Recap from last chapter

A dragon!

The glow faded and a painful stinging erupted in my hands. Before I could take a look at the pain, the egg started to pulse with tremendous energy and a white light, it got faster and faster. Then a giant shock wave erupted from the egg.

I later learned that the shock wave caused a blackout in a 500 miles radius which included my house and the office. I so just crashed the party.

” Well, I didn see that coming. ” A voice behind me said.

Sophies POV

I turned around to see where the voice came from with fear evident in my eyes and I was faced with my mother with surprise written all over her face.

She was looking at me in awe and also surprise. The surrounding was silent that even a drop could make the loudest noise, so I decided to break the ice.

”Mum what are you doing here I thought you were sleeping? ” I asked.

”Well I kind of followed the glow emanating from the forest when the blackout happened ” she replied while looking elsewhere. And I know she only does that when shes lying about something but I decided to brush it off for now.

”Wait did she say blackout?!, I guess the blackout must have affected the community but of more importance why is mother here? I thought the question lingering in my head.

Then all of a sudden I heard a gentle crack from the egg and then a little feathery head poked out of the egg, then the rest of the body started coming out of the egg until finally the whole little dragon came out.

Shortly after that, a searing pain which felt like a thousand needles stabbing me burns through my right hand and everything seem to fade but I kept hearing my mothers voice telling me to endure the pain.

After that short episode of pain I felt bright and alive. Then I saw the most beautiful tattoo I have ever seen on my right hand almost similar to the dragon in front of me.

Still admiring the beautiful on my arm I almost forgot that my mother was still here until she cleared her throat to gain my attention. Smiling sheepishly and with different emotions swirling in me I just turned to my mother with a shocked face.

”Just trust yourself and your instincts ” was all she said before leaving.

Whats with these people giving me cryptic messages

Ending my trance, I got up from the ground and instantly a fuzzy, leathery ball curled up to my shoulders.

I took it as my responsibility to take care of the little dragon like it was my little baby. I took a long warm bathe and then put some clothes on forgetting tomorrow was a school day. I woke up to feeling of slime all over my face and I jerked up to check whatever was disturbing my sleep only to find the little dragon waking me up.

Weird cause Im not usually a morning person.

I opened my eyes groggily to prepare for school. After taking my bathe, I opened my closet to pick my clothes for the day. After taking eternity deciding on my outfit, I went with blue jeans, a white crop top and black jackets with white and black high top converse.

I went downstairs to eat only to find no one there. Weird I could have sworn Im always the last to get up for breakfast every day. Well since they aren up yet might as well prepare breakfast. After making breakfast every one came down to eat only to be shocked that I was the who cooked breakfast.

”What? ” I say at them with an annoyed tone.

” No..thing just wondering if you feeling okay today sis? ” Jake stated with a shock and concern written all over his face.

”Yeah, I am good now lets dig in ” I say cheerily.

After eating my breakfast, I took the remaining for the little dragon upstairs who haven seem to name yet.

As if sensing my presence, the dragon started prancing around happily with joy. I was filled with excitement and happiness but it felt like the emotions weren mine.

After watching the dragon eat, I checked the time and decided it was time to go school. Sensing I was about to leave, it started clawing at me like a baby begging it mother not leave him/her at a daycare. After series of clawing, hugging and pouting, I decided to take him along to school.

As I entered school I was greeted my two besties and we walked off to class. After morning lesson and lunch we skipped to our next lesson Science.

We walked into the class and immediately the teacher assigns us seats and partners that are far away from each other. Im at the back alone while Tessa is next to someone called Noah and Jess is next to Cameron.

Five minutes into class and still I have no assigned partner for the class project, suddenly the classroom door was banged opened with a huge force and in walked the son of Adonis.

The guy himself looked like Adonis he was about 63 ft. tall compared to my 57 ft. frame. He was well built, he had ocean blue eyes and jet black hair. Just looking at him I felt this extraordinary pull and had the sudden urge to run my hands through his hair to feel how soft his hair was. Not paying attention to class anymore but at the god in my front I was soon pulled out of my trance. I was faced by the new guy who I didn get his name while the teacher was introducing him.

He cleared his throat and spoke in husky voice ” Hi, my name is Stefan and it seems Im your partner for the project ” he said while looking at me with pure adoration in eyes.


But hey hes hot so whatever.

After the class we exchanged contacts and I rushed out of class to meet my friends. By the time I got to them they were giving me suspicious glances and I decided to clear the air.

”Whats going on guys? ” I ask with my eyebrows raised in suspicion.

They looked at each other with intense glare like they were deciding whether to tell me the truth or not. After a while Jess finally spoke tears gleaming in her eyes ”Well you see Alexia came to us and kinda threatened us to tell you to back off from Stefan or else she will destroy our parents career ”.

”But we didn want to hurt your feelings seeing how happy you were talking to him ” Tessa piped in to back Jess up.

Instant rage swirled in me and I stormed off with my friends trailing behind me in a hurried manner. Landing my eye on Alexia like a predator who finally found its prey I rushed and grabbed her by her neck and whispered in her ear not caring about the crowd that was forming or the fact that I was choking her ”Threaten my friends and their family again and I will make sure I ship you off to hell myself ” I stated and calmed myself as I walked out of the hallways.

After my little incident I decided to do some research about the dragon. I walked into the school library and got some books on old mythology and some about dragon heritages.

After three hours, I learned about dragon in whole and about their entire race who lived in a universe parallel to ours called Fantasia. I learned about the powers that comes with dragon a person bonds with and about their lineage.

The Dragons are mythical creatures with powers given to them by the Gods themselves. The original dragon created from the dawn of time were Seven in total with different powers but they had their leader who they gave respect to like a queen. The seven of them came in different colors and with different special abilities and names. Mystique, the golden dragon was the fiercest of them all and it special element was Fire. Vesuvi, the red dragon was bred for war and was feared in battle and it special element was Lightning. Satyr, the green dragon gentle as the earth but rough as a rock during battles it special element was earth. Gyph, the yellow with Light as it special element could bend it to its will and have as many advantages in battle. Raymi, the white dragon had special element Air. Shade, the black dragon was mysterious like its color but its special element was Darkness. Finally, the strongest of them was Azur the blue dragon. She was like a queen to the others and her special element was Water.

After the creation of the dragons they started mating with humans while some mated with each other. The descendants of the originals were called pure bloods because they had the blood of their ancestors flowing through them while those who came from humans but were mated to the originals were called half-bloods.

Over time the gods created more creatures like Werewolves, Fairies, Vampires, Fae & Elves, Angels, Demons. After a long war with the humans the gates to them was sealed shut to keep humans from finding out their secret and also to stop another war.

Fantasia was divided into Seven Kingdoms according to the races that existed. Ravaryn Kingdom to the Wolves, Allynthi Kingdom to the Dragons, Asterin Kingdom to the Vampires, Oryn Kingdom to the Fairies, Alfhiem Kingdom to the Angels, Jotunheim Kingdom to the Demon, Pendilor Kingdom to the Fae and Elves.

The Royal council consists of the Royals/ Rulers from each kingdoms and some elders. The Royals of each kingdom are always Pureblood hence they are the strongest.

After reading the history of Fantasia I was baffled at first then I remembered that there is a dragon in my backpack. After taking the creature out of my bag I noticed he was already bigger than my backpack.

Contemplating on what to do I ran to my car and drove home to find out the truth from my mother. Getting home, I ran to her home office but was stopped abruptly when I heard my mother and father arguing which was weird cause Ive never seen them argue before.

”You need to tell her before its too late besides your sister or should I say Queen ordered you ” I heard my father voice in the background.

”I will but I don Sophie is ready for the truth yet considering she just hatch her dragon yesterday ” my mother says in calm tone.

Deciding to show myself and finding out the truth about all this ” Tell me the truth about what? ” I ask in very serious tone.

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