Driving into school angrily, I made sure I revved the engine super loud to get everyones attention and drove into the parking lot. With that I got out of the car and put my bag on my shoulder and walked towards the school main entrance.

I went straight to my locker and just get the things I need. As I was just about to leave somebody tapped my shoulder, I rolled my eyes and turned around knowing who it was Alexia the schools Queen and also my former best friend. ”Yes ” I answer with one raised brow ” I just wanted to tell you to stay away from my boyfriend or I will make your life hell ”. she finishes with a fake smile. Irritation etched on my face I grabbed my things without uttering anything because I was already too pissed off by my parents. I was soon accompanied by my two best friends Tessa and Jessica to my first class.

After all my classes its finally lunch so me Jessica (Jess for Short) and Tessa queued up to get our lunch and sit down in our usual table. We eat our lunch and talk about random things until its time for our next lesson which was Science.

After school was over for the day I went for Cheer-leading practice. After practice, I checked my watch for time suddenly remembering I still had to go to the office.

Crap!! I was late. I rushed home to get changed without thinking twice about my outfit I just picked the first I lay my hands on. After Dressing I sped twice as fast my normal speed just to get to office. Entering the office, I ask my dads P.A where my dad was.

I walked into the office conference room and I knew I was going to hate it. I never was one for work like this. The accountants, managers and my father the CEO all present in the conference room.

As I walked to him he locked eyes with me and glared. Clearly, I had done something wrong. About what, I couldn tell you. I took my place next to him like every other meeting I had been to. I was put there so I couldn cause trouble. Although, I would most likely find a way to do so.

”Father, ” I say.

”You are late. ” He said, eyes not moving to look at her.

”Im sorry Dad. ”

”I understand. But if you cause trouble today there will be consequences. Understood? ”

With that, the meeting started and ended.

Then the regular party started. Orchestrated by my father after every meeting there is always a party to celebrate one of the major success the company had made in every month.

As the party got into full swing the workers and some rich guys (probably my fathers friends) got drunk and even became worse, if that was possible in the first place.

In an all too sudden change of events, a boy who appeared to be a bit older than me came up to me.

Oh great this wasn going to end well. I could tell.

”You must be Miss Sophie Reese correct?… I never miss the pretty face of my soon to be fiancée ”, He said as he kisses my hand and smirked.

I wasn shocked at what he said. My father has been telling me ever since that when I finish high school I was going to take over as the CEO of the company and was going to be in an arranged marriage to some rich snotty kid who my father has been trying secure a good business deal.

You don know how much I wanted to smack the smile off his face but nonetheless, I smiled.

”That I am, however I do not know you ”.

”Im Elijah Thomson, ”

”Well Elijah, I hope you are enjoying yourself at my fathers party. ”

”I am thanking you. Would you like to dance? ”

” No thank you. ”

After the shock wore off his face at my rejection, he bluntly stated ”Come on I lowered my standard now its your turn. ”

”Excuse me? ”

”You know I can make you happy ”

”Really? How? Are you leaving? ” I said, a sarcastic smirk evident on my face.

”How dare you? My father will hear of this. ”, He gasped.

”Yes, go cry to papa and leave me alone ”

”You know what ** this marriage contract I am calling it off! ” He screamed.

He was pissed. He turned on his heels and stomped off. I did the same. If he did tell his father, I didn want to be in firing range of my father.

I quickly drove home and slipped through the back door not wanting to answer questions from my mother about the meeting. After a while, I began walking into courtyard and huge garden which could be mistaken for a jungle. This was my safe place and no one could take that from me. My thoughts wavered as I walked deeper into the jungle of the gardens.

I had been walking in the gardens for about four or five minutes when I started to feel like I was being watched. I started to feel like I was being watched. I stop and looked around however I saw nothing. I pushed it off and keep walking. Only to see something out of the corner of my eye. When I turned my head to look. I caught a glimpse of what I thought was a person before my eyes adjusted, it disappeared.

”Hello ”, I called into the darkness.


Im so going to die.

I started walking again, this time faster. I scanned my surroundings as I look for the figure again.


I still felt the eyes on my back as I kept walking. I stopped as I saw a gleaming light in the distance. And of course, I walk towards it as any smart person would do (Note the Sarcasm). As I got closer to it felt like I was being pulled towards it with an invisible thread. Sounds crazy right? I pushed the bushes apart and for the first time, I saw it.

Surprisingly it was weird looking rock.

It was round and smooth. The color of the rock was a royal blue with a golden design. It was beautiful.

Thats when I realized this wasn a rock at all. It was an egg.

On the ground lay a very weird round shaped egg and what was weird about it was the shape. It was the size of an average adult males head. The egg was blue in color with gold and purple tint round its edges.

As I reached to pick it up, it started to glow when it came in contact with my hand. The glow got brighter and a shape came into light. As the shaped came into view, I realized what it was. But how was this possible?

A dragons egg!

But how?

I kept asking myself that question over and over again till a disturbing and bright glow from the egg shut me and my thoughts up.

The glow faded and a painful stinging erupted in my hands. Before I could take a look at the pain, the egg started to pulse with tremendous energy and a white light, it got faster and faster. Then a giant shockwave erupted from the egg.

I later learned that the shockwave caused a blackout in a 500 miles radius which included my house and the office. I so just crashed the party.

” Well, I definitely didn see that coming. ” A voice behind me said.

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