by the other man at the waist. 


Looking at the tender side of his face from the corner of his eyes, Ren Shuhan couldn’t help but be in high spirits.


“It’s been a long time,” Jiang Qingyue said softly, looking at his rolling Adam’s apple.
“Last time we danced, it was at a university dance.”


Once upon a time, whether it was at home or at school, Jiang Qingyue was in self-denial, trying relentlessly to hide his inappropriate feelings towards the young master.
But during his undergraduate celebration, there were many couples including men on the dance floor of the school, so Jiang Qingyue didn’t refuse the invite from him that time.


He had been waiting for a long time to find an opportunity to tell the young master that he still wanted to continue his studies.


The original owner had wanted to settle down for his family’s business, while Jiang Qingyue hoped to continue to study, which meant that two people had to be separated.
The original owner didn’t know the true feelings he had for him, and thought that Jiang Qingyue finally wanted to leave his side, so he quarreled with him unilaterally.


That day, the two of them ended up in a bad disagreement.


Later, even though the original owner went to the school to find Jiang Qingyue several times in succession, the atmosphere between the two people was awkward, and it was as if an invisible wall separated the two of them.
They could never return to the past.  


They both knew that their relationship had actually deteriorated a long time ago, and that this day was bound to come sooner or later.


A year after their last meeting, the original owner who had taken control of his family’s financial power thought he would be able to convince Jiang Qingyue to return to his side.
However, he was devastated again. 


“Young master,” Jiang Qingyue had said without turning his head towards him, “Give me two more years, and I’ll come back after graduation, okay?”


Alright, the Ren Shuhan from his memories had promised, I’ll wait for you. 


However, that night, the original owner ended up meeting Gu Weici.


Actually, when one thought about it carefully, after meeting Gu Weici, the original owner actually seemed to forget many things that should not have been forgotten.
It was indeed not normal to keep so many things belonging to Jiang Qingyue while he was relentlessly chasing Gu Weici.
Therefore, he must’ve been influenced by Gu Weici’s protagonist aura.  


Thinking of this, Ren Shuhan asked the system whether he was no different from the original owner.


“Yes,” the system replied.
“Actually, before the original owner met Gu Weici, he was almost the same as you, host.
In a sense, the original owner and the host are somewhat the same.” 


Ren Shuhan secretly thought… then he wasn’t actually a guest.


“Last time, you told me to wait for you and that you would come back after graduation, and I have been waiting.” He squeezed Jiang Qingyue’s fingers and murmured an explanation in his ear, “Gu Weici was just an accident, nothing happened between me and him.”


Jiang Qingyue’s pupils were somewhat distant, and he looked at Gu Weici, who was on the side.


“Do you trust me?”


Jiang Qingyue nodded his head slightly, and looked at his own feet


Ren Shuhan observed his expression, but he couldn’t guess what he was thinking.


“System prompt: You can enable the mind reading function.”


No, Ren Shuhan thought, I don’t want to bully him anymore.


He is pitiful and lovely enough … Ren Shuhan dealt with the system with a sanctimonious face, but his eyes looked at Jiang Qingyue almost greedily.
The more he watched, the more he liked it, and he felt the urge to kiss him.


This feeling didn’t appear suddenly, but gradually brewed from the good feeling he had after meeting him for the first time and slowly remembering the past during the day.
The more memories came to his mind, the stronger his repressed feelings grew.
He didn’t want to let go of him, feeling as if he finally met his long-lost lover.  


But Jiang Qingyue acted very calmly.
If he didn’t blush often, Ren Shuhan would’ve suspected that the love the system spoke about was just some nonsense it had randomly come up with.


The dance was about to end, and the evening would be over with it.
Everyone was going to stay there to finish the recording for this night, and then it would be over after they had breakfast the following day.


The deacons were to sleep downstairs in the maids’ quarters, and Qu Chong and Qiao Ningning both noticed with a sigh that these quarters were even more luxurious than their own real homes.
Gu Weici was dissatisfied with the living arrangements, but no one was paying attention to him. 


Ren Shuhan had an excuse for Jiang Qingyue and let him stay with him on the first floor.
Jiang Qingyue was obedient and had no objection to it.
After all, he had lived here before graduating from High School, and he even stayed there often after that.
He only needed to go pick his own belongings from Ren Shuhan’s bedroom and put them in his own room. 


When he was packing, Ren Shuhan was annoyed to find that Jiang Qingyue’s didn’t have a lot to take.
Whether it came to food or clothing, his things were all worse in quality compared to Gu Weici’s. 


“Check whichever things I gave Gu Weici.” Ren Shuhan took the opportunity to send a discreet message to Wen Xin.
“Take back whatever can be taken back.” 


Wen Xin replied immediately: “I have a copy of the car’s keys here, I will drive it back as soon as possible to change them.
I will also change the password of the credit card now.”


Ren Shuhan spoke to the system again: Just how much did that idiot spend on Gu Weici?


If you have so much money, why not donate it? Even burning it would be better than spending it on him.


System: “… at present, only a few hundred thousands were spent, because you have finished dealing with all his things this morning, and most of them have not been taken with him.”


Ren Shuhan immediately cooled down, he picked up Jiang Qingyue’s things and sent him back to his room, saying good night to the little beauty very gently.



“Good night, young master.”



Jiang Qingyue closed the door, leaned his back against the door, covered his face and stood for a long, long time.——


If it’s just to make Gu Weici jealous, then the young master has also gone too far.








“Gu Weici was dissatisfied with the living arrangements, but no one was paying attention to him.” Wow, this line was brutal lmao  ʕ •̀ o •́ ʔ





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