A gentle breeze across her neck was the first thing Sophie noticed, with the cover her long brown wavy locks had always provided, the breeze was something she wasn accustomed to.

She reached up to back to feel them only to find bare skin all the way to her ears.


Her hands were the second thing to stand out. They were large and bony nothing compared to small petite frame shed had to grow up with

Her feet and also shoes were entirely different. Then she noted her attire – her entire body was hers but at the same time it wasn .

Weird right!

In a blinding right room with no dimensions; she was with an Unfamiliar man with dark cloak on.

Offering no reason as to why her mind was here, she insisted that she was looking at a reflection.

”Trust your Instincts, follow your heart and save us all ”.

A jingle – wind chimes, and the sound was getting fainter and fainter

” Sophie. ”

Sophie woke up to the feeling of her mothers warm palm against her forehead, and with an immediate need for air.

Then she realizes it was one of her dreams. She has been having a lot of dreams corresponding to her most recent.

”Honey, are you all right? ” her mother questioned, her eyes wide with concern.

An incoherent murmur was all Sophie could offer in return earning a sigh from the older woman.

”Honestly, I thought the wind and the chimes would bring a more soothing start to your day, but you
e just as disheveled as ever. ” She then followed up with basically the same thing in Spanish.

”Its not really the best replacement for an alarm clock, ” She replied before dragging herself towards the bathroom.

Needless to say, Sophie was not a morning person, and the repeated bouts of weird dreams plus insomnia lately had only aggravated her a.m. angst.

She stared at her reflection in the mirror, and the figure looking back at her was like a deranged teenage girl with hair tangled in unimaginable ways and drool dried on one side of her face. After a soothing bath, she picked her attire for the day. Her attire was a white tank-top covered with a black denim Jacket, a black and white ripped jeans and a pair of white vans sneaker. While dressing she saw the fresh queue of make-up and dresses lying on her bed which her mother had undoubtedly bought while shopping again.

After dressing for school she went downstairs for breakfast.

”Good morning, Sophia ” Jake her fifteen-year-old brother greeted her in a sing-song voice as she took her place on the table for breakfast, his devilish grin set in place as usual.

Sophie glared at him.

If there was one thing she hated more than waking up early, it was being called by her actual name, but her brother knew that, of course. And he knew why. This was just one of his ways to get on her nerve, which was one of his favorite pastimes as she had discovered at an early age.

Her chance at a comeback was ruined when their mother spotted her dress specifically the ripped jeans shed been instructed to throw out twice now.

”Sophie, I particularly laid out some new clothes on your bed today ” she said, the irritation obvious in her tone.

”Yeah mum I know, didn just feel like wearing that today. ” she replied

”Oh no, heavens forbid your tantrums on some days. ” her mother complained

”You know what, Im leaving, ” she said a frown set on her face. ”Im late anyways. ”

She picked up her backpack and started smoothing the tangles out of her hair as she walked to the front door.

Just about when she wanted to turn the handle of the door she heard her mother saying, ”Oh, Sophie, don forget to stop by the office after school, ” her mother managed to slip in. ”Your father has asked for you. ”

”I don want to go to the office! ” Sophie snapped, her face burning with rage. ”Ive already gone three times this week. ”

”But, honey, you have to run this company in the future. You know that ”, was her mothers reply, followed by a gasp at her unchanging scowl and a few snickers, courtesy of her brother.

Sophies father, James Reese is the CEO of a multi-billion business firm and also very famous in the business world. He owns one of the largest keychains of hotels all over the world, while her mother Taylor Reese a former actress and model owns one of the largest designing company in Los Angeles. So as fate will take it rightful place Sophie gets to inherit both her mother and her father businesses once they merge the companies together.

But ever since a terrible accident forced James Reese into a wheelchair all the responsibility of the company was on Sophies Shoulder.

It was obvious why they had passed down the right to her – they were adventurous souls and they wanted their freedom, to do more with their lives.

No one considered that she might want the same.

Sophie is currently the cheer-leading captain of her school San-Jose High School. She is also one the seniors chosen as a valedictorian in the school. You could say shes a nerd in disguise.

”Im sixteen Mom, ” she said holding back her rage. ”Theres still… plenty time to learn that stuff. And I have cheer-leading practice today after school, I told you. ”

”But, Sophie- ”

”Im running late, ”

She pulled the door shut.

Theyd never understand. With classes, the cheer-leading team and a social life to manage, Sophie had just as much on her plate as every other teen. And more….


”Can you feel her essence? ” A young frail voice asks the creature beside her. They are both chained to wall as punishment.

”Yes, I can feel her essence, but faintly. ” the creature replies the woman.

”Send a message to my sister to prepare her shes almost ready ” the frail voice tells the creature.

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