Dreamer in the Apocalypse

001 – The One with the Prologue (Part 1/5)

It was noon as the gate begun to spin, blue arcs of pulsing energy coursed through the lines – vein like structures – that connected the runes.

The runes were gradually filled with the radiant blue light, the brighter the runes glowed the faster the gate spun.


A spark shot into the centre of the gate and from the centre ripples expanded out creating a swirling vortex, a gate connecting to another world.


The gate suddenly snapped shut, with a small explosion.

But in the sealed gates wake stood a tall and abnormally broad figure, the energy dissipated and the shimmering air calmed, to reveal a man.

He looked like an ordinary man, two arms and two feet with a head of short blond hair, but there was one peculiar thing about him, the strange metallic structure that adorned his visage, kind of like an exoskeletal suit.

Raylin strode forward with firm steps, his steps echoed upon the stone platforms as he looked around with a firm gaze.

”Where is everyone? ” he asked upon noticing the incredible lack of people in the surroundings, his gaze gradually shifted to the only man that stood awaiting his arrival.

Ivick Lothnar looked upon the figure of his son, his hand went to his pocket, where his pocket watch was located.

”As a celebration of your miraculous return from the dead, I gave everyone a day off to celebrate… son, ” he added after a brief hesitation, his fist tightened slightly in his pocket.

He could hardly believe the son he was seeing, the son who was said to have died in the Hades Helm dungeon.

It had been a decade since they last saw each-other.

”A celebration, ” Raylin raised his brow with a mocking look.

Ivick released a heavy breath, his son had changed, and by no tiny amount, when last he saw his son he was weak, he made a decent noble, but he lacked any form of grit.

But now he was entirely different, the greatest proof of it all was the red and white uniform with four strips on the shoulder, and of course the metallic suit, it was the ultimate form to show case the difference in their ranks.

”Where are Klein and Nylah? ” Raylin asked his expression softened slightly as he spoke their names, ”I expected them to be here to greet me, ” he said unable to hide a trace of his dissapointment.

Ivick adjust his monocle slightly and glanced beyond the gate platform and out into the vast stronghold before looking back at his son.

”Your brother and sister insisted on throwing you a large surprise party, to welcome you home, ” Ivick explained, ”Try to act surprised when you reach the Manor, ” he said.

Raylin nodded with a soft sigh of relief and looked down the long stone stairs that led to the transmat gate, the gate was built on extremely high ground, he walked by his fathers side as they gradually made their way down the spiralling staircase.

Raylin looked out into the distance, his eyes focused on the stronghold walls, ”The stronghold has grown bigger… much bigger, ” he murmured softly.

When he had last been here 10 years ago the stronghold wasn even a fifth of its current size.

Ivick nodded proudly as he tinkered with his monocle, ”Since we became a vassal of the Dynasty they have granted us access to many new forms of technology, ” he said attempting to make light conversation.

”I can even begin to imagine the things you have seen, as a member of the Dynasty, ” he continued and gave his son an expectant look.

”You wouldn even be able to fathom the things the Dynasty is capable off, ” answered Raylin without adding any details, from the corner of his eye he could see his father scowl, it gave him a slight sense of joy to see that look.

They reached the final set of stairs, and there Raylin could see a small fleet of a dozen automobiles, stationed and waiting with drivers at the ready.

”Thats a bit over the top, don you think? ” he asked his father, ”It is just the two of us, ” he added.

Ivick chuckled and looked at the vehicles as if they were his precious children, ”I take the fleet with me everywhere I go, each model you see there was designed by me, ” he explained as they reached the parking bay.

”Which one would you like to ride in? ” Ivick asked his son.

Raylin rolled his eyes and looked at the one coloured in a light blue, ”That one, ” he chose.

”Some things never change, ” Ivi

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