Duke Versus Duchess

My Lord and My Lady

The Duchess Natureal s red peached lips at the cup rim sipping a moderately hot tea. The steamed hotness vapor turns on the gear of the head of servants in glancing at each other and of their doubting, How can a woman sipping tea reach likewise thats just not more than boiling water that has not cooled down in 5 minutes?

Others eyes signaling No, its not.

Or Why you
e addressing her as a woman?

Or Its Duchess Natureal, not the Queen Natureal.

The other guards eyes do talking standing behind Duchess Natureal with saying The damned guys are so wrong???

Its face slapping and embarrassment. Its not either the tea extremely hot or she has been promoted down to Duchess from the Queen position, shes just a LADY.

Duchess Natureal smiled at the thoughts of her subordinates. Another foolish admiration. The servants of the commoners. The ones shes most comfy with. The men-servants are always better off than females. She doesn need needless emotions in dealing with the power struggle of the Dukes in many greasy and glossy ways.

She doesn need it. Her slender, long, and milky white skin finger touched the peridot earring. The jingling sound is soft and serene. The wind whooshed gently in the bright afternoon.

Again, her fingers touched the earring. The most beautiful gem. Why its so? The color is the same as the LADYs eyes. The greenish color is the color of nature. She spoke, feeling annoyed, ”Has your Lord has back home? ”

Glancing at each other is everywhere in a tranquil time such as now. Should the enjoyment last? Thats will be supposed to be. The lady, duchess, or queen by its is her high title previously is a challenge for the knights to answer. ”Was the education not fit enough from the royal imperial house till you served me after graduating making not less from your people from educating from countryside school? ”

e from the countryside too, LADY. ”

Now, its tensing up. At attached atmospheres by the sentence. The knight who said it, hell be safe, didn he? An argument between those who watched. They
e all there and the ears that listened to it.

The predators eyes are preying on the knight person. They
e waiting with those eyes what will happen next to take it as their precautions in e careful.

Nevertheless, its didn always works even with e careful. after the eyes and ears have seen it. Fate and destiny are always unpredictable after it.

”Yes, its, Duke. How is the answer satisfying you? ” Natureal touches the earrings again. Its the habit. Especially when its something similar to her color eyes. The black dress evinces enigmatic to the color of her eyes and hair. Its unfathomable even to the duke sipping the tea in front of her.

Its of the Duke in her life. There are a few more coming up. Now, she would only care to introduce you to the Duke in front. The Duke also holds the title of knight.

The Knight.

Such a mo

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