her hair, groping one breast, caressing her back, pulling and moulding her body to his will.

His hand moved on her leg and began to raise the hem of the dress to her thighs. He took her dress off and looked at her hungrily, like a lion at its prey. A cold breeze came over her body, but it was only invigorating as their bodies grew only hotter. Her light brown long wavy hair came down to her round breasts and his eyes went lower towards her flat stomach and even lower to a place no man had seen before.

Many wanted her hand and she received more than a dozen proposals which were answered with refusal. So she knew that she was desired and not only for her fathers money, but for her figure as well. She also knew of the idencency of showing your body like that and thought for less than a second that she should cover herself, pull the sheets over her nakedness. But she didn . Instead she gazed with passion into his observing eyes.

Like a thunder, his lips came down on hers, while his curious fingers started caressing her thigh, going up until it reached her most secret place. She felt a finger gliding in and gasped, not daring to move even slightly. She couldn believe the intimacy of all of it and felt embarrassed at the sounds they were making. Just as she adjusted to his ministrations, another finger went in, moving in and out, until Iris couldn hold it anymore and moaned loudly.

”Oh, oh…. ” A small smirk formed on her husbands face before he took his fingers out and she opened her eyes, wondering why he stopped.

”This is just the beginning, ” he whispered in her ear before biting it playfully and kissing her mouth again.

Soon his clothes were on the floor and he climbed on top of her, starting kissing her even harder, his tongue checking every corner of her mouth. She felt she was losing control and finally let her body loose. He stopped the kiss to look at her, observing her every expression, while he entered her slowly. At that moment she felt like the air in her lungs disappeared and her body hardened with pain.

”Ah! ” She exclaimed, her face showing her shock.

”Just for a moment and it will get better. Just bear with it for a moment, I promise it will get better ”, he whispered and she waited quietly.

It felt like time stopped and inch by inch he entered her slowly until he was embedded to the hilt and started moving. And exactly as he said, after a few pushes, the pain faded away and her body began to feel warm again. Iris felt him deeply inside her and hugged his strong, steel-like arms, sinking her nails into his skin. Their breath was fast and hot and Benjamin moved his hips faster and faster bringing her to new heights.

”Oh… Benjamin, ” she moaned, while he thrusted only a few more times before convulsing and crashing on her.

Their heavy breaths were the only sound in the room, Iris still clutching to her husband, amazed at what just happened. Something warm went down her thighs, but she was too tired to check it and wipe it up. Benjamin rolled over.

”Did it hurt? ” he asked, examining her face.

”No ”, she lied, but felt that the truth might be better, ”only a little in the beginning. Will it always be like this? ”

He smiled at her innocence. ”It will only get better ”, he responded and kissed her one last time before going to sleep.

It was done. Now nobody could come between them. Their marriage was sealed and, in the morning, a priest would come to announce it. After that she would go and live with her husband, happily for the rest of their lives. And maybe, just maybe, this might lead to a child. Her eyes wandered outside the window into the early autumn night at the sad moon, covered by a veil of clouds. A child would be nice, she thought before falling asleep exhausted, but feeling blissful.

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