s are evident.



“I read the information given by the program team, you said you came from the bottom, The biggest advantage is that you are down-to-earth, hard-working and patient and you were hoping to share the workload for others, I thought about it.
The hardest tasks in my house include cooking, cleaning and tidying up the garden.
Qiao Ningning said she wanted to be in charge of cooking,Xiao Chong said he was not experienced in life and he hoped to learn more with this program.
So I arranged it like this.
Do you want to switch with Xiao Chong?”



Gu Weici  could only say, “No need.”



Ren Shuhan could hear his heart clearly and it was roaring:  When I said I wanted to share the workload of others, I meant by taking on more scenes and roles than them!!! That line about my humble origin was just to show a bit of courtesy!!! Do you really think I want to clean up the garden and plant flowers???  


Does this dog man need medical treatment? Did he give up on himself after I rejected him?



Hurry up and give me Qu Chong’s place by yourself!!” 



“No need to force yourself,” Ren Shuhan gave a modest smile, ” If you want to change jobs, you can go and talk to Xiao Chong directly, I think he is very friendly and easy to talk to.”



What the hell? Gu Weici’s expression collapsed as he thought: If I took the initiative to change jobs, then my hard-working persona will collapse, right? You have to force me to be your assistant and in the same vein never let me work, that’s the only way to get the results I want, you know?



Gu Weici pretended to be graceful, and exposed his sorrowful eyes, trying his best to show his weakness and helplessness : “It’s okay, I’m used to doing this kind of work.”

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Ren Shuhan: “That’s good.”



Gu Weici: ……? That’s good?



You …… will not be nice to me again?



The cameraman and  Gu Weici were left in a daze.






The original occupants of this house lived on all floors except the basement.
There are altogether four floors with more than ten maids  living on the first floor.
In order to record the program, they were all on vacation, leaving behind only Jiang Qingyue.
But the house was still very clean. 



The second floor is a full floor of entertainment facilities, and the third floor is the master suite.



The recording time is from morning to evening, for a total of three days.



The cameramen did not follow Ren Shuhan, but mainly recorded the performance of the three regular guests, so Ren Shuhan took advantage of the absence of people, and first cleaned up a little in the third floor by himself.



He is a neurotic who doesn’t like to have things left in his room, so he decided to find all the things left by Gu Weici and put them in black garbage bags.



System: “Friendly reminder: the host’s behavior may offend Gu Weici, it is recommended not to discard those things.”






Ren Shuhan chuckled without listening to the system.



The original owner and Gu Weici’s relationship was kind of clear.
He seemed to love him, and was still pure as he didn’t touch a single hair of Gu Weici.
Gu Weici still felt that he was insulting him and only using him as a spare tire, so he used him as an ATM instead. 


Now that they have broken up, Gu Weici still wants to keep him strung along, only rejecting his advances but not his resources.
He’d switch between hurt and affection to maintain an ambiguous attitude towards him.  



Ren Shuhan: How can I ever do anything for you?



The original owner of this book is a mindless Scum Gong, and he sometimes acts badly, but that was due to the novel’s plot. 



Perhaps the original owner had deep feelings for Gu Weici  and was willing to pursue him, but to the current Ren Shuhan, Gu Weici was a stranger.



If the other  is already disgusted with himself to such an extent, then why should he bother?



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Sorry, he may be waiting for him in the crematorium, but at this rate, he would end up waiting for a long time, because Ren Shuhan wasn’t going to come get him.




At this moment, Camera One was recording Jiang Qingyue’s explanation to Qu Chong in the first floor’s living room.



“The young master usually doesn’t need anyone to take care of him, I only need to arrange his transportation and three meals every day, but for the recording of the show, all the people who can be used are gone, so we have a little more work to do.”



Qu Chong nodded: “I want to help Jiang-ge lessen his workload then.”




Jiang Qingyue, who was a fan of Qu Chong, was happy to see that he was so good at talking, and seriously instructed him, “Knock on the door an hour before the meal is served and deliver the menu.
The young master usually gets up at five or six o’clock, so don’t worry about disturbing him if you knock too early in the morning.”



Qu Chong’s face was full of admiration: “Han-ge is really persevering.”



“Every day, I prepare three to four outfits, sports clothes for a morning workout, casual clothes for a daytime outing, clothes for specific occasions, and pajamas for the evening, all of which are placed in the closet on the third floor a day in advance.”



“Does he exercise often?” Qu Chong asked in a cheerful manner.



“Should be every day.”



Qu Chong quickly got into the role and admired from the bottom of his heart: “No wonder the young master has done such a good job in managing his physique.”



Jiang Qingyue didn’t know what came to his mind, his ears suddenly reddened and he rushed to say: “I have not been back to China for a long time, and I have just returned to the young master’s side.
The young master’s current habits may have changed and I’m not too sure, you first familiarize yourself with the environment and go take a stroll around while I’ll ask him.”



Qu Chong obediently said, “Okay.”



The photographer aimed at Jiang Qingyue’s straight back and filmed for a while before turning around and continuing to shoot Qu Chong.



This program does not have a host, so the three guests are required to play their part, each taking on a similar role to that of an anchor or narrator.




Qu Chong was good with words, so he pushed up his glasses and smiled broadly at the camera: “Han-ge’s assistant is no worse than the stars in terms of beauty ah.
He can easily provide to himself with his face, but istead he relies on his abilities.
Weici is also the same.
He had good grades and then he made his debut so his ability to live is also quite commendable.
He should be able to keep the garden in good order.” 


At this moment, Gu Weici was standing in the garden, awkwardly staring at the camera man: “Uh …… it’s really hot today.”




Camera guy: ? It’s not too hot?



Gu Weici: “……”



It’s not hot, but too sunny, ah!!!

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