ou system, was meant to emerge and come out victorious.


Jiang Qingyue was nothing more than a flag to take down.
If he’d stay in his place and didn’t show up, then it would’ve been fine, and Gu Weici wouldn’t have even spared him a look.
Yet, he suddenly came around to stir up some drama on set, without even thinking about how embarrassing it would be for him, so how could Gu Weici stand it?


He was really tired at that time.
After he found out that the second bedroom had been emptied, he had gone back to the garden while wanting to find a way to delay having to work.
After all, he shouldn’t work even if he wanted to.
He didn’t want to show his concerns in front of the camera because he had been quite absent-minded, wondering where that dog had hidden his stuff.


Yesterday, he begged him to come back, but today there was not even a bed in that room.
It couldn’t be that he hired people to move those things overnight, right? He thought about it and concluded that Ren Shuhan must have hidden his stuff in the master bedroom.


Emmmm……That dog was truly a pervert.


But when he tried to go to Ren Shuhan’s bedroom to look for his things, Jiang Qingyue stopped him!


What did he mean by saying that the master bedroom couldn’t be entered unless the Young Master had said so? Gu Weici thought that Jiang Qingyue was obviously jealous of him and was deliberately making things difficult for him by taking advantage of his assistant status.


Heh… Gu Weici’s mouth twitched as he coldly laughed in his mind.
Wasn’t he just rushing to try and embarrass him?


Now, it was finally time to take revenge on Jiang Qingyue, so he immediately seized the opportunity to add: “I’m not sure why, but the Ice God can’t be bothered to eat sweet food or else he’ll get nauseous.
It can be that a lot of his habits and tastes are different from what you remember, perhaps you shouldn’t worry too much about him then.”


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Jiang Qingyue stopped moving and before he could say anything, Qiao Ningning happened to bring out a new dish and overheard their conversation.


Since she was completely oblivious (and couldn’t read the atmosphere), she directly addressed Gu Weici in a puzzled manner: “It’s not that big of a deal if he doesn’t like it? He can just send it back to the kitchen, and I’ll reheat it for whoever else wants to eat it.
I’ve made lots of food, so you don’t have to be too stubborn about this?”


Gu Weici : “…”


Qiao Ningning: Like, it’s not that big of a deal?


The Qu Chong who was passing by (and covering his mouth): “Ahem.”


Gu Weici’s face could barely keep up his smile, and Qiao Ningning patted him on the shoulder: “Young people should be sharper and more discerning, but they can’t be too stuck on the small stuff, or they’ll be perceived as pretentious.”


Gu Weici: “……………………”


Jiang Qingyue also shared that opinion.
He also wondered why Gu Weici was so bothered by this small matter, but he was too introverted and did not like to argue, so he did not say anything.


He only took a fish dish made by Qiao Ningning and placed it in the farthest position from Ren Shuhan.
Then, he took a cloth and went to the stairway to wait for Ren Shuhan.


Ren Shuhan changed into a comfortable and casual outfit, and when he arrived at the dining room, he received a napkin from Jiang Qingyue to wipe his hands and went to the table.


As soon as he sat down, he moved his chopsticks to a plate of fish that was facing him: “The cuisine is no less than that of my professional chef.”


Jiang Qingyue was a bit flustered when he saw the dish: “Sorry, I just put that far away ……”


Gu Weici smiled faintly: “I moved it back when Assistant Jiang turned around, I remember that Han-ge loves to eat fish.”


Jiang Qingyue: “It’s not that…”


Taking his own chopsticks, Ren Shuhan placed the fish on the plate in front of the seat next to him.
He then proceeded to invite everyone to sit down while explaining: “Qingyue always liked to eat fish, but when he was young, he got a piece stuck in his throat and got scared.
Since then, he only eats it when I pick out any bone in the fish for him.”


Jiang Qingyue sat to the right of Ren Shuhan and said with embarrassment, “I was busy with something else this morning and forgot to tell Ningning not to make fish.”


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“Why not?” Ren Shuhan said, “Ningning did a marvelous job.
Since people will love the fish, then it’s completely fine.”


Jiang Qingyue: “But then you won’t eat well if you have to pick out the bones in the fish for me…”
Qiao Ningning began again: “Don’t worry, I always prefer to use fish who have one single bone instead of those who have multiple bones.”


Ren Shuhan thanked her and praised her for her thoughtfulness and understanding.


Gu Weici: ??? What the hell???


The dog man was still going on! He just wanted to make him jealous, and even went so far to make it more realistic? Moreover, did he really have to this in front of the cameras? Did he want to wait for the show to be broadcast so that Gu Weici would be attacked all over the internet and be desperate? Was that when he wanted to threaten him and force him to come back? Or did he want to push his fans to attack Gu Weici and then suddenly drop a tweet explaining that Ren Shuhan is the one who’s chasing Gu Weici?


Ren Shuhan, who could actually listen to his thoughts could only question himself.


Just how many novels from that JJsite had this little child read? 1I forgot to mention it the first time it was mentioned in here, but in case there are readers who aren’t familiar with the site, this ‘jjsite’ refers to jjwxc.net, which is a site for publishing and serializing online novels…and this novel is actually published there too


Gu Weici’s eyes were red as looked at him while thinking: “This dog hates sweets.
Let’s see if he will pretend later on to drink the sweet soup his White Moonlight has served him or not.”


Ren Shuhan froze.
He picked up his bowl, took a sip, and frowned.


Jiang Qingyue was stunned: “Young master, do you really not like to eat sweet things anymore?”


Ren Shuhan hesitated for a moment before saying, “Actually …… I didn’t like to eat sweets before either.”





Ren Shuhan, this mister, has a lot of… uhm… peculiar preferences lol (= ; ェ ; =)

Also, Gu Weici keeps on sabotaging himself, I can’t stop laughing lol






1I forgot to mention it the first time it was mentioned in here, but in case there are readers who aren’t familiar with the site, this ‘jjsite’ refers to jjwxc.net, which is a site for publishing and serializing online novels…and this novel is actually published there too

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