Auroras POV

Learning about dragon heritage and powers sounds boring but to a nerd like me it was pretty interesting and exhausting. By the time I was done with the rows of book in front of me it was already dark, meaning dinner wasn far.

I marched up to my room to take a quick bath and by the time I got out of the bathroom I met the twins in the room talking like they were here all along. Dinner was brought to our room again and we ate dinner without any conversation. As my body couldn take the exhaustion from the late combat class and my reading I had done, I soon fall asleep.

I opened my eyes to meet myself in a place like heaven. The grasses were lush green and the forest seemed more vibrant than ever it was like there was another presence here. It seems I was right as I was faced with a girl who almost looked like except her eye was bright green whereas mine was bright blue.

After a moment with confused glares and shocked expressions I finally found my voice to speak to the person in front of me. ”Who are you? ” I say with a curious tone. ”Im what people would call a goddess but in real terms Im your great- grand mother ” she speaks in a majestic tone that confirms her power as a goddess. ”Why am I dreaming about you? ” I asked again wanting to know whats the cause of my weird dreams lately. ”First of this isn a dream it more of a state ”. ”This place is called the Abyss. I called you here to speak to you about something of high importance. Now since Im a Goddess I am not allowed to interfere in your world affairs. Your mother and her dragon are in grave danger and you are the only who can save them. ” She says like she was warning me of something

”Why me? ”

”Because you are descendant of my bloodline which means you most likely be like me. ”

”What do you mean? ”

”Look, I can keep you here in the Abyss all day or else you won wake for school at all. Just trust yourself and those your heart chooses to trust and of course most importantly Azur. ”

And with she disappeared and I woke up to the screaming of both twins screaming at both sides of my ear. ”Azur, did you see and hear that? ” I ask her.

”Of course Sophie, Im always with you everywhere you go. ” She replies in a cocky tone

After the weird morning wake I dressed for school and went to the dining hall to grab breakfast. Grabbing Breakfast, I rushed down to my first class not caring in the world where I was going. Without looking at where I was going I crashed into a wall, well a pretty huge wall with hair and shoes. Wait thats not right.

Looking up to see what I bumped in to I was faced by a boy who looked like an exact replica of Adonis. But with how late I was for my first class I ran leaving the boy shocked and stunned.

On my way to class after the mysterious encounter with a mysterious boy I stopped for a minute to check my schedule before committing any mistakes.

7 am to 9am – Combat.

9 am to 10 am History,

10 am to 12 am Magic and Spells,

12 am to 2 pm Dragons and riding,

2 pm to 4 pm Lunch,

4 pm to 6 pm Combat and Conditioning,

6 pm to 10 pm Dinner and Free time.

I headed towards the training grounds for my first class of the day, Combat. The training grounds was filled with training dummies and targets to practice weapons. When I arrived the teacher greeted me and told me to stand with the others. I saw Jane and Elizabeth standing with couple guys and girls and made my way to them.

”Hey ” I whispered standing next to them.

”Hey ” they said in a hushed voice.

I brought my attention back to the teacher who was pacing back and forth with a serious expression etched on his face.

”Now that you are all here, I would like to introduce myself ” he said coming to a stop in front of us all. ”Im Mr. Kohl ” he finished giving a small bow.

A tall boy with enchanting blue eyes with raven black hair that fell attractively to his chiseled face walked down the hill and stood beside him.

”Everyone, this is Jacob ” he said gesturing to the boy. ”he is in the second year but will helping me with your combat classes ” he confirmed.

Jacob looked carefully at the crowd until his piercing gaze landed on mine and flickered for a moment until he finally backed down and gave a sudden slight bow.

I felt a sense of comfort from him. It felt like I knew him of sort.

”We will start with some archery ” he said beckoning to some targets.

A big smile grew on my face, Ive always loved archery since I was a little girl and my uncle used to take me to our garden to practice a lot. I listened politely to how Mr. Kohl was explaining how to handle the bow and arrows, waiting for him to tell us to start.

”Okay, you can start. Don worry if you don hit target the first time Im pretty sure some of you haven held a bow in your lives ” he said.

Taking my bow off my waist, I popped it out to its full size and grabbed an arrow. I turned to the side and stood tall, keeping my feet apart. I nocked an arrow and drew the drawstring.

I released the arrow and fast and swift soaring followed the arrow and the arrow hit its target effortlessly splitting the target into two. The target had spider web like crack on it center.

I was shocked because I didn apply full force but still the target was destroyed. ”Well done ” Exclaimed Mr. Kohl rushing over, looking rather impressed.

In the corner view of my eye I saw Jacob looking at the twins and they all nodded at the same time like a confirmation of sort.

”Aurora isn it, Elizabeth roommate? ” Someone questioned in a deep, asperous voice that oozes power.

I gritted my teeth and turned around coming face to face with Jacob.

”Yes, ” I said clutching my bow tightly.

I looked into his eyes making sure to keep an emotionless appearance, amplifying the electric current around us. He flinched slightly, anger flashing across his blue eyes.

”Hit the same mark again, ” he said his voice low and deadly.

The class had stopped what they were doing to watch was going on.

I turned around slowly and knocked an arrow. It was hard to focus on anything with him being so near but I steadied my breathing and drew my bow. Focusing on my arrow that had pierced the target, I mentally counted to three and quickly held my breath to make sure that my uneven breath didn affect my shot. I let the arrow fly and to my satisfaction and to Jacob disappointment the new arrow splinted the other one taking it new place.

A couple of people who were watching clapped. I gave them a genuine smile and turned to face Jacob.

”Well done, ” he said through gritted teeth sounding slightly annoyed.

Soon It was time for combat training and we were asked to pair ourselves with one another. I paired myself with the twins until Mr. Kohl did the impossible.

”Aurora ” called Mr. Kohl approaching me swiftly.

e on your own? ” He asked.

”Yep, I could go in a three with the twins ” I quickly suggested.

”No need, you can pair with Jacob, ” he said casually.

Jacob and I looked at each other then back to Mr. Kohl with looks of horror on our faces.

”Is there a problem? ” he asked, clearly oblivious to how the situation was.

”Nope, ” said Jacob replacing his emotions with a smirk.

”I want you to fight without your dragon strengths or powers, this will challenge you to think in different ways and focus on the tactic rather than instincts. ” Explained Kohl

”Are we allowed to use weapons? ” asked a blonde boy called Liam.

”Yes, ” said Kohl ”but don actually kill each other. ” he added.

We all nodded and I ventured off to pick a weapon. I ended up picking two twin daggers while Jacob picked a spear. Before we started I looked around to see that our fight had gained some crowd. It seems like Jacob was one of the best in the school.

And with that I prepared myself for my first ranked duel in the academy.

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