After the terrible roar and smoke subsided, Rowe examined his physical condition.

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 He had been blown away and bounced a few times against the ground.

 The damage he had received from this was not that large, although his ears were ringing.

 When he tried making his body move, he could hear the rustling of his clothes, so it seemed his eardrums were not ruptured.

 -That was a trap huh.

 It would be worse if monsters were attracted by the explosion noises.

 He forced his eyes open and checked the exit of the room; there was no change in the monsters controlled by Yuika.

 For monsters residing in the lower layers, there were examples of extremely rare cases where they would target Adventurers resting in Dungeon Oases.

 It seemed that this trap was not a follow-up type, but he still couldn’t afford to be careless.

 Though this had also been quite the unfair trap.

 Cutting down only one seed pod, followed by everything else explode, he had never heard of such a Cannon Vine.

 It was probably a variant.
Its existence needed to be reported to the Adventurer’s Guild and registered in the Monster Book.

 As he tried to slowly raise his body, Rowe was aghast.

 I can’t feel any strength in my body.

 I hadn’t noticed it because there wasn’t any pain, but my hands and wrists were pierced by small thorns.
That Cannon Vine variant probably launched these sharp thorns along with the explosion.

 And these thorns probably contained poison.

 The poison of typical plant-type monsters is usually weaker than animal-types.
It is a common belief that as long as you do not mistakenly eat their leaves or fruits, you will have no need to die a careless death.

 However, Rowe was rapidly losing sensation.

 My body is – cold?

 However, the location of the wound was swollen and heating up.

 His breathing became shallow and his consciousness started to fade.

 –This is bad.

 He struggled to extract the thorns from his palms and wrists.

 It was necessary to rinse his wounds with water as soon as possible.
All the medicines he had on hand were limited in how much they could improve his condition.
At best, they could only help avoid the worst-case situation and prolong his life.
But it was still better than nothing.

 I need to prepare it before the numbness spreads throughout my body…

 While he somehow managed to crawl on all fours, he felt a faint presence of magic power.

 His head was covered by an oval formation of light engraved in the middle with an intricate design.
It seemed to be quite advanced magic that would take a fair while to activate.

“‘Dark Drops.’”

 A voice that was slightly low for a woman, and yet a cool voice.

 Something like an electric shock ran through his body, and for a moment, he was dizzy.

 As these sensations passed, Rowe released his tension and took a deep breath.

“…Rowe, are you okay?”

“Ah, thank you.”

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 The one right beside him with a smile was Yuika.

 He slowly pushed his body up and looked around his surroundings.
The room was filled with a faint white smoke and the drifting smell of burning.

 The scale of the explosion seemed considerable, the ceiling where the vines were attached and the edge of the Oasis where the roots were implanted had been hollowed out widely.

 The rainbow grass had also become a sacrifice.

 Ah, what a waste, Rowe lamented, but he immediately reconsidered after thinking that they might have fortuitously helped save his life.

 Magic that recovers temporary abnormal status conditions is only available to water and dark elements, moreover, such magic is classified as advanced magic.

 It was almost a miracle that there was someone in this party who could use such magic.

 The number of types of magic that can be used increases along with the Adventurer’s level after acquiring the [Magic] Gift.
The higher the level, the more powerful magic you can master, but the process isn’t as straightforward as that.

 The number of magics you can learn – the number of slots is limited.

 However, magic slots have the property of being filled in order, starting from basic magic.

 In other words, those who can use advanced magic had acquired a [Magic] Gift with a large number of slots when they were low-levelled, and then on top of that, had to raise their Adventurer level.

 Of course, advanced magic consumes a lot of mana, and takes a long time to activate.

 Furthermore, depending on the equipment you wear, there is also a high chance for the spell to Collapse while being cast, so in terms of usability, advanced magic is not that great.

 In usual labyrinth exploration, it is a common scene for basic and intermediate magic to play a more active role.

 However, advanced magic that can destroy powerful enemies in one shot, or advanced magic that can secure the lives of allies, are important existences that can swing the fate of a party.

 As far as Rowe knew, there was only one person in the town of Tyros that could use “Abnormal Condition Recovery”, other than Yuika.
That was the Doctor working in the clinic who had retired as an Adventurer more than 30 years ago.

 By the way, no potion exists that can function as a cure-all for poisons.

 This is because the poison inflicted by different monsters in the labyrinth is unique, and it is necessary to prescribe specific medicine for each poison.
Rowe had prepared for the poisons possessed by monsters up to the 47th floor, but this was a new type of poison entirely.

 How likely was it to see any effective treatment from using other kinds of medicine? Not only that, the amount of medicine was also limited, so it would have been impossible to treat the entire party.

 He was unlucky to get caught in the trap, and he was lucky to be saved.

“The others, I need to help…”

“I’ll assist.”

 Looking at the ground, there were so many thorns that it would have been insane to count.

 The magic cast by Magikan that diverted enemy attacks, ”Silver Robe”, if not for that, the thorns would have pierced their entire bodies, increasing the potency of the poison, as well as the mana and time required to cure it.

 The one who suffered the worst wounds and poison was Berii.

 She had been the one that was in closest proximity to the explosion, and she was also only equipped with a leather breastplate and gauntlets, exposing her upper arms and shoulders.

 She seemed to have been able to promptly protect her eyes, but her cheeks and mouth were wounded.

“Please don’t touch the thorns.”

 Rowe retrieved a pair of metal tweezers from his own luggage.
This was a tool he used for grabbing weights to measure the weight of herbs.

 He quickly extracted the thorns from Berii.

 After pulling out all the thorns, Yuika cast “Drop Drops”.


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 Stunned blank by the consequences of what she had done, after being handed a healing potion by Rowe, no words could come from her mouth.

“Bla, Black Princess.
Don’t forget about this one.
It would be a great loss to the world.”

 Magikan painfully reached out a hand as he stayed floating in the air.

 The flashy robe lined with golden threads seemed like it had the Gift of [Hardening] sealed within, resulting in him having the least injuries.
Only one thorn was stabbed in his forehead.

 Following Magikan, and after finishing the treatment of Nuuk, who had been enduring silently while waiting his turn, they could finally take a breath.

“This little girl, to even have the opportunity to apologise now counts as good fortune, you know.”

“Sh- shut up, old man.”

 Berii abruptly turned away, but did end up muttering “sorry” while clenching her teeth in regret.

“Excluding Rowe, because no one noticed anything, we cannot place the blame on Berii alone.
We can do nothing but address our arrogance.”

 Nuuk’s words were like the persuasions of an enlightened priest.

“Although my life has been long, that kind of monster is the first I have encountered.
In the Monster Book, is it listed?

 To Magikan’s question, Rowe shook his head.

“As far as I know, it’s not.
There’s a chance that it might have been a Floor Boss.”

“Ho, on what grounds?”

“For a plant-type monster, both its destructive power and poison were orders of magnitude stronger.”

 The recommended level for the 48th floor was 15.
If it was a Floor Boss, then it would be the equivalent of monsters inhabiting floors with a recommended level of 17.

“I see, indeed.
If that is so, then for the time being we can proceed with that explanation.”

“In the end, it’s just a guess.”

 Once you knew about the seeds, it became an easy attack to guard against.
Hold a shield and snipe at it from a distance, or make use of a monster that had been controlled.

“However, with this, we need to rethink our perception of plant-type monsters–”

 Nuuk’s remarks were interrupted by what sounded like dragging feet.

 In the place where their line of sight gathered was Yuika, who had been trying to head towards the exit of the room.
However, her legs failed her and she slammed into the ground.

 Her hair was in disarray and her breathing was disordered.

“Bla, Black Princess!”

 At Nuuk’s voice, Berii shot up.

“Pri, Princess!!”

 Surrounded by everyone, Berii held Yuika in her arms.

“Eh, what’s this – what happened?”

“Were you not poisoned?”

 The one who calmly analysed the situation was Rowe.

 It was an extremely natural inference, but the other members seemed to be surprised.

“Bu, but Princess has the [Abnormal Condition Resistance] passive Gift.
And its Effect is 3 – that should be impossible!”

 Gifts have an indicator of how effective they are.
It is decided when the Gift is obtained and is called the Effect.

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 Passive Gifts like [Flame Resistance] and [Poison Resistance] are famous, but [Abnormal Condition Resistance] is a rare Gift that can resist all abnormalities.
Moreover, if its Effect is 3, then there will be almost no effect experienced when afflicted by the abnormal condition.

“But you can’t say for sure that it’s 100 percent reliable.”

“Well, well, that’s right but…”

 Rowe tilted his head in puzzlement.

“Why hasn’t Yuika used ‘Dark Drops’?”

 The one who answered with a heavy expression was Nuuk.

“’Dark Drops’ cannot be cast on the user.”


 The water-type abnormal condition recovery magic – “Purification” could be used on the user.
Rowe had seen the old man at the clinic using it to cure his own terrible hangovers.
However, since dark-type magic had few users, that restriction and its mana consumption were information that he had not known.

“I’m asking just in case, but is anyone holding onto medicines related to treating poison?”

 He had once asked Yuika about the consumables used by “Twilight’s Sword”.
Most of them were potions, and there were no medicines for recovering from abnormal conditions.
Rowe had recommended Yuika to purchase some, but she had replied that “there’s no need”.


 Berii shook her head as her face started to pale.

 In short, “Twilight’s Sword” was completely relying on the magic-Gift Combo between the passive Gift [Abnormal Condition Resistance] and the magic “Dark Drops”.

 There are many different kinds of medicines for treating poison, and they take up a lot of space as luggage.
This is because you need to choose specific medicines for each monster with poison.

 There is also a method of mixing an antidote using the raw materials of medicines, but this requires pharmaceutical knowledge.

 Rather than that, carrying a large number of mana positions for the purpose of using “Dark Drops” or other kinds of magic was probably a plan essential to their party strategy.

 Rowe examined Yuika’s body, removed all the thorns, and rinsed the wounds with drinking water.

“Hey, hey, wait a minute you.
What are you doing with the Princess?”

“If I don’t do at least this, she might be beyond help.”


 This was a conclusion drawn from his experience of being afflicted with the same poison.

 The poison wasn’t to the extent of being immediately deadly, but it circulated throughout the body very quickly.
The muscles of the entire body would start to relax, body temperature would drop, and even the symptom of impaired cognitive abilities manifested after a short while.
The possibility for natural recovery was unclear.

 At worst, the heart would weaken and stop, resulting in death.

 To be able to use “Dark Drops” on everyone while showing such a calm figure was unbelievable.
She definitely possessed extraordinary willpower.

 Yuika closed those strong-willed eyes, and muttered almost incoherently.

“Soon, my consciousness clouds starting.”

“No, no, you can’t!”

 For the first time, as though in a rush, Magikan stood up.
He had already released the passive Gift [Floating].

 After he picked up the cane that had been lying on the floor, he positioned himself facing the monsters that had been stationed at the room exit.

 In the air, he drew an enormous and complicated magic formation.

“’Demon Exterminating Light Gun’ – hoi”

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 The magic formation split and moved into a hemispherical shape that engulfed the 20 monsters.

 That was the most powerful and unrivalled ranged attack magic.

 The hemispherical magic formation was made up of innumerable smaller magic formations, and from each of them, an arrow as thick as a human torso was shot towards the centre.

 An ear-piercing sound roared.

 And adding to that–

“[Repeat Magic].”

 The exact same magic formation instantly reformed.

 Again, thunderous roars and smoke.

 When all was done and the hemispherical magic formation disappeared, there only remained a hollowed ground and fragments that looked like bits of the monster corpses.

 The monster core and drop items seemed to also have been destroyed.

 Forcibly dominated, made to fight, and finally annihilated.

 Despite welling up with slight sympathy for the monsters, Rowe quickly turned.

“Why did you do that to the monsters?”

 It was Nuuk who answered Rowe’s question.

“If Black Princess loses consciousness, the restraints on the monsters will be released.”

 The “Phantasmagoric Needle” that he had thought was a bit overpowered, also had a weakness.

 In their current state, if they were to be surrounded by 20 monsters, the party would collapse.
That was why the usually relaxed Magikan had used magic in a hurry.

 Rowe was suspicious about what might happen when Yuika slept, but there was no time for such questions.

 From a pocket of his rucksack, Rowe retrieved some of his personal tools.

 Countless small vials filled with powder, and a clay pestle and mortar.

 He quickly mixed them, added drinking water, and lined up smelling salts and cardiac medicine.

“Please lay Yuika on the ground.”

 He ordered Berii without waiting for her assent.

 First, he spread the smelling salts under Yuika’s nose.
This wasn’t something to drink, but medicine with a pungent odour for rousing her consciousness.

“Guu- haaa.”

 Yuika breathed like she found it difficult to endure the smell, but she didn’t look like she was in a state to reply.
Her gaze was empty, and she continued breathing shallowly.

 Calling out to her, her reaction was weak.

“I ask just in case, but is there anyone here who is Yuika’s lover?”

 With that said, Rowe stared at Nuuk and Magikan.

 This seemed to have been a question that took them completely by surprise.
After confirming the two of them were silent, Rowe filled his mouth with the cardiac medicine and drinking water.


 Berii, the closest next to Rowe, opened her mouth and let out a short sound.

 By mouth, Rowe fed Yuika the medicine.

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