Auroras POV

To say Im nervous right now would be an understatement, because I feel like I won like the outcome of this but my guts tells me I just have to do this. Im not saying I can fight but from the crowd and attention we were getting I had a feeling I had gotten myself into trouble. Picking myself up I looked Jacob in eye as a sign that I wasn going to back down from this fight.

We circled each other for a moment trying to find each other weaknesses but looks like we both gave up at the same time cause we both attacked at the same time. I slashed him at both sides making intention known faster I wanted to end the fight quicker than expected. He dodged my attacks in a nick time and then came his onward barrage of attacks.

I tried my best to dodge but I ended up having cut and bruises all over but I was shocked I was still on my feet. I felt like submitting but it felt like having a spirit telling me not to give up and I didn . Seeing I left my guard down for a bit he used that as an advantage to strike a fatal blow to my ribs. I still stood on feet and struggled to fight on, seeing Jacob face I could tell my stubbornness was like ripping out a flesh on his ego and then came hell.

He fused his element with his sword and started attacking me. The continuous barrage of attacks was getting fast and fast and fast for me because he was attacking me out of pure rage. In my eye I could no longer fathom what was going on any more because despite his attacks I only ended up with more deep cuts and bruises instead of large gashes. And then he struck the final blow. As the blow came the impact made me feel like a huge part of my soul was ripped out, on the other side another part of me wanted to show him who was stronger. I lost consciousness and I met myself in the Abyss again.

”I only called you here to tell you Its time but learn how to control yourself ” the goddess said in an irky tone like I knew what that meant. Then it occurred to me that I had another part that just decides to keep to herself for no reason.

”Azur, do you have any idea about what she said? ” I ask

”Yes, Leave the rest me. ” She says as anger comes off her rolling in waves.

”Is there something wrong? ”

”Yes, but that not the matter right now. I need to teach a particular dragon a lesson. ” she said with a smirk on her face at the back of my mind.

After bidding me good bye I was greeted by a myriad of colors before I regained consciousness. I woke up on the battlefield with everyone looking at me like all that had happened was a miracle.

Feeling the rage from Azur I felt something unlock in me, it felt like a floodgate was opened and in came my powers like the flood. Seeing red, thanks to Azurs rage I felt like I was being controlled but I knew what was happening. I infused my blades with fire only for me to realize my fire was different. My fire was blue that was the first thought that came to me before I proceed to teach my opponent a lesson. Feeling like a Predator staring at its prey waiting for its next move. Suddenly annoyed at my actions He lunged at me and slashed like a wild beast wanting to be contained. I swung my sword at his neck Jacob defended it but hit me with a series of hard fast shots. I hit him back and attacked, sword flashing, I wanted to show him and everyone who was more powerful and attacked him with swing and swing. But he was good too Our moves became blur once again but I knew those with experience could follow our moves intently. He hit me with an exceptionally hard shot and I flew onto the ground. Enraged by feeding into Azurs anger I threw my swords and attacked him head on with my elements as my weapon. I manipulated my fire into something whip like, I yanked his sword out of his hand and wrapped the whip round his to stop him from moving.

I moved towards him so fast I could barely register what was going on, I grabbed his neck with my hand and forced him to submit to me showing him who was in power.

Seeing where the battle was leading to if he didn intervene Mr. Kohl called off fight and left the fields with the others and students.

I felt Azur taking control over my body trying to make a statement and I let her and watched at the back of my mind.

”Hello, Jacob ” she says in a deadly tone my eye already golden in color showing Azurs Presence.

”Hello ” he spoke back in fear of what might happen to him.

”Do you know who I am? ”

”Umm, No ”

”Then why threaten me in a battle to show who is stronger? ” calming down a bit she speaks in a calm and very careful manner.

”Im very sorry I was forced to… ” he speaks in a very low voice.

”By who? ” she asks.

”Vesuvi my dragon ” he speaks feeling a bit free but still scared.

Pausing a bit after that answer she was a bit shocked then I decided to ask about her episode of rage and that name.

”Azur why were you angry? ”

”Because I wanted to show my power ”

”Then what does this name have to do with it? ”

”That name belongs to my brother! ”

Then it all clicks. Thats why I felt the urge to protect him also like the twins and why his name sounded so familiar.

Taking Control back I talk Jacob knowing where this will lead to. Then I remember the goddess words to me in the Abyss.

”Jacob can I speak to Vesuvi? ” I ask in a kind tone and seeing my eyes he knew I was in control again.

I saw his eye change color then I knew Vesuvi was in control.

”Why did you force him to do that? ” I ask in a curious tone.

” Just for confirmation ” he says as he smirks and with that he retreats back to Jacob body.

Getting all the answer I needed at the moment and I started walking away marching all the way to my room leaving him and the twins dazed.

”Wait, who are you? ” he asks. Hearing that question I knew my answer and I gave it to him and my sisters the simple way.

”Oh, you really didn figure it out? How did you rule this kingdom with such mind and brain…? BROTHER ” I say with a smirk leaving them to piece the puzzle together.

Jacob POV

The calm and terrifying demeanor rolling off waves from this strange and mysterious new girl was enough to throw any sane person off his game but Vesuvi being the egocentric and stubborn dragon he is just had to complicate matters for me.

After her conversation with Vesuvi I could help but wonder who she was because my dragon doesn talk to people frequently so for her to actually have a conversation with him I couldn help myself but to ask.

”Wait, who are you? ” I ask.

She abruptly stops and starts talking I was hearing bit and bits because I was terrified of her but then I heard an answer that tore the veil of world down.


After hearing that me and the twins looked at each other like we all just saw a ghost.

Elizabeths POV

No Freaking Way

I just couldn believe what my eyes had seen not only was my brother, the prince and possibly the best rider in the academy got his ass handed to him by a girl claiming to be our sister.

I wonder if this has anything to do with the disappearance of Aunt Taylor and mum and possibly Aunt Taylor reappearance. I smirked at twin sister her possibly knowing what I was thinking of already.

Time to do a Little Digging

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