re was deep fear and resentment in his eyes.

    In the next second, the pterodactyl lowered its long pointed mouth and engulfed the man's head in one bite.
With a crisp “click” sound, its prey became a creature with no hands, no feet, and no head.

    Looking up, the pterodactyl's sharp mouth opened and closed a few times, as if it was randomly chewing the head that had just been swallowed by it.

    Everyone silently watched the terrifying scene in front of them, covering their mouths and closing their eyes timidly, but more people stared there without blinking.
They were guarding, because if the pterodactyl wasn't full enough, it would attack on their own side.

    Under the watchful eyes of people, the pterodactyl raised the throat on its neck and slid down, swallowing its food.
Then, it flapped its wings and made a few high-pitched screeching sounds, with its unfinished spoils still hanging from its claws, and fluttered in the direction from which it came.

    After the back of the pterodactyl was nowhere to be seen, the racers hanging on the big roundabout breathed a sigh of relief.
Just when they were speechless and wanted to do something to ease their tension, a burst of machinery sound suddenly came from under their feet.

    “One minute is up, the first group will be released.”

    As soon as the voice fell, the small stage that was at the front moved, and quickly slid down along the second half of the track at a speed that violated the common sense of physics.

    This speed was faster than the climb before.
With the wind blowing, Mo Xiaoyao can't open her eyes at all.
She let go of a hand holding the railing and hugged the bass again, but found that the small stage was very unstable now and she couldn't get up at all.

    Just when she thought about whether to wait for stability before speaking, Jiang Yan's urgent and serious roar suddenly came from the side: “9 o'clock, hurry up!”

    Without hesitation, Mo Xiaoyao subconsciously followed Jiang Yan's words and turned the bass's position towards 9 o'clock.

    “7 o'clock!”

    “12 o'clock!”

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    “8 o'clock!”

    “9 o'clock!”

    “1 o'clock!”

    Jiang Yan's instructions came one after another and she adjusted the direction coordinatingly.
With the cooperation of Jiang Yan's piano playing, the small stage made many beautiful drifting and tail flicks in a row.

    Mo Xiaoyao seriously thought that now that the speed of the small stage had reached the speed of the intercity high-speed rail.
She was just an ordinary person and couldn't really hold on*.

*the original text is the English word 'hold'.
“hold不住” apparently means you can't control the situation and don't have any strength left, the hold coming from the English phrase 'hold on'.
It's an internet term in China.

    As for Yue Yin? That guy has already vomited into the dark.
It was fine as long as he could hold on to the railing and didn't throw himself out, he wouldn't hold everyone back.

    Fortunately, this situation did not last long.
According to Jiang Yan later, it was 30 seconds at most, but in Mo Xiaoyao's view, it was as long as 30 minutes.

    On the way, they also saw a wreckage at the corner.
It should be one of the two groups in front, but they could not see a trace of the other group.
They didn't know whether they had reached the end or could not control it and rushed into the mist.

    The speed of the small stage slowly dropped, and the end of the track was already in sight.
On the ground at most 500 meters away from them, there were black and white grid signs commonly seen on racing tracks.
A very thin line of colored light was pulled straight by the chirping red gnomes on the left and right, just waiting for someone to rush over from here to win the championship.

    “Do we have brakes?” Mo Xiaoyao suddenly asked this question, “I think it's best not to rush over.”

    Jiang Yan was a little surprised by Mo Xiaoyao's observation, but he didn't say much.
He just stopped playing and nodded in agreement: “There is no brake, we just have to stop accelerating.”

    The car behind Mo Xiaoyao and the others passed them like a whirlwind, and (one of its driver) left a mockery that would madden any competitor.

    However, the three people on the small stage ignored him.
Mo Xiaoyao had an indifferent expression on her face and didn't even look at him.
Jiang Yan sneered with a sneer on his lips, but waved to the man in a good mood.

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    As for Yue Yin…
well, he still vomitted his stomach out, he hadn't recovered from the dizziness.

    The car was a multi-person car, but now there were only two people sitting in the front and co-pilots, a man and a woman, who say a few words from time to time, looking like a couple in love.

    At this time, the two were only a few dozen meters away from the finish line that symbolized the championship, and the front was wide open without any obstacles.
The man turned his head and said something to the woman, which attracted a charming smile from the woman, brought their lips together, and kissed the man's outstretched mouth.

    Then, a red light burst, and two headless corpses crossed the finish line in their cars.
Their heads were cut off by ribbons as sharp as nanowires, and the two heads remained in a kissing position before falling to the ground.

    In the dozens of seconds after the accident, the small stage pressed half of the black and white grid signs on the ground at an extremely slow speed, and stopped right in front of the very thin colored line.

    At this time, Mo Xiaoyao was still standing at the front.
She turned her head to confirm with Jiang Yan, then reached out and touched the line lightly with her fingertips.

    Immediately, a burst of dizziness struck.

    When she regained consciousness again, she found herself standing on a pier with a gangway in front of her, and the place where the gangway led was a huge luxury cruise ship with 13 floors.

    A man in the uniform of the first mate stood by the gangway and bowed to her in a salute, and as he spoke, something that looked like the tentacles on the face of an octopus swayed: “Ma'am, please show your ticket.”

    Only then did Mo Xiaoyao realize that there was something in her right hand.
She opened her hand and looked at it.
It turned out to be a card made of unknown material.
It was black, and something was written in blood red font:

    Name: Mo Xiaoyao 

    Cabin: 8019 on the 8th floor, sea view

    The entire crew wish you a happy life aboard Doomsday Cruise.

    Happy life? Mo Xiaoyao thought, impossible.

T/N: And we finally arrive at the synopsis!

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