”The tea is finished. Im done, Duke. Ill be on my way now. See you in the next. ” Duchess Natureal put down her right leg resting on her left leg. She has been crossing her legs since earlier.

The high heel click on the paved stone is firm yet its subtle and sublime.

”You practiced hard? ”

”Its to match the pace with you, the Duke. You men can never sit still for a long time. I give the reason for leaving you early. Off with your duty using the physical, dear Empires Duke. ”

”The Knight. Its The Knight now. Time most Im sitting in the office. ”

Duchess Natureal stares at the Duke, The Knight. ”And then, what? ”

Shes oblivious and obvious to the one. You didn catch my eyes. Natureal wording words are not meant to hurt one.

Its about fighting between one and one. Duchess can stand without the Duke? Lets rid of who made the rule.

Of course not to others. Its opprobrious only to her. After all those romance books she reads, lets them be without male leads and romances. Why not stand up to her as a female lead only?

Its possible again? After all, there must be it. ROMANCE.

The Knight long kind paused. It takes moment but he undertook her under gratitude. ”As its, Duchess, you will have your next Duke. ”

”Yes, its. ” The words are always errant from how she meant and how of the Dukes interpret them. The meeting from now will be redundant till she has one of them as her husband. Lets them swaying as how its in their head.

She wishes not to play the game but the Duke title always the game with it. A game will leave them sleepless nights. After all, a woman is a vulnerable temptation to anything once they set their mind to it.

A creature with many emotions leads the leading actions whether its wise or stupid. Then, it wouldn make her one?

”Duchess? You
e the lubricant to us, the Duke and the Empire. ”

She didn get up yet yet another Duke coming to her. Entertainment today meant in the garden. Two Dukes for the day. She met them here today. ”Off you go, Mr. The Knight. Next Duke is coming wooing like a little cute kitten. Should I say its big or small depends on how performances are carried out, aren you agree, another Duke? ”

”Dearest student, its an obbligato for you always never the fail the class of witticism, I see of it engendering your species, Duchess Natureal? ”

The dearest teacher called the dearest student, in which way she doesn like? For her species? Probably that was the demand of the Emperor too. Shes not diffident in anyways so its could be so when she born a few species for the use and threat.

Trick or threat. Shes not in for one kind of crazy festival.

More than so putting herself on the fence thats laid her low on uncommitted patronizing over others. Duchess Natureal holds out her hand signaling, ”Come here, teacher. Will you sit on my chair? ”

An invitation as well a question. Both of them, which will get on nerves questioning one position?

The Knight smiling in pleasurable. How the woman enticed the Dukes around her and make them unable to wink a second for it left her out of their sight.

Dukes of Entertainment she says. They
e off so to her, he sees. Natureal sees the savior as it.

Duchess Natureal the only care about is it. To main the balanced powers between the houses. Noble is between royal and commoner and between royal and commoner is noble.

Duchess Natureal doing the pinnacle that was refused by most people and the undo of other women.

Its not about caring about one house and those houses related to the other.

”How about let you properly let me as how you should, Duchess? ”

”Duke, its shame come its about the two of us. ”

The Dukes watching The Duchess. The wars between the two titles always begin especially its Duchess Natureal. ”Whats it he two of us.? ”

e here as per your title, Duke. The Duke. The Duchess. Im here sitting for the title. Lets enhance meeting by the titles. ”

The teachers eyes unwavering in presence of the student presently presented herself as The Duchess. Natureals black dress is made sartorial by him. The part hell be never losing as one of the Duke.

”Are my black dress much keener to your eyes, Duke? ” Natureals question only gets her more greedy for things others have their eyes on.

”Yes, Im for the one who wears it, Duchess Natureal. The others why The Knight still by your side? ” The Duke takes the empty teacup from The Duchesss hand.

Guard Knight comes to bring another cup of tea. Duchess Natureal take it. ”He purchased the tryst. I hope you understand, Duke. ”

Once again, the bidding time is tea. The finishing time is by the time Natureal is done sipping the tea. He has it in less than four minutes.

How long will the last one for the day last? Duchess Natureal axiomatic scene, sense, and sight is the night. A liberation to release herself from the Dukes is the tea. The soothing aroma and emolument is the tea. The reason its that refreshment is favored.

The drink of tea is everywhere. He could see why Duchess is keen on the tea. Following Duchesss taste and her rebellion to responsibilities onto her shoulders to the people is sharing and drinking tea with them. How Duchess is sweet and shiftiness in getting along with people.

The tea. The Knights eyes on his own shadow reflected in the tea. The drink thats drunk by everyone no matter status or prejudice. The difference in the taste of different plants and how they
e preserved. An exemplar of a great businesswoman.

And now, The Empire wants her to entertain the Dukes. Its possible the dear Emperor wants tied Dukes to The Duchess over the silhouette is the Queen. Still, its the Queen as fair as he know is out of prevalent of other women is shes The Queen crowned at the age of 10 years old. And most shes out of emotions over ROMANCE.

Whats the Emperors games?

”You have many fervid thoughts in your head. You
e getting your time over than you should, Duke. Lets not see in the next as you gained whole much time today. ”

The Duchess Natureals sonorous voice. Its the voice defence the one Duke at her side.

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