Chapter 2: Misty Track (2)

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    Mo Xiaoyao had only hesitated for 3 seconds before another person came up from the bottom.
It was a man about 1.8 meters tall.
His face was above average.
He was quite thin, with short hair and a few blond hair highlights near his forehead.
The most striking thing is that on his left auricle, there are three silver earrings hanging from top to bottom, giving a different kind of feeling.

    He was wearing a pair of washed-white jeans, and there were several holes in his thighs near the knees, revealing the not-white leg flesh inside.
The upper body was wearing a black long-sleeved T-shirt with some overlapping letters randomly printed on it, and there was no way to tell what the word was.

    When Mo Xiaoyao looked at him, he was also looking at Mo Xiaoyao.
Probably because he felt that this woman was no threat to him, a few seconds later, the man put the thumbs of both hands into the pockets of his jeans, stretched out one leg diagonally for a small step, showed a bright smile at Mo Xiaoyao, and opened his mouth to say hello.

    “Yo, girl, it's fate to meet in this place.”

    However, Mo Xiaoyao didn't want this kind of fate at all.


    The man didn't care about Mo Xiaoyao's indifference, and introduced himself familiarly: “My name is Yue Yin, what about you?”

    “Mo Xiaoyao.” Mo Xiaoyao's voice was as clean and crisp as her style of doing things.

do you want me to call you Xiaoyao, or Miss Mo?” Yue Yin's left hand left his trouser pocket and reached out to his forehead to play with his two locks of hair.

    “Mo Xiaoyao.”


    Seeing that Mo Xiaoyao had no intention of getting close, Yue Yin shrugged, turned to look at the car he just jumped on, and was stunned by the facilities above.

    “F*ck, can this thing be driven as a car?”

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    Mo Xiaoyao nodded with heartfelt, and finally didn't put on the expression of refusing to be thousands of miles away.
Judging from this, Yue Yin and herself must have be in one group, and they had to cooperate.
Although it is unnecessary to talk about private matters, it was still possible to talk about business.

    “Can you?” Mo Xiaoyao walked to Yue Yin's side.
The shoes without the heels made her walk a little unsteady.
She accidentally stepped on something, and when she looked down, she realized that it was the pair of fluffy slippers on Yue Yin's feet.

    The brown yo-hee monkey* shape was quite hilarious.


Brown yo-hee monkey


    Although Yue Yin feet hadn't been stepped on, he could still feel his shoes being stepped on.
He also glanced down, then silently pulled his two feet out of his shoes, took a step back, and stood barefoot on that small stage.

    Mo Xiaoyao looked up at him, puzzled.
Yue Yin didn't care about her indifference at all.
He pointed to the shoes without heels on the other side's feet, then pointed to his own large slippers, and said, “Don't wear those shoes of yours.
If you don't dislike it, wear mine.
This is a racing competition.
I don't think there are any seat belts here.
If you can't stand still and got thrown out, it will be troublesome.”

    “…Thank you.” Mo Xiaoyao was silent for a few seconds, accepted the kindness of Yue Yin, and squatted down.
After that, she undo the buttons and take off both of her shoes.
She hesitated for a while, and finally decided not to throw it away, but just kicked the shoe to the side.
After all, this was a new model that she spent several thousands on last month.
Even if it was broken, it was good to have a few more glances.

    Standing barefoot on the stage, it was a bit cold.
Mo Xiaoyao didn't bother to think about whether other people's shoes were dirty, whether there were any strange diseases, etc., so she immediately stepped forward and put both feet into the pair of cartoon slippers.
Then she scurried inside and found the most suitable place to wear it properly.

    Mo Xiaoyao, who regained the temperature of the soles of her feet, moved her toes comfortably a few times, and then looked up at Yue Yin: “Are your feet cold?”

    Yue Yin shook his hair carelessly: “It's okay, I'm used to it.”

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    “Speaking of which, how did you come here?” Mo Xiaoyao had no choice but to put away the cold face after receiving the favor of his slippers.
Besides, she also had something she wants to ask for proof, “Outside, is it already…”

    Yue Yin picked up the drumstick, fiddled it back and forth in his hand, and looked down at his hand: “It's the end of the world…
I slept all night last night when I got home.
In the morning, I just woke up and wanted to get something to eat, then I came here.”

    “Sure enough…” Mo Xiaoyao felt deep in her heart that all this was so unreal.
For hours, she was still working hard for this year's year-end bonus, but as a result, not to mention the company, not even the earth was there.

    “The end of the world or something, it doesn't really matter.”

    Yue Yin threw the drumstick into the air, and after catching it, the thumb, index finger, and middle finger of the right hand naturally pinched a third of the drumstick, and the ring finger and the little finger were lightly put close together.
He turned his head and continued to speak to Mo Xiaoyao.

    “For me, the dissolution of the band, the end of the world, they're no different.
It doesn't matter if it happens, it saves me having to think about what to do in the future.”

    After he finished speaking, he waved the drumsticks in his hands and tapped on the drum set in front of him.
It seems to be random, but the rhythm was very strong, and it could be seen that a lot of effort has been spent on this.

    Seeing this, Mo Xiaoyao didn't bother him, and turned to observe the situation around her.
At this time, there were already people in all the cars, the difference lies in the number of people.

    On single-person vehicles such as bicycles, brooms, floating manhole covers, and pterodactyls that keep flapping their wings.
After getting on, a red barrier had been raised, preventing the possibility of others to also got up.

    And the stage-like type under Mo Xiaoyao's feet flashed blue light, obviously indicating that it was not full and could accommodate more people on board.

    Mo Xiaoyao looked around and saw that there were many vehicles of this type, such as the off-road vehicle about 120 meters in front of her left, and the electric tricycle about 50 meters behind her right, both with only two people on top.

    Of course, under them, several people had already scuffled into a ball.
Just as a person was clinging to the car door to get in, his legs were pulled tightly by the people behind him and he couldn't move.
The other, trying to avoid the crowd and turning in through the car window, could not succeed at all because he was stared at by many pairs of eyes.

    Mo Xiaoyao was speechless when she saw it, and couldn't help but whisper: “There are so many available, why are you staring at the ordinary car…
It's too unimaginative.”

    Of course, she would not admit that she chose this small stage because there was no car around.

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    “At least they know how to drive those cars.
And if you continue to waste your time observing others, I'm afraid that after one minute, you can only stand here and be jealous of their good luck.”

    Mo Xiaoyao was startled, When she turned around, she saw that at some point, a man had already entered the small stage and was standing about half a step behind her.

    His height is also about 1.8 meters, but he was half a head shorter than Yue Yin's height.
His eyes are deep, his facial features are three-dimensional, and his stature was not as thin as Yue Yin's.
Instead, it gives people a feeling of strength.

    Mo Xiaoyao felt that this man should be the legendary type who looked thin when he was dressed and beefy when he undressed.
At least he looked quite eye-catching and had good fashion taste.

    The man wore a navy blue turtleneck thin sweater, with a light beige red and blue line and a large square vest outside, a pair of dark brown casual trousers, and a dark gray cashmere coat to keep warm.
This achieved an aesthetic effect of both casual and comfortable.

    If Yue Yin is the boy next door, then this was obviously the president next door.

    The man's deep eyes looked at Mo Xiaoyao from head to toe, and stayed on the pair of slippery slippers for a while.
After all, he remembered the motto not to criticize women's clothes easily, and said insincerely, “…good taste.”

    Mo Xiaoyao's face was cold: I'm not, I don't, don't talk nonsense.*

*some kind of meme in China that was popular around 2017, have a meaning of being misunderstood and denying it strongly.

    The man didn't seem to have any desire to introduce himself.
He raised his left wrist and glanced at the dial, and said lightly, “There are still 1 minute and 45 seconds until the announcement starts.
Who knows how to control this thing?”

    Mo Xiaoyao walked over silently and took the bass in hand, the fingertips run across the strings, and a string of pleasant notes jumps out: “The bass or guitar is in charge of direction, the drummer or keyboard player is in charge of forward, and the mic is in charge of attacking – as soon as I step on, the sound is explaining it in my mind – don't you hear it?”

    Yue Yin also stopped at this moment and shook his head: “Nothing.”

    The man crossed his arms, walked to the keyboard and stood still, tapping his fingers on it nimbly, producing a section of a certain piece of music.
Then, he turned around and said, “Neither do I.”

    “That's the privilege of the first person to come up.” Mo Xiaoyao came to a conclusion.
After she glanced sideways at the crowd trying to get into the normal car, she turned around and raised the bass in her hand to the other two, “I declare in advance that I can only play this, still an amateur, and all I know are old songs.”

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    “Although this band is third-rate, it is still a band, so I can cooperate with you.” The man tilted his head and smiled: “I haven't heard too many popular songs.
But if it's symphony and familiar old songs, maybe you can try.”

    Mo Xiaoyao and Yue Yin looked at each other, and even though they only met in the first 2 minutes, they understood each other's meaning from their eyes.

    Symphony? Sorry, no.

    “Then, why don't we try old songs?” Yue Yin didn't want to admit defeat in the only field he was good at.
He tentatively proposed many songs that he thought couldn't get any older, but the two in front of him, one smiled and said nothing, while the other just shook his head.

    Yue Yin felt that he might have to worry about his hairline…
Of course, it was more likely that his corpse would get cold first, and then he wouldn't have to worry anymore.

    Seeing that there was only one minute left, Yue Yin's heart slammed, and he closed his eyes and made the last proposal: “Let's Swing the Oars, you should know this?”

    Mo Xiaoyao was relieved: “Yes.
Not only this, but also Mother Ducks and Ducklings.” It was hard to say why all the songs were for children, and she didn't want to recall her painful experience when she was just learning bass.

    This was one of the reasons why she gave up halfway.
Who would be happy to hold the bass, but only play the Mother Duck and the Ducklings?

    When Yue Yin heard Mo Xiaoyao said she would, he hurriedly looked at the man, for fear that something might go wrong on his side: “Da ge*, do you know? Also, my name is Yue Yin, her name is Mo Xiaoyao, what is your name?”

*Da ge=big brother.
I prefer to translate the way of calling people is as it is in pinyin.

    “Jiang Yan.” The man frowned with disgust on his face, “Is there really no other choice?”

    Children's songs seemed to have opened a door for Mo Xiaoyao, and many songs that had been sealed in memory spewed out.
She lifted her eyelids and glanced at the reluctant Jiang Yan, then Mo Xiaoyao said calmly: “Two Tigers is also fine, you can choose.”

    “Then Let's Swing the Oars.” Jiang Yan made a decision immediately.
He now regretted getting on this pirate ship.
He always feel that he would be pulled into a stranger abyss by these two people.

    If he had known this, he might as well have exploded with the earth.

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