her last strength, raised her head, and opened her eyes.

In the blurred vision, a strange thing appeared, a glass of wine.

And, of course, the man behind the glass.

It’s a young man. The upper part of the body is wearing a black winter jacket and a black hat.
It is impossible to see how long the hair is.
Anyway, it is not long hair . Pupils are dark. The skin is white, the face is thin, the chin is pointed, and the bridge of the nose is not as high as that of Europeans and Americans, but it is still high.

Asian? Likely.

Chinese people? Not sure, he hasn’t spoken yet.

“Please,” the man said.

Eh? Chinese people?

Yin Guo took off the hat of the down jacket, sat up straight, and was about to speak when a man with glasses who also looked Chinese leaned over and put the second glass of wine in front of Meng Xiaotian: “This is yours.”

“Thank you.” Meng Xiaotian giggled.

“You’re welcome,” said the man with glasses, “compatriots.”

Meng Xiaotian immediately introduced Yin Guo to them: “This is my sister.”

They know each other? How can it be? Meng Xiaotian came to New York for the first time.

Yin Guo looked at his cousin.

“When you were on phone, they came in at the table next to me,” Meng Xiaotian explained to her.
“I heard them speak Chinese, so I asked casually, what kind of wine is good here.”

Yin Guo understood.

The man with glasses smiled and asked, “Didn’t you two find the hotel? Are you trapped here?”

In this weather, no one is in the mood to bring three large suitcases with fresh labels to the bar for entertainment.
It is reasonable to speculate that the two siblings are trapped here.

“Yeah, I originally booked a hotel, but it was cancelled.
Now I’m waiting for my friends to find it,” Meng Xiaotian said proactively, “I hope I can find it.
It’s really not good.
It’s okay to wait here until tomorrow morning, anyway, there is something to eat and drink.

The man with glasses smiled: “He called a car.
If you can confirm the hotel, I will take you there first.”

The “he” in the glasses man’s mouth is naturally the man who doesn’t talk much.

“That’s great.” Meng Xiaotian was moved crazy.

“Let’s wait for you to book,” the man with glasses said with a smile.
“If it’s done early, follow his car, if it took a long time, I’ll take you off .
The subway here extends in all directions, and you can get to almost any place.”

Meng Xiaotian raised his glass happily: “Thank you, brother.”

“You’re welcome.” The man in glasses clinks glasses with him.


T/N: Hello readers!!! I’m Purple, translator of “During the Snowstorm” novel.
I won’t be able to update the novel for next 2 months as I have to attend my final exams as well as some other entrance exams.
I hope you enjoyed reading the novel and wish that you will be equally and more enthusiastic to read the upcoming chapters when I resume updating them.
All the best for the ones who are attending exams and Happy Summer Vacation!!!


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