Gu Weici messed up Ren Shuhan’s originally neat collar when the other took a step back.

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 “Don’t worry, I won’t get in your way.
Didn’t I say that last night? I’m just a stand-in for him, I’ll never……”


While halfway through his words, Ren Shuhan turned around and left before he could finish.


You say you won’t interfere with us, then why are you doing this? Isn’t this a joke?


Gu Weici: ??? 


Just now, Ren Shuhan was too taken aback to avoid Gu Weici’s attack, but there wouldn’t be a next time.
He secretly told himself: Don’t try to reason with an idiot! 


Gu Weici was stunned for a moment.
He went to catch up with the cameraman, but he couldn’t catch up with Ren Shuhan.


What was wrong with that Dog God1he’s using this instead of the usual nickname ‘Ice God’ for Ren Shuhan! 


You long legged bastard will be kneeling in front of the great me begging me to come back soon enough! 


Jiang Qingyue walked in front and led the crowd into a hall on the second floor, where sculptures and paintings were displayed, many of which were the works of famous artists with sky-high prices, but none of them were signed.


“I know this one,” Qiao Ningning said, pointing to one of them.
“I saw a replica at a friend’s house.
It belongs to Mr.


Jiang Qingyue nodded, “This one is an original one, and it has never been allowed to take pictures or videos of it at ordinary times.
Today is the first time that it will be photographed since it was bought.”


Qiao Ningning’s mouth opened wide: “The original … I heard from my friend that it seemed to cost 300 million yuan.”


Jiang Qingyue smiled politely and acquiesced.


Even Gu Weici was taken aback.
Although he had lived here for half a year, he had never looked around.
He only knew that the Dog Man had money, but he didn’t intuitively feel that it reached this level.
He suddenly felt that the Dog was way too stingy to only spend mere tens of millions at most on him. 


Originally, he thought that the dog man only had his appearance and generosity as good points, but it seemed like he only got his looks going for him :).


“There are only original works here,” Ren Shuhan went to Jiang Qingyue’s side, squeezed his shoulder, mentioned the names of several contemporary and modern art masters, and asked the crowd, “These people have all their paintings in here.
Can you guess which ones they are?”


Nobody here was well versed in painting, so they made a random analysis.


Jiang Qingyue discreetly shook his head.
Gu Weici who was more aware of his surroundings captured his expression, and said with grievance, “Assistant Jiang grew up in a rich family so he must know a lot about art.
We can’t do it.
Don’t bully us.”

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Qiao Ningning: “What does this have to do with growing up in an influential family? As long as you haven’t seen it before, you obviously can’t recognize a famous painting? “


Because a lot of the contemporary art there was very abstract, some even looking like a face was painted on then rolled out on white canvas…


Gu Weici had a weak smile: Hehe, it’s a shame that I let you be.
Now you even know how to bully me.
When the program is out, let the critical audience teach you a lesson.
It’s very clear that Jiang Qingyue was the one to despise people first.


Qu Chong studied them carefully for a while, then changed his mind and said: “I guessed wrong just now.
Brother Han only said three names, but there are five paintings on this wall, and one of them had already been mentioned by Ningning, so there is one more.
Is there anything more expensive?”


“There are indeed more expensive ones,” said Ren Shuhan, standing in front of an oil painting, “and the author is even more brilliant.”


Qiao Ningning fiercely fired: “I will change my answer, this painting must be of XXX, it’s hanging in a central position, and it is the most meticulous and realistic painting here!”


Jiang Qingyue smiled apologetically at everyone and said to Ren Shuhan, “Don’t fool around, young master.”


Qu Chong instantly reacted: “This painting was painted by Assistant Jiang?”


Ren Shuhan nodded and gently touched the border of the oil painting: “Qingyue gave it to me as a birthday present in high school.”


The painting depicts a small Siamese cat leaning against a cat climbing platform in a realistic style.


Qiao Ningning exclaimed, “Cheater! I thought it was more expensive and the author was more famous!”


“There’s no cheating,” Ren Shuhan put his right hand on Jiang Qingyue’s shoulder and said innocently, “This is my absolute treasure, and I won’t sell it for any amount.
The author is my most important person, isn’t it amazing?”


Qiao Ningning covered her chest: Ah I’m dead.


Qu Chong smiled on the surface, but was actually puzzled: Is the Ice God coming out of the closet?


Ren Shuhan looked at the painting and said slowly, “My cat, Qinqin, was very clingy.
After her death, I felt sad for a long time.
Qingyue drew this painting and gave it to me.”


Jiang Qingyue looked back and forth between painting and Ren Shuhan, paused for a moment, then turned around and took everyone to the library.


Ren Shuhan saw that the tip of his ears were red from behind, and felt that he was not as sad as when he had seen Gu Weici touch him.
He was a little reassured, feeling that the child was really worrying and he couldn’t take his eyes away from him even for a moment.


The huge library in which they went was where they were supposed to look at the photo album. 

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Jiang Qingyue walked for a while before stopping at a staircase that looked no different from the next, he turned the bookshelf and took out a few albums from a hidden compartment in the middle without hesitation.


“Wow,” Qiao Ningning was shocked.
“What a wonderful memory you have, you can remember where all the books are directly?”


How can you find these albums accurately from so many books? Even librarians have to count before finding out the correct shelves. 


System: “It’s not that he can memorize the positions of all books, it’s just that he came to look at the album so much  that he naturally remembers.” 


Ren Shuhan found this unfamiliar, so it seemed like the original owner didn’t come much. 


The system added: “….he comes by himself.” 




Ren Shuhan leaned against the bookshelf, tilting his head and looking down at his beautiful assistant.


The beauty was flipping through the photo album page by page, and as he flipped through it, he was looking at him intently.
Pretending to re-arrange his hair, Jiang Qingyue lifted a hand toward his ear.
However, when he lowered his hand, his hair was now curtaining his face and partially hiding it from view. 


Ren Shuhan couldn’t see the beauty clearly, and was not very happy, so he raised his hand and pinned his hair behind his ear.


This time, half of his face reddened.


Qiao Ningning took the photo album he handed and showed it to everyone: “My God! Ice God, I’m sorry … but I’m betraying you now.
I think Assistant Jiang is way cuter than you! He simply looks exquisite like an SD doll2SD dolls, or Super Dollfie are ball-jointed dolls that are very pretty and usually marketed towards adult doll collectors!” 


Jiang Qingyue quickly turned over to show a page: “Young master is also very cute, but he usually always got a little dirty when playing around.
This is a photo of the young master taken for the family’s jewelry brand.
It’s really adorable.”


Qiao Ningning looked up and said sincerely, “This one also makes you even lovelier.”


Although there was no denying that the Ice God was looking very cute on those advertising pictures, little Jiang Qingyue was also present on them, moreover, the small child was also wearing a dress…


Originally, he was sitting behind the little Ren Shuhan to appear as a lovely background, since he appeared too perfect to look like a real person.
But once someone knew that this “little girl” was actually a beautiful young man who would grow to be 1m80 in the future, you couldn’t help but notice him directly.


Qu Chong hit the nail on the head: “Both of them have divine faces, but the contrast from Assistant Jiang is too great.”


Jiang Qingyue looked back at Ren Shuhan at a loss to ask for help.
As a result, Ren Shuhan looked over his shoulder at the photo and did not help him at all: “Indeed, Qingyue is cuter.”

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When taking pictures that year,  the little Ren Shuhan passed by the gorgeous little dress and looked at it twice.
The tiny Jiang Qingyue took the initiative to raise his hand and said, “I, I want to wear this.”


It doesn’t matter what I wear, what matters is that you like it. 


The adults were thrilled by all this cuteness.
After dressing them up, they took a bunch of extra photos that were not even needed for the advertising planned.
In just one day, they prepared a dozen dresses for Little Jiang Qingyue to wear. 


Ren Shuhan turned his face slightly and a smile even reached his eyes: “You tell me, how come you have been so well-behaved since childhood?”


Jiang Qingyue found himself unable to breathe.  He avoided his sight, and his eyelashes trembled. 


“Ah! Look, now there’s men’s clothing! ” Qiao Ningning couldn’t stop her excitement, and said to his two teammates, “God, the Ice God’s ears are so red!”


Jiang Qingyue’s pictures while wearing men’s clothes looked like a little girl donning boys’ clothes, so the adults asked little Ren Shuhan to pose for him, and the result was not as lovely as the other pictures .


“All right, we finished looking at what we came to see.” Ren Shuhan coughed lightly and closed the photo album.
“Let’s go.”


Qiao Ningning complained, “I haven’t seen any pictures from school yet.
I want to see Assistant Jiang in a school uniform.”


“… Is Qingyue the focus of the show?” Ren Shuhan spoke more seriously.
“Qingyue was only approved by the program group to be my assistant, you should be content while seeing him with your two eyes.
Besides, the focus is on your own performances.
Have you thought about what to do for afternoon tea?”


Qiao Ningning grunted a bit: “I really want to see senior Qingyue wearing a school uniform …”


Gu Weici for his part didn’t want to see it at all.
Just now, when Qiao Ningning called enthusiastically to look at the photos, he was reluctant but still pretended to be interested.
He didn’t say anything, and now he finally got to put a word in: “Although we didn’t see Assistant Jiang in his school uniform, I know that we will soon have the opportunity to see Ice God in a school uniform instead.”


Qiao Ningning said: “Ah, is it about Director Chen’s new film that features students in a school? There are rumors that the male lead role has already been attributed to Ice God, but there’s still a lot of talk about the second male lead role and who will get it.” 


Ren Shuhan couldn’t check the plot now, so he could only turn to the system. 


“System prompt: There is a same-sex love story involved in the plot of this movie.
The male lead has already been decided to be the original Ren Shuhan.
The original has also invited Gu Weici to act as the second male lead, but Gu Weici refused at that time.
Following the original plot analysis, the next step should be that the original owner will beg Gu Weici to accept the role.
Gu Weici will reluctantly accept it out of his love for his profession, and the main character’s attack will continue during the filming of this movie.”


And it looked like Gu Weici was about to make a move.


Ren Shuhan thought: No, behave yourself.


“Director Chen doesn’t want to disclose his actors yet, and it’s not convenient for me to do it instead,” Ren Shuhan told the cameraman.
“Cut this part out later.”

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Gu Weici’s face dropped.
He had just prepared a bunch of tactful lines to actually accept the invitation from Ren Shuhan to appear, but he hadn’t said a word about it.


After Ren Shuhan said that, he was afraid that his way wouldn’t be blocked enough, so he fished out Director Chen’s contact from his address book and sent him a message: “Is the second male lead in this film decided?”


Director Chen: “It’s settled already, isn’t it Xiao Gu? Though I haven’t contacted him yet.”


If you are in your right mind, you won’t refuse. 


Ren Shuhan: “Don’t use him.
I’m not going to shoot if the second male character is him.” 


Director Chen: “???”


The fuck? Weren’t you the one to recommend him?


“Wait,” Director Chen tried to appeal to this master.
“Shooting will start right away, and my crew is all engaged.
If you ask me to change it now, it’s hard for me to find anyone!”


“I don’t care.
Anyway, don’t contact Gu Weici.”


When Ren Shuhan sent the message, he heard Qiao Ningning muttering something, “If only the second male was Assistant Jiang,” and his heart was suddenly moved.









It takes a special kind of entitlement to feel like tens of millions of yuan isn’t much money spent on someone… 






1he’s using this instead of the usual nickname ‘Ice God’ for Ren Shuhan2SD dolls, or Super Dollfie are ball-jointed dolls that are very pretty and usually marketed towards adult doll collectors

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