Chapter 6

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Sedanta said in a boiling voice from behind “ No matter what kind of disaster awaits in this place, it is a scene that only aimed at the Archduke.
Even for the sixth time, the technique was different each time, and it was shocking each time.
Obviously this time… … … “


“Oh, in this mansion, did you not bring the bridegroom into the new room, but the outsider first? “


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“What would happen if the Empress knew?”


The sedant couldn’t do anything in the end.
As the lieutenant swallowed the curse with his bloodshot eyes, the archduke grabbed the doorknob and turned it.
A thick bloody smell leaked out through the gap in the slightly opened door.


A thick bloody smell that spreads quickly


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At the scene ,some laughed and some frowned.
Finally, the door was wide open, and I could see the morning sun fully rising from the open window on the other side of the room.


And the sight of the morning sunlight shining on it was something no one expected.


For the first time, the knights, who were single, made an embarrassed expression.
Everyone was speechless and doubted their eyes.
And it was the same for the sedant and butler.


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Curtains fluttered on either side of the window as a cool breeze blew in.
The old-fashioned red cloth had stains darker than the original color in some places.
It wasn’t just the curtains.


The ceiling, walls, floor, and even the bed in the middle of the room.
The dark red blood spattered and dried out marks were certainly the horrors everyone was talking about.


The problem was that it was not the bride, but the people in black clothes that were spread all over the place.

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“… Five.”


The only living person in the incomprehensible scene tilted her head.
A white dress and shoes stained with blood red like a room.
The veils are scattered in the corner of the room with the dead.
Even though everything is messed up, the most bizarre thing about her is that she doesn’t have a messy spot with her neatly braided blue hair…


It was definitely a bride who should have died.
As soon as the door opened, she sat quietly on the bed in front of him.

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