Arriving to Fantasia, from the alpine I could see field of blooms adoring the earth, streams, and small houses lining far away before seeing the majestic castle and it town on plains from afar. But none of it mattered. None of the beauty cloaking mattered to me.

Entering the kingdom town Tolkien. With the stirring zephyrs of the early morning the small blossoms flew into the air, casting a fragrance that appeased my heart.

Black poles lined the road time to time, the fire in the them dimming by its own. The mansions seemed to have wakened up by the singing of flying birds, the shutters being opened by some servants. On the sides and behind the houses, green grass covered the earth, some speckles of color admiring it.

Occasionally, I saw small kids plying between the nooks and alleys. Some little girls were carrying flowers handing one to each ambler. In the same while, uniformed boys were practicing with sword, while some were practicing magic.

I was to engrossed in my own thoughts that I almost didn realize that we had arrived.

We had stopped in the Centre; the spot being encircled by endless glamour. This town was much of a city, but it breathed nature. All around majestic villas and mansions stood. Some wealthier than others but equally stunning. Small gardens separated each domicile, trimmed trees and bushes filling everything. But what was more beautiful was the castle.

Glass. It was built with glass. The smooth surface to reflect the light, bathing it in flicker of gold and amber. Like a mighty flame, it illuminated the entire place.

On my immediate side, an immense fountain of marble stood proudly. It stood majestically, spraying refreshing water. Droplets fell from the high overture, falling like rain into the basins rippling with golden light. Seven dragons lined in the lowest part, each wide and stretched. All four feet on the ground with wide opened wings and eye of gold.

I roamed the land with eyes until I spotted the only familiar person I knew here talking with a man. She finished her talk with a handshake and a bow before returning.

”Come this way ” she ushered me. We passed by the fountain and walked for a couple of minutes. Curious looks were shot directly at me, even when I tried to convince myself that those people were staring at my aunt next to me.

”Why is everybody looking at me? ”

”Curiosity. ”

”Are you from this town? ”

”No, from the Capital. ”

We stopped in front of huge mansion with narrow fence. The double door cracked open.

”Welcome to Whitestone Manor. ”

The place was humungous and awfully charming. The inside was grandiose. Extravagancy and wealth screamed every single detail. It was a piece for riches and highs, a place Id never seen before.

Too tired to comment about anything, a maid was summoned by my aunt to take me to my room. Not even bothering to check it out, I fell face flat on my bed. Darkness pulled me away, all the past information burning in my head as they merged with my dreams.

I woke up the next morning feeling chirpy. I took a lot at my room at the manor and I couldn take my eyes of the room. It was spacious and luxurious. I walked into the bathroom and marveled at its beauty. After taking a long relaxing bath I walked downstairs to have breakfast.

Breakfast was like a buffet for a small crowd of a hundred people. After stuffing my face with sumptuous meal, my aunt announced that I will be going to the academy today. Being provided with necessary items by the academy I basically had nothing to pack.

I arrived in the middle of a city called Nethlor a building could be seen over the walls that looked like a palace. The place had the kingdom sigil on a square banner bearing the academy crest. The academy name was Theron Academy.

Upon my arrival I was given a tour round the academy and was given a single room. It was only temporary until I completed the entrance test.

The next morning, I was dressed in normal outfit and rushed to the academy main building for my entrance test. When I got there I saw a bunch of students and teachers present for the test. Apparently the test was to check for my element type for further proceeds.

I was asked to touch a small glass orb. The orb was an ancient magic equipment used by mages to show the type of magic a user had depending on the color. ”Aurora Crimson ” One of the teachers called from the podium. I stood with encouragement and hope blooming in me like fresh spring flowers. Seeing the Orb, the thing that was going to decide who I was, where I would live and what I was to destined to, but the last part I already figured that out. I was destined to Azur.

The chatty crowd quickly died down in a tense silence. ”Hello Aurora. ” The teacher with blonde colored hair and olive skin greeted with a welcoming smile.

”Hi ” I replied curtly containing my bundle of nerves. ”Just put your hand on the orb ” He said while the others watched me intently with the females openly glaring at me.

Gingerly I placed my hand on the Orb. It was cold at first but as soon as my hand met the surface it instantly heated up like it was alive. Swirls of red, white, black, yellow whirled in the center of the orb until a bright blue color started emanating from it and illuminated the whole hall for few moments before returning to its original transparent color.

As soon the test was over a deep dark voice shouted blue and my best guess it came from the orb. As I was returning to my seat I noticed most of the people in the hall were looking at me with shocked expressions while some were looking at me in awe.

After the entrance test I was told to go the dormitory hall to know my permanent room. The dormitory hall was like Buckingham palace version two. After a few directions from some students I finally got the reception area.

”Hello… Name? ” The lady at the stand asks. ”Aurora Crimson. ” I say putting my hand on the stands counter. ”Ah. Okay. Your dorm room number is 099 and your roommates are… ” The woman looks at her record book. ”Elizabeth and Jane August … ” She says and hands me my room key. I think about the name. The name sounds familiar but I couldn put my finger on where I had heard it from. I hope they are nice… I walk into the school through the main doors. I look from side to side, oh mon dieu… Too many halls… Thank the lord that their marked. I take a flight of stairs up to the dorm floor and keep going down what seems like a never ending hall and then see my door. Written on the door is 099 and then under it says Elizabeth & Jane August and Aurora Crimson in silver cursive letters. I turn the glass door knob and step inside.15

The room was big and beautiful. One plush queen size bed on each side of the room. I saw it as a blank canvas for me to decorate, it looked bland, for now.

I put my suitcase on the bed, along with my book bag. I sat on the bed and took off my hoodie and flattened out my white hair and sighed.

An hour a student knocked on the door to inform me that the dragon choosing ceremony for new students was at 2:30. Already on the book shelf are some text books that I guessed Ill need. I checked the drawers to find every piece of item I needed already provided by the school along with the uniforms.

An hour later…

My roommates still weren there… I wondered if they got lost or something… Not a minute later a girl come into the room and saw me.2

”Hi! Sorry Im late! My brother was being all emotional and attached. ” She said, dropping her bags on her bed. ”As I saw on the door, you must be Aurora. ” She walked over to me and put out her hand.

”And you must be Elizabeth. ” I shook her hand and smiled at her. ”No Im Jane my sister is Elizabeth. Speaking of devil Elizabeth entered the room looking at her sister with weird expressions. After exchanging pleasantries with Elizabeth I found out that they were actually twins but with their appearances one could never know. Elizabeth had a blonde colored hair and with a 57 ft. height and blue colored eyes compared to Janes 56 ft. frame, jet black hair and brown colored eyes you could never know they were twins. ”You guys don really have any time to unpack… We need to head to the ceremony… ” I said as I closed my drawers.

”I know! We should get going then! ” Jane replied cheerfully. I agreed and headed out the door and locked it after they come out.4

We headed down the hall and found our way to the auditorium, like we were told. We sat in the front row of the auditorium and started talking as the room filled.

”Do you have any siblings? ” Jane asked.

”No. Im an only child. You? ” I asked.

e lucky. I have 1 sister and one brother apart from Eliza. My brother, Jacob is very busy with the kingdom and then theres. Sophia she is the nice one but she disappeared after a while and never to be seen again. Then theres Claire, shes my best friend at home, shes 62 but I love her so much… ” She said and I smiled at her. I looked over and saw woman walk on stage, and by her aura of sophistication I assumed she was the headmistress.

Then I see him, Alex, the guy who gave me directions came on after her and stood at the back of the stage, against the right wall. He couldn be older than 15, he had dark brown hair and pale blue eyes. He spotted me in the crowd and winked. I snapped out of it and paid attention to the headmistress.

”We will be selecting what order you will come up and choose your egg… ” The headmistress said. And then I saw it, behind the headmistress and Alex were so many rows of eggs that I lost count. All of them were on separate pedestals, waiting to be picked. I started fidgeting and shaking right on my seat because I already found my dragon and if I don participate in the choosing ceremony people will start getting suspicious and poof my secret is out in the open. I missed the rest of what the headmistress said but I heard: ake your seat, pick your egg and reat it with care. I saw the headmistress taking a slip of paper from the large glass bowl at the front of the stage.2

”First up… Jane August… ” She announced. I watched Jane as her face turned white.

I watched her stand up and walk to the stage and stand next to the headmistress.

”You don choose it; it chooses you… ” The headmistress said to her patting her on the back.

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