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 With tears filling her eyes, Berii sent Rowe flying. 

 She put the remaining medicine and drinking water in her mouth and forcibly tried to make Yuika drink. 


“Gu, gohoh.”

 Yuika turned her face away and ended up spitting out all the medicine.
She started coughing as though in pain, and her body began twitching. 

“There’s a trick to making unconscious people take medicine.”

“Oh, tell me, that trick!”

 Rowe sighed.

“We can’t spare the medicine.
If the next time fails, Yuika will die.”


 Rowe grabbed Berii’s breastplate and slowly pulled her towards him.

“With that in mind, you want to try?”

“Eh, ah–“

 Rowe firmly stared at her; Berii averted her eyes.

“Please don’t disturb the treatment”

 With that said, Rowe lightly tossed Berii away.

 The precious medicine had been wasted.
While clicking his tongue, Rowe crushed the special candy containing a mind potion. 

 Its effect was to improve mental strength.

 Again, he transferred the medicine by mouth, and wrapped Yuika’s body in her long cloak. 

“The medicine I just made her drink can’t cure the cause.
We need to get out of his labyrinth as soon as possible, and we must get her treated with magic.”

“How long will it last?”

 To Nuuk’s question, Rowe honestly answered, “I don’t know”.

“Is there anyone here who can cast the magic ‘Strength Recovery’?”

“If it’s the basic level, I am able to use it.”


“Then, use it on Yuika regularly.
In any case, it’s over if the medicine wears off.
Let’s hurry.”

 Carrying the luggage on his back, Rowe held Yuika in both his hands.

“Princess, I can carry–“

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“If you’re attacked by a monster, are you planning to throw her to fight?”


 Berii was silenced, Rowe started running. 

 He ascended the spiral slope that he had just descended; following the path they had explored in reverse, he would head towards the Dungeon Oasis on the 43rd floor. 

“Oi, Rowe.
Would it not be better if you left your luggage behind?”

 Rowe shook his head at Nuuk’s suggestion.

“When my legs can’t move anymore, I’ll do just that.”

 The fortunate thing was that after four days of hunting, the number of monsters on the 43rd to 47th floors had been reduced.
In the rooms, they encountered monster parties twice, but Magikan’s attack magic, “Light Blade”, along with Berii and Nuuk’s attacks were enough to eliminate them. 

“My mana, there is only one third remaining.”

 Silently, Nuuk handed a mana potion to Magikan.

“This guy, if you drink too much of it, your bowels will get loose.”

This is neither the time nor place for complaining.”

 At the Dungeon Oasis on the 43rd floor, they replenished only their drinking water, and departed immediately. 

 In one go they had dashed up five floors.
Among the party members, Berii, who was the most lacking in stamina, had her hands on both her knees and was having difficulty breathing. 

“We’ll be taking a short detour.”

 With Rowe’s guidance through a detour, they stopped by a corner of a room on the 41st floor. 

 There was strangely shaped ocher-coloured grass growing there.
No one seemed to have harvested it, and even if you collected a full basket’s worth, it didn’t look like it would run out. 

 Using the Rumantis’ drop item, the sickle, Rowe cut off about 10 leaves.

“Haa, haa– wha, what is that?”

“This would be Mud Grass.
It seems like it has the effect of assisting blood coagulation.”

 The one who answered Nuuk’s question was Magikan.
He had also picked the leaves of the grass, so he had probably used [Appraisal].

“Actually, drying it makes it more effective.”

 They weren’t at a place that could be said to be very safe, still, Rowe mashed the Mud Grass and after mixing it with other powders, prepared a sedative. 

  Normally, it is considered more as a poison.
However, when consumed with the heart tonic, it isn’t enough to kill, and can slow down the absorption of poison. 

 In other words, it’s to earn time.

“With this, Yuika will be put into a near-death state.”


 The danger of this medicine was immediately conveyed.
Berii stirred slightly, but now that things had come to this, she couldn’t complain. 

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 Again, Rowe used the smelling salts. 

“Ku – haa.”

 At the unimaginably pungent odour that was like a needle being driven into her head, her dim consciousness was slightly roused. 

 Every part of my body – even my internal organs seem to be convulsing. 

The surface of my face is numb and tingling.

 After struggling, I can only half open my eyes, I see the face of a good-natured looking young man. 

“Yuika, can you hear me?”

 I try to make a voice, but my tongue can’t move, I can’t form any words. 

 I can’t even swallow my saliva.

“Pri, Princess–“

“Black Princess.”

 It was as though Berii and Nuuk were competing for first rights to look at her. 

“This … what?”

 I can’t say a word, but it seems the movement of my lips are enough to convey what I want to say. 

“This is a room on the 41st floor.”

 Rowe gave me the information I wanted. 

 I’ve always thought this, but this Sherpa is quick-witted and efficiently understands the situation.
I’m aware that I have an impatient personality, but even when talking to someone like me, it’s like he doesn’t feel any pressure at all. 

“In the labyrinth, there is no medicine available for curing poison.
You need to quickly return to the surface and receive “Abnormal Condition Recovery” magic at the clinic.”

 The inside of my head feels foggy, but I can grasp the situation. 

 For me to become dead weight. 

 It seems necessary to review the party strategy.

 If my life can last till the surface…

“From now on, I will administer medicine to you.
It might be a bit difficult to breathe, but please try your best to do so.
The only thing remaining will be to fight with your willpower.


 If it’s willpower, I won’t lose to anyone.

“I see.”

 Rowe grinned widely and put something like a medicine in his mouth.


 Compared to the pungent odour from earlier, something even more unthinkable is happening.

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 My nose is being pinched, and without even a pause, my lips are blocked by another pair of lips – a thick liquid flows down the back of my throat. 


“Is it bitter?”

 After saying that, Rowe put drinking water in his mouth, and again–

“… Nku, haa, huaa.”

 By no means did I ever think that my first kiss would be so bitter, raw-smelling and aggressive.
It’s not like I was holding onto some maiden-like delusions, but this was completely beyond even my wildest imaginations.  

 Berri scowled at Rowe tearfully, but she didn’t complain and kept quiet.  

“Then, let’s go.
Please do not stop breathing.”

 He put his hands around my shoulders and below my thighs, then lifted me in the air. 

 Despite carrying a large baggage on his back and also holding someone who was light for a woman (although a bit embarrassing for me to say so myself), Rowe travels at a considerable pace. 

 Magikan is hooked to the rucksack with his magic cane, and swaying like a flag. 

 Because of the medicine, I can feel myself intermittently on the verge of losing consciousness, but Rowe’s breathing and heartbeats, and the tremors from bouncing up and down are transmitted to me. 

 My sense of time also becomes indistinct.

 Just simply, endure it. 

 It’s the feeling of having to not surrender my consciousness even while attacked by drowsiness.

 The usual feeling.
I’m used to it.

 “Phantasmagoric Needle” would lose its effect the moment Yuika lost consciousness. 

 The monsters in complete submission would in one turn, return to being formidable enemies. 

 The step Yuika took to overcome this weakness was to never completely sleep.

 While resting her body and mind, a thread of her consciousness always remained connected. 

 Even without thinking, or even when she was absent-minded, she never lost this one focus. 

 Through training, Yuika internalised this technique.

 Even so, if she explored continuously for several days, her spirit would still gradually become exhausted.
From about 5 to 7 days, the state of her consciousness would start to become questionable, if she had to go 10 days, that would already be her limit.

 Therefore, as a standard party, after achieving the objective of the labyrinth exploration, dispose of the monsters, then return home.
This was “Twilight’s Sword”’s exploration pattern, and it had a drawback. 

 Short-term capture with a small number of elite.

 It sounded good on paper, but it was a strategy devised in view of the restrictions from Yuika’s Gift, a desperately necessary measure.  

“Ah — Kuu”


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 When I opened my eyes after smelling that pungent odour again, I saw Rowe’s face.

“Now, we’re at the Dungeon Oasis on the 31st floor.
I was lucky enough to obtain a heart strengthening medicine, so I’ll have you take it.”

“… how … pass”

 How much time has passed?

“Since the last time, it’s been less than half a day.
Another party was hunting on a nearby floor, so I managed to get them to share some medicine.
Until the 25th floor, the number of monsters should be low.”

 I made some calculations with my foggy head. 

 The previous floor was – was it the 41st? It means that he ran up more than 10 levels in just under half a day.

 I took the medicine from his mouth again.

“Only a bit more until the shortcut.
Stay with me.”

“Why … for … me”

 Why are you doing so much for me?

 Rowe isn’t a member of “Twilight’s Sword”.
He is a Sherpa hired just a few days ago.
To put it the other way round, to Rowe, I’m no more than an employer. 

 Rowe shows a look like he’s in consideration before saying clearly. 

“The reason, there isn’t partciularly any.”

 There’s no way there isn’t any reason.

“Do you need a reason to help someone you like?”


 The inside of my head turned white, and for an instant, I blanked out.

 My consciousness was driven into confusion.

“This, this, shitty Sherpa, gaaaa!”

 Screaming like she had just been resurrected from the depths of hell, Berii grabbed Rowe’s shoulder.
Her hair was in a mess, she was covered in sweat and dust, and her breathing was faint. 

“Of, of all, the people… what the…”

 While smiling, Rowe declared.

“Now, Berii.
It’s about time to leave.”

“Wa, wait, just a bit, let me res–“

Please drink the cure potion.”

“E, enough… my stomach…”

 Yuika, who was being held again, felt her heart rate rising, but whether that was because of the heart strengthening medicine, or whether that was because of some other reason, she could not judge.

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