Chapter 1 

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It was dawn when the owner of the Archduke Astorf’s residence arrived.


Even though it was sunrise, it was still too early to start the day.
However, the high-pitched sound of the arrival of the Archduke opened the gates without delay.
The workers who greeted the owner inside were also unable to sleep at night.


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A man, wrapped in the chilly morning air, strode in.
His short, iron-colored hair was as tangled as the hide of the black beast he had wrapped around him.
Dark eyebrows are hardened above silver gray eyes.


Dean looked empty.
His skin, as hard as granite, was full of scars, and his dry lips showed his tiredness.


But with every step he took, the illusion of the floor resonated.
It wasn’t just the weight of the huge black armor he wore.
The man with the helpless complexion unexpectedly had a very heavy presence.
This is because he was also the owner of this ‘Grand mansion ‘but he is also called the best military commander in the empire.



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