s works liked to call him ‘Refined Scum Gong’. 


Given Gu Weici’s protagonist aura, it was more than likely that during the show recording, he would be quite taken by him and would be attentive towards him.


The female teammate called Qiao Ningning, had some background in the entertainment industry, but was usually unable to read the atmosphere.
She was already older than Ren Shuhan and had piled up a lot of resources and participated in countless talent shows without really achieving any major breakthrough. 


While her failures would highlight the freshness of Gu Weici’s character in the program, she still had some popularity that would gather the attention of some fans.


Simply put, both of them served as the supporting cast for Gu Weici.


“Not really4,” Gu Weici replied to Qiao Ningning, “The Ice God is a very busy man, and I have barely spoken to him while filming.” 


It is this light-hearted attitude that is needed.


First, he’ll pretend to be completely unconcerned.
Then when Ren Shuhan will lower himself towards him, he’ll enjoy Qiao Ningning’s surprised expression, and the whole thing will be very interesting ~


Gu Weici felt that he had a good grasp over it.


Qiao Ningning was relatively simple-minded and didn’t even notice his disinterest, so she just let out a small “Oh”. 


But Qu Chong, who was more attentive, frowned while thinking: Qiao Ningning is our senior in the industry, yet the first time he speaks to her, he doesn’t even use polite speech…This Gu Weici, he’s a little impolite, ah.   


The protagonist shou’s aura had been interfered with, and towards Gu Weici, Qu Chong’s good impression was lowered.


Gu Weici was unaware of it, and with a bemused smile, he looked up at the sky and thought to himself: Ren Shuhan, that dog, he’s so late already.
He must have cried himself to sleep last night, his eyes were probably red after being rejected, wasn’t that right? 


At that time, he never expected that after Ren Shuhan came, everything would start to develop in a strange direction.


Prior to Ren Shuhan’s arrival, the three deacons changed their clothes early and stood in front of the camera, introducing themselves and chatting for a while.

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“Ah, Ningning is wearing a maid’s outfit,” Qu Chong smiled and pushed up his glasses, ” It’s not quite like a deacon, is it?”


“The program crew only provided this kind of clothes,” Qiao Ningning patted the hem of her skirt,  dissatisfied with the huge plastic hoop cage that served as support for the fluffy dress.
“Although we are called deacons in the program, we are actually working as maids, and there is a lot of work.”


The name of the program sounded good, but the reality was a bit different.


“But this outfit is very cute, ah.” Gu Weici complimented while simultaneously implying that Qiao Ningning was being pretentious, “The crew wanted us to look good, so Ning Ning should bear with it.
Besides, how can I leave the troublesome job to a lady? I can do it in your stead.”


Qiao Ningning: “Fine.”


Qu Chong: (towards Gu Weici ) Favorability -1, -1, -1 ……


“But still, I don’t think the three of us are wearing clothes that match the style of this place either.” Qiao Ningning looked back at the villa again and lamented, “This house is very modern, and we feel out of place wearing such old fashioned clothes.”


“The home of the Ice God is indeed beautiful.” Qu Chong agreed, “It is said that it was built by a European nobleman and later renovated by a famous designer.
It’s also said that there are many antiques inside.”


One of the cameramen took a shot of the villa, panning through the surrounding trees, creek, man-made lake and fountain sculpture, while the other one pointed his camera at Gu Weici.


This luxurious villa, with its scenic spots could be fit for a travel program.
And because it wasn’t open to the public, it was one rare opportunity for the show to get these shots on film.
To hype their cp a bit more, the original Ren Shuhan had wanted to let Gu Weici introduce the history of this house. 


But Gu Weixin seemed distracted, as if he disdained the idea: “En.”


Qiao Ningning, Qu Chong, cameraman: ?


Good sir, why were you dragging this on?


At that moment, the Walkie-Talkie at the back of Gu Weici’s waist rang


“Three deacons, the young master is back.”


At once, everyone straightened up their appearance, formed a line and stood in front of the door.


“Are you nervous?” Qiao Ningning was tangled up in her skirt and Qu Chong supported her.


“A little, yeah,” said Qiao Ningning, “Ice God is always abroad and he rarely socializes.
He just drops by charity events to donate and leave.
He also doesn’t like to appear on the red carpet, so I haven’t even seen him in person ever.”  


“En, I’m also a fan of the Ice God,” Qu Chong also followed suit, “I used to think that he is obviously an over the top rich and handsome man, but his personality is very low-key.
This program is a rare opportunity to get close to him.”  


Gu Weici sneered in his heart: He just has a normal face like everybody else, what’s so mesmerizing about it? I’m tired of seeing it.


“I had thought about it before,” Qiao Ningning, straightforward as she was, said, “That the Ice God had actually agreed to come to this program because he had worked with Xiao Gu ……”

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Not expecting that Qiao Ningning wasn’t finished talking, Gu Weici hurriedly pretended to want to correct her misconception: “We really don’t know each other well…”


However, she continued over him.
“I didn’t realize that Xiao Gu didn’t know Ice God well,” Qiao Ningning sighed, “It’s a pity.”


Gu Weici: …… Is she stupid or something?


He would teach her a lesson when she’d see the illustrious movie star lick the ground he walked on.


When Ren Shuhan’s car stopped in front of the house, Gu Weici, who was standing nearer, stepped out and opened the car door for him.


The next step in the process would be for Ren Shuhan to turn into a “wife stalker” and hit on him like crazy, asking him to be his personal aide, the type that never leaves his side.


Gu Weici was impatiently waiting for Ren Shuhan to greet him, but he got out of the car and first smiled at the staff.
He then nodded towards him before walking away without looking back. 


He was gone…


Gu Weici: ????


Qiao Ningning whispered: “So you really don’t know each other well! You had made a movie together and I quite liked that movie as well as the ship.  I originally thought you could help me ask the Ice God for some autographs, what a pity.”  


Gu Weici: “……”


No, that was..…


He knew him very well!!!!!







I was quite surprised to see that the protagonist shou was actually a transmigrator.
I was feeling a bit bad for him cause he’d been used by the original gong, but oh well, he’s kinda annoying so rip ヾ(  ̄O ̄)ツ

Also Qiao Ningning has no filter, I even feel a bit embarrassed for Gu Weici >.<




It refers to an auspicious number for the reincarnation of the departed


In chinese, eating vinegar implies that the person is feeling jealous 


‘Ice’ in here is taken from Ren Shuhan’s ‘Han’, and it also means Cold, so they call him that in reference to not only his name, but also his cold personality.


It’s a bit harder to convey in english, but he’s not using formal speech while talking to her.

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