DWYBC Chapter 7

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12-15 minutes 24.07.2022

Ren Shuhan almost never ate sweets until Jiang Qingyue appeared in his life.

Although Jiang Qingyue’s original family was not as prominent as Ren Shuhan’s, it was still a pity that he was an illegitimate son.
His mother died early on and he had been abused since childhood.
He was adopted by the Ren family only after his existence was revealed, so in the year or two after that, he came to this manor.
He still behaved in a submissive manner, not daring to tell anyone what his basic needs were.

It wasn’t until one of the banquets where he almost fainted from low blood sugar that Ren Shuhan discovered he was starving.

“Why didn’t you say anything?” The young master asked angrily, bringing a table full of dishes and forcing them on him.

“Sorry, I am allergic to many things, so I secretly gave the food to small animals, since I did not want to waste it ……” Little Jiang Qingyue was rushed by him, ate quickly, and got a fish bone stuck in his throat.

And then chaos erupted.
A private doctor came to the house, and the Young Master, who had quite the temper, was blaming a lot of people around.
The happy atmosphere of the party was dispersed and it abruptly came to an end.
After that, Jiang Qingyue refused to eat fish again, afraid of causing others trouble.

Little Ren Shuhan had learned a little, that is, if he was afraid of asking for food because he might trouble others, then from now on, Ren Shuhan was going to eat Jiang Qingyue’s favorite foods instead so he wouldn’t worry about that.

From then on, Ren Shuhan “loved” to eat sweets.

A banquet was held in the plaza outside the villa, where two children in suits were standing at the dessert table on the north side.
They didn’t even reach it, yet one figure was feeding the other dutifully.
While Ren Shuhan was showing Qu Chong around this manor in the morning, he was able to take him to the park.
Passing by that place, he remembered the scene in his head.

It gave him the impression that the tiny original owner at that time had thought that all of that was his fault. 

In addition, there are many other memories that flooded his mind.

The original owner and Jiang Qingyue spent their childhood mainly in this place, so there were traces of them everywhere.
There is a small tree house built by two people in the woods.
Little sleds were kept by the artificial lake for winter play.
On the small golden wheat field stood a tall windmill, where a brave boy had once fought an evil dragon.

And when Ren Shuhan stood in front of the hall, he could almost see one moment play back.
Two little beans were playing house while sitting on the steps.
The short haired child dutifully put on a white veil on the head of the long haired little boy and claimed that he would marry him in the future. 

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“Boys are not allowed to marry each other.” Little Jiang Qingyue grabbed the veil and whispered.

“If I say it’s possible, then it’s possible.” The little Ren Shuhan showed an overbearing side while casually folding a blade of grass to make a ring.
He put it on the equally small Jiang Qingyue’s finger, while making a vow.
“As long as you want to, then it’ll happen.” 

Little Jiang Qing Yue lowered his eyes, and nodded imperceptibly.

Was it a child’s banter, or was it a game that revealed what the heart dared not confess?

Who has taken it seriously, who has forgotten, who was still waiting?

When Ren Shuhan stood on the stairs and looked into the distance, the explanation he gave to Qu Chong was not completely made-up, he also wanted to fulfill the original owner’s promise at the beginning.

Perhaps this is the fate of unrequited love.

Ren Shuhan placed the finely cut fish in front of Jiang Qingyue, withdrawing from his thoughts, and explained to the crowd: “When I was younger, Qingyue liked to follow after me.
Whatever I did, he did, and whatever I ate, he ate too.
If I didn’t eat a lot of things, he wouldn’t have eaten them either, so I couldn’t be picky about what I ate.”

He spoke in a low, melodious tone, like he was telling a love story, and cleverly avoided mentioning Jiang Qingyue’s origins, thus Jiang Qingyue and Gu Weici both froze in their tracks.

“But now we are all grown up,” Ren Shuhan smiled, moving away from the sweet soup bowl and grabbing himself a bowl with a different soup, “Qingyue, please forgive me, sweets tend to give me heartburns.”

Everyone: “……”

The table was quiet for a second.

Qu Chong: Brother, we are the ones who are tired of this sweet display of affection, okay?

Qiao Ningning’s eyes lit up.
She already left behind her love for Gu Weici and Ren Shuhan’s ship and was steadily liking this new cp.

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“Was Assistant Jiang so clingy when he was little? So cute!” Qiao Ningning asked, “Did you go to school together?”

Jiang Qingyue smiled and lowered his eyes to look at the fish on his plate.

When Ren Shuhan saw that he didn’t want to say anything else, and that he, himself, hadn’t had enough time to remember his own experiences during his school days, he quickly ended the conversation, “Yes.”

However, Gu Weici suddenly opened his mouth and made a show of his academic achievements: “Speaking of which, Ice God and Assistant Jiang are both graduates of a certain school and are considered my seniors.
I also studied music in this school.
The Ice God even discovered me in a bar near the school.”

Although students attending this school often work for the gentry, there aren’t many students who successfully enter the entertainment industry.

Although he started his career by making movies, Gu Weici graduated with a degree in music.
Originally, he wanted to hide this wild card of his until he could come out with an album in the future so that the fans will be amazed by not only his beauty and talent but also his acting and singing skills.
But wasn’t that embarrassing moment in the morning still being broadcasted?!

Therefore, he had to divert the attention of the fans by revealing this information. 

Ren Shuhan resolutely accepted the challenge: “Yes, indeed, I’ve seen Xiao Gu at the bar near that school.
It was after I went back to school to visit Qingyue during the day.
I wanted him to come back home and help me with my work.
However, Qingyue said he had to stay until after he obtained his doctorate, and he only came back now.”

Wasn’t this a better academic achievement? Jiang Qingyue was definitely a genius, having graduated at the University of California with his doctorate. 

Gu Weici may have been an alumni of their school as well, but when comparing the two of them, it was easy to tell that the stand-in wasn’t as brilliant as the other.

Qiao Ningning immediately praised from the bottom of her heart: “Oh my God, Assistant Jiang looks like this, but he is still so capable of learning and works hard, he’s too perfect!”

Although Qiao Ningning is not too popular, she’s still related to the entertainment industry and had herself studied music.
She may not have gone to a school as prestigious on the national level as the one they were talking about, but in the music industry, it was definitely the top school.  Her professional ability was no worse than that of Gu Weici, so while she did not have any particular feeling towards Gu Weici, she deeply admired Jiang Qingyue and his capabilities. 

Qu Chong, as a model, had not studied much compared to them, so he was even ore impressed: “What’s the specialization of Assistant Jiang?”


Despite the fact that they are from the same school, the three of them majored in vastly different fields, and Ren Shuhan studied …… veterinary medicine.

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This is the biggest unsolved mystery in the entertainment industry, and Qu Chong has been looking for a chance to ask this question for a long time: “By the way, although all the programs in this school are top-notch, it feels like the Ice God’s degree is not relevant to his current work life, so why did you choose this one?”

“It feels really scary,” Qiao Ningning said as she cut up the chicken leg for the group, ” Wouldn’t there be many small animals split up?”

“At that time, I was rebellious.
I didn’t want to listen to my family and I didn’t want to study financial management.” Ren Shuhan recalled for a moment and smiled.
“When I was young, I liked small animals very much.
When I was playing in this manor, I met snakes, monkeys and the like.
Qingyue would get afraid, and I drove them away every time.”

When they first mentioned their student days, Jiang Qingyue didn’t want to discuss them, because when the young master met Gu Weici, Gu Weici hadn’t graduated yet.
He didn’t want to hear the story of his young master dating Gu Weici and going out to a small park near the campus.
But when the topic turned back to his childhood, he couldn’t help but smile.

“Young master was very courageous when he was a child, and sometimes it was dangerous.” Jiang Qingyue talked more whenever it came to the small Ren Shuhan, and he said with a wry smile, “Once he caught a snake by a stream, with one foot on its tail and the other hand holding its head, so he just strangled the snake and took it back to the house to take a picture.”

Ren Shuhan remembered, and he laughed, “That time, you were so scared you couldn’t even cry.
No matter how hard I tried to coax you, I was still at fault.” 

Qiao Ningning clamored to see the photos: “Where is the picture? Let’s go see it after we finish eating!”

Qu Chong: “You must have been very cute when you were little.”

Gu Weici remained silent.

After being put in embarrassing situations because of Jiang Qingyue several times, at this time, he was truly shaken for the first time in his heart.  Was Ren Shuhan really not following the script and what had changed? It couldn’t be…..there could be more transmigrators than himin a single book?! 

Ren Shuhan was taken aback when he heard his thoughts: It turned out that he too was a transmigrator.

He read many novels, and his brain was also very flexible in this respect.
So it wasn’t too shocking to know that there could be double transmigrators. 

He just listened to Gu Wei’s words who continued to analyze in his mind: Having double transmigrators is also very common.
If you think about it carefully, the change in Ren Shuhan started early this morning while he brought Jiang Qingyue with him.
Last night, he probably spent the night with him as well…

So Jiang Qingyue was probably a transmigrator too!

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Ren Shuhan: ….Perhaps he had overestimated him. 

Ah, young man, have you never seen someone transmigrate into the body of a gong?

The more Gu Weici thought about it, the more it seemed like it was the case.
He peeked at Jiang Qingyue twice very contemptuously: White moonlight? It’s more like he’s a white lotus flower1here, he’s saying that instead of being the typical crush that’s perfect and unattainable, he’s more of a vile person who’s just pretending to be pure on the outside! And to compare that dog to a treasure… He was barely wanting to fight for him! But still …… the dog man hadn’t yet chased his wife in the crematorium, and if he really did not give chase, wouldn’t he be experiencing a big loss? 

Gu Weici said it three times in his mind.
He decided to grit his teeth, fight again, endure it all to please the slag gong for a while, then he’d take a step back and wait for a face beating.
After crushing Jiang Qingyue, he would completely hold the dog man in the palm of his hand, and then it wouldn’t be too late to make him pay! 

Ren Shuhan was speechless, he could hardly eat his meal: There is no need to force yourself so much.

After the meal, everyone went to the second floor to look at the photo album.
Ren Shuhan deliberately stayed behind, tugged Gu Weici, and whispered a warning to him from an angle that could not be filmed: “When I say I’m not interested in you, I’m really not interested in you anymore, so if you keep stalking me, can you afford to play this game?”

Gu Weici’s eyes widened as he stared at him.

Ren Shuhan was satisfied that he finally understood human speech this time.
Then he saw him suddenly reaching out to adjust his collar.
His eyes were looking at him with mixed emotions, his lips were closed and he didn’t say anything.

Ren Shuhan: Mm?

“System alert: Analysis of emotions in his eyes ended: one-third helpless, one-half aggrieved, one-sixth reluctant.”

Gu Weici: Did you see your white lotus? You’re still worthy, after all! 

Ren Shuhan was startled, took a step back and raised his head.As expected, he saw Jiang Qingyue on the stairs who just looked down this way and seemed to have misunderstood something and dipped his head down.

I feel bad for Little JQY but… please don’t feed animals random food!! 〣( ºΔº )〣

Also I’m kinda confused about the exact time JQY returned from abroad not gonna lie…  >.<’

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