n Shuhan stopped in his tracks and carefully observed Jiang Qingyue’s expression.
He stared at him until he went from expressionless to confused.
And again, with averted eyes and blushing cheeks, he turned his head and spoke with some stiffness: “Young Master?”

Jiang Qingyue touched his cheek with his hand: “Is there anything on my face?”

No, there is only beauty.

“Qingyue, do you have any misunderstanding about me?” Ren Shuhan said, “I’ve already put your things in my room, this room was occupied by someone else during your departure, so that’s why I asked you rearrange it.”

Jiang Qingyue froze for a moment before apologizing, “I’m sorry, I misunderstood Young Master’s good intentions.”

The fact that Ren Shuhan looked at him steadily made him panic.

HIs elegant and proper bearing had become nervous, and Jiang Qingyue’s expression was flustered and mixed with a hint of imperceptible grievance.

‘Ah, how cute, I’m dying.’ Ren Shu Han thought with a cold expression.

“Why are you apologizing?” He sighed heavily and reached out his hand and braced himself on the railing behind Jiang Qingyue in order to close the distance, “Why not just ask me directly if I threw your stuff?”

Jiang Qingyue did not know what to say, and his heart was beating fast.

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The face of Ren Shuhan, once rated as the world’s sexiest, was so close to him that his mind went blank.

“If only you could have half the confidence of Gu Weici.” Ren Shuhan spoke indifferently and headed downstairs, “Forget it, it’s my fault too.”

The original owner was to blame, he liked him but didn’t say anything.

He decided to treat Jiang Qingyue better in the future, like a rich son, and at least he will not let him be so humble anymore.

Jiang Qingyue was left alone frozen in place, Ren Shuhan pinched his brow as he went downstairs.

He had a hangover last night and woke up late today.
Now he wants to go to the gym to make up for his morning workout, but he just came downstairs and found Gu Weici and a cameraman standing near the stairs.

“System alert: They only heard the last sentence you just said.”

Ren Shuhan: …… Why didn’t you warn me earlier?

System: “……Sorry, you were talking just now, I was afraid to interrupt you.”

Ren Shuhan: “……”

Before the cameraman stopped filming, the two of them only heard Ren Shuhan say “If only you had half of Gu Weici’s confidence” while his tone was very disappointed.
Gu Weici was immediately proud of himself.

Did this dog man finally see Jiang Qingyue as inferior to him?

Ren Shuhan clearly heard Gu Weici’s inner thought and was speechless.
However, he held back and ignored him as he went towards the gym.
He wondered why this narcissist liked the word “dog” so much.
Wasn’t he also a man himself? Besides, what did dogs do to deserve this?

Gu Weici saw him glancing at him, and then he thought: “As expected of a movie emperor, he can really pretend! However, a dog will stay a dog, and in the end, he will definitely give in and come back running!

Ren Shuhan: …… It’s fine, as long as you are happy.

I am a domineering president; I don’t care to talk to you too much.
The most important thing is to be happy :).

Gu Weici was going upstairs on the pretext of asking Jiang Qingyue about the garden and how it should look.
However, he mainly wanted to grab a hat and sunglasses.
After all, the sun was so fiery that he was sure to get sunburnt otherwise.

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But when he went upstairs, Jiang Qingyue thought of something and said with a smile:

“Whatever looks good with the architectural style will do …… Young master used to ask for the biggest bushes to be shaped as high as possible when he was a kid.”

Gu Weici: I can’t tell if he’s trying to embarrass me or if he’s trying to show off that he and the dog man were childhood friends.

“The hat and the sunglasses are in the common room by the garden.” Jiang Qingyue added, “The young master should have shown you the way.”

In fact, these things are hung in the gardeners’ lounge and can be seen at a glance.
However, Gu Weici didn’t even bother to look for it, because he didn’t want to use something that had already been used.
Since his own clothes were placed in the second bedroom, he wanted to bring them out in front of the camera to prove that the relationship between him and Ren Shuhan wasn’t only good, it was even more ambiguous.

The dog man wasn’t clear-headed and forgot that this was a program for him.
He knew that the dog wanted him to be jealous enough to respond to his confession, ah.
But he, himself was busy with something else.
Aside from his fans, he must give a reason for others to come watch the show as well.

His fans are still waiting for this program to be broadcast so that they can shame the Ice God’s fans!

Gu Weici made up his mind that he could not rely on a dog man for his career, he had to rely on himself.

“Han-ge let me keep some of my own clothes in here.”  Gu Weici gave a faint smile, and walked forwards, as if he couldn’t bother spending more time with Jiang Qingyue.
“It’s fine, I’ll just use my own stuff instead.”

Jiang Qingyue reminded him, “Things left here by guests will be returned directly by assistants.”

Gu Weici smiled slightly again: “Just a small amount of time has passed, surely you wouldn’t have just thrown my stuff away, right?”

The previous night, the dog man had been begging him to come back!

With that, he opened the door of the second bedroom.

This room was huge, the second largest suite after the master bedroom.
Over 100 square feet, it had a small living room, bedroom, dressing room and lounge.
The various luxury goods inside were all bought for him by Ren Shuhan, leaving the whole place full of life ……

It was empty at this time!

Gu Weici: ????

What happened to his suite?

He had left so much stuff here, why was it gone????

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