Her wedding night found Iris more nervous than she thought. The maids bathed her and changed her into a nightgown which was semi transparent, the silhouette of her body being evident throughout the thin material. After the maids left she laid down on her bed, but only for a second. Her nerves didn let her lay there, she couldn even sit on it as she knew what was to come. Or at least she thought she knew as she, like all noble girls, was taught about the duty of a wife in the bedroom. But those lessons hadn taught her about the tingling in her stomach and the heat coming from inside her. No, those were the feelings her now husband showed her with only a kiss. That thought made her touch her lips with her finger. She blushed when she remembered the kiss, the one that started all of this.

It happened only a month ago, on a dark night with no stars in the sky and the moon hiding behind the dark clouds, promising a heavy rain. But not a single drop fell yet and the castles garden was lit by small torches which threw trembling shadows on the ground. She could remember his hands touching her arched back and caressing it while his other hand touched her cheek before sliding behind her head, entangled in her beautifully done hair. He looked passionately into her eyes, his green eyes making her forget about anything else. The smell that came from him drew her closer until their lips touched and she closed her eyes, letting herself drown in that blissful feeling, in those hard arms. He made her forget everything outside their embrace.

They forgot where they were and the reason they were there. They forgot about the ballroom full of chatting people, full of music and dance. It was only them at that moment, in the garden.

”You son of a bitch! ” a cry woke them and they separated from each other. ”You will pay dearly for this! ”. The man that was screaming at them approached and before Iris realized what was happening, he punched her partner hard.

”Father! ” she cried, surprised by the turn of events. ”Please father, wait! ” she pleaded, putting herself between the two men. ”Benjamin… he has no-no fault. I-it was I who-who wanted this, ” she stuttered.

Her fathers face was livid, color fading away and no word came from his mouth. He froze in place, tormented by his daughters words.

”Iris… ” he started. Iris has never seen her father like that, his usual cold eyes pleading.

”Your highness, I am sorry about these unfortunate events. I will take full responsibility for my actions and not let your daughters reputation be tarnished. I will do everything in my power to make up for tonights deeds, ” Benjamin declared with

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