Recap from last Chapter.

”You need to tell her before its too late besides your sister or should I say Queen ordered you ” I heard my father voice in the background.

”I will but I don think Sophie is ready for the truth yet considering she just hatched her dragon yesterday ” my mother says in calm tone.

Deciding to show myself and finding out the truth about all this ” Tell me the truth about what? ” I ask in very serious tone.

They both looked at me with shock and surprise written all over their faces. They both looked at themselves and started bickering over the current situation.

”Young lady what have I told you about eavesdropping on me and your father? ” my mothers asks with a very serious tone with her brows raised.

Since I was a little kid I always the knack for eavesdropping on my parents while they had meetings, calls, conferences whenever they were home till it became a habit. But I was already furious about the series of weird happenings that had occurred lately starting with the weird dreams, strange hatching of a dragon and my parents keeping secrets from me so I had no choice but to stand my ground on this one and find out the truth.

”Mum cut the crap and go straight to point and tell me whatever you are hiding from me ” I stated in a very demanding tone.

After looking at my father for some moments but felt like they were having a conversation in their minds she gestured for me to sit.

”Honey, I know this might sound strange to you a bit but you have to promise me to remain calm ” she said in a very calm manner.

”Ok ” was all I could muster up at the moment.

”Well I guess I should start from the beginning then ”

”Sophie, we are not your biological parents ” she said.

And with that sentence my whole world came crashing down. The people who took care of me for sixteen years of my alive weren my parents but it felt like mutual to me. After noticing my change in posture and mood she asked what was wrong but I just told her to continue.

”Im not your mother, my sister is ” ” We are not humans we come from a parallel universe called Fantasia ” she said.

And with that like two pieces of puzzles joining itself I found myself not surprised by the truth but excited and anxious.

”So does this means the fairytales about werewolves, Vampires and fairies are true? ” I ask with a curious tone.

”Yes ” ” Me and James are from a race of dragon riders called Dragonborns ” ”Me and your mother are purebloods dragonborns while James is a half-breed. ” ”With your mother as the firstborn of our father she was next in line for the crown of. ”

”But because of an evil threat looming over the kingdom She had no choice but to send you to earth with me as your guardian ”.

With the way she was talking I had already known something had already happened so asking was the best to do. ”Well is my mother still alive? ” I ask with a raspy tone.

”Well it depends on your definition of alive but yes she is alive but not for long ” She says in a very concerned tone.

”What do you mean
ot for long? ”

”Its a bit complicated. But all you need to know is that your mother is the queen of Allynthi Kingdom of the dragonborns and since you are the first child it means you are next in line to the throne ”

”Did you say first child; does that means I have siblings?! ”.

”Yes, you have 3 siblings; one brother and two twin sisters ”.

”I have three siblings!? ” I exclaimed raising my finger to indicate three,

”Yeah ”. ”Jacob your brother is of Jakes age and since our disappearance from the kingdom he has been ruling the kingdom since he was twelve. Your sisters Elizabeth and Jane are non-identical twins. They argue and bicker over most of the things but if you hurt either of them you will take a little trip to the Underworld. ”

”Wow, the twins sure sound interesting and I take it as my brother is as grumpy as he sounds. ” I say with a cheeky smile and already filled with excitement.

”Wait youve talk about my mother and siblings What about my father?

And with that question everywhere and everything was brought to silence and from the way my aunt and uncle cringed at the question I already took a wild guess and decided to drop it for now.

”So why we
e both of you arguing the other time? ”

”Its nothing ” she lied trying to hide it from me.

”No….no don lie to me again tell me what I need to know no! ” I ask with venom laced tone.

”Well, I had a vision about your mother but it was more of a conversation type of vision ”.

”And!? ”

”She told me to go back to Fantasia with you ” she said and I could almost feel her fear emitting from where I was sitting.

”So when do we leave? ” I ask. The surprise looks they both had was enough proof that they weren that answer from me. ”Tomorrow I guess but they are conditions to us going back to fantasia ” she say in a serious tone.

”Which are? ”

”First you are going to bear a fake name because of your identity and also for your protection. Second you are to attend the academy in the kingdom to train to able to rule. Third under no circumstance should you reveal your identity to anyone in the kingdom. ”

”If I get to bear a fake name can at least pick the name myself? ” I ask in a very pleasing tone and with sick puppy eyes.

”Okay ”

”How does Aurora sounds? ” I ask her

”Sounds good ”. ”One more thing, have you named your dragon yet? ” she asks with a very cautious tone.

”Hmm no but I was thinking of naming it Azur though ”

After hearing my response, she gasps in shock. Seems like every word I say today comes like a surprise to them. Leaving them to deal with whatever it is they were discussing earlier I went to check on the dragon upstairs. Getting to my room, I heard some noise and open the door to meet quite yet and surprise. The dragon was now the size of a wolf.

”Hello Sophie ” I heard a voice in my head and judging from the way the dragon was looking at my me one could tell it was it. I wanted to scream but I felt this imaginary pull towards the beast and decided to go with the flow.

”Hello, who are you? ” I ask. ”Its me your dragon. Im like your other half or like your part of soul that completes you ” the dragon explained. Thinking about the name to call the name Azur just popped into mind and I felt it was right.

”Azur ” was all I could say before I started feeling lightheaded and soon I fell asleep. I woke to feeling of sunrays on my body and the beads of sweat on my face.

After dressing up for the day I went downstairs for breakfast getting there I saw my aunt with a smile on her face. After eating I went upstairs to feed Azur. After feeding him I felt like I was forgetting something then I remembered that were going to Fantasia today.

With music blaring in my room and me reading I barely noticed when someone entered until I felt a light tap on my shoulders. I looked up to find my aunt looking at Azur with awe shining in her eye.

After that little moment she told me to get ready because apparently we would be teleporting to fantasia. Getting to fantasia I saw my aunt, uncle and Jake with a weird ball in their hands and they gave me one explaining that it was the device used for teleportation. Just about when we wanted to leave my aunt called me to tell me some few things.

”Um Sophie, you and your dragon need to merge before we go fantasia ” she said.

”Why? ” was all I said.

”Because people could find out your status depending on your type of dragon ” she said.

Without arguing I did as she instructed I pressed my head to Azurs and she started chanting some foreign word in Latin. Before I knew what was happening my body and Azurs was engulfed in flames and after few minutes of pain Azur was gone.

Panicking about my dragon I quickly asked my aunt about Azur she explained that Azur was in form of a tattoo on my back. After that we went back to boys and without wasting any time we activated the device and we were teleported to Fantasia.

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