an interface for Ren Shuhan: “This is today’s schedule.”


Ren Shuhan received it and looked at the slides.
There was indeed such a requirement for the recording of that TV Show.


“Then I’ll go with you.” Ren Shuhan liked him, so he decided to do as he pleased.
“I know I originally wanted to take Wen Xin, so you probably didn’t prepare for it, but will it be a problem?”


Jiang Qingyue hesitated for a moment before answering.
“No, there’s no problem.”


“Alright then.” Wen Xin, of course, did not notice anything and handed Jiang Qingyue all the materials, reminding him, ” However now it is expected that you’ll be more than ten minutes later for this.”




The elevator stopped at the garage, Ren Shuhan came out and looked at the schedule once again.


“Isn’t it still early?”


Wen Xin: “Young master, you said yesterday that you were going to pick up Gu Weici in advance.”


Jiang Qingyue’s eyes dimmed and he lowered his head.


“Oh,” Ren Shuhan noticed Jiang Qingyue’s micro-expression and felt a bit sorry for him, “Well, we’re not picking him up.”


He really liked him, huh…


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Wen Xin opened the car door for Ren Shuhan and said soothingly: “The young master need not to take last night’s incident to heart.
Xiao Gu is young and reckless, he has yet to experience how difficult it is to mingle in this circle.
When he encounters trouble, he’ll want to come back to the young master.”


…Why was she speaking as if he was going to force himself on him…


Ren Shuhan’s face was expressionless: “I won’t bother him if he doesn’t want to.
I won’t force him in any case.
Besides, the forest is big, so why should I hang myself on a tree?” (Meaning that there’s plenty of fish in the sea, basically)


Jiang Qingyue: ?!?


Wen Xin: …… young master how come he is suddenly so arrogant?


A few months ago, the young master met a local artist, Gu Weici, in a bar and thought he had long hair and a face similar to that of Jiang Qingyue, so he decided to give Gu Weici a helping hand.


At that time, Wen Xin felt that it was not quite right.


That kind of thing was not the usual approach of the young master.


Ren Shuhan has been secretly in love with Jiang Qingyue for many years, she would’ve had to be blind to not notice it, yet he wasn’t doing anything about it and instead threw his attention towards a new guy.
She simply couldn’t understand the point of it.


She thought that there was only one logical outcome; the young master must have moved on.


At that time, Gu Weici, who had refused to accept the ‘care’ of the boss of an entertainment company, had been suppressed all the way back from his debut four years before.
And since he had suffered enough, he had decided to grasp the opportunity given by Ren Shuhan.


Not only was Ren Shuhan the young master of a luxurious family, he was also a rich, international movie star.
His popularity and power were so great that in only two months, Gu Weici was thrown into the limelight and was suddenly a hot topic.


He first made a dual male leads movie with Ren Shuhan.
And as a way to become popular, a marketing number concerning their cp1 name had become quite the hot topic as speculations were thrown around.


At that point, Wen Xin was basically sure that the young master had really moved on.


Otherwise, who would allow a small, unknown artist to use them as a stepping stone?


Unfortunately, it seemed like one side was willing, yet the other one remained indifferent.
Gu Weici knew he was Jiang Qingyue’s replacement, so he never put Ren Shuhan in his heart.
He busied himself with his career and didn’t want to tangle himself in love matters.
The month before, as Jiang Qingyue came back from his graduation aboard, he used that as an excuse to dump Ren Shuhan. 


Mercilessly thrown away…


Towards this, Wen Xin pretended to be indifferent on the surface, while in reality, she was even more shocked than Ren Shuhan.


Just what kind of confidence did this Gu Weici have to be able to just go ahead and dump the golden young master of this industry?


However, what was even more shocking to Wen Xin was still to come: after being dumped, Ren Shuhan not only did not suppress Gu Weici, but also rushed to get him all the resources he could need.


Even this reality show had been arranged by Ren Shuhan.


So Wen Xin was more than certain; the young master was now in love with Gu Weici.


Ah… really, such pure emotions…


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The night before, Ren Shuhan went to look for Gu Weici while leaving the program’s preparations up to Wen Xin.
Using the excuse of discussing the reality show, he went and knocked on Gu Weici’s door, yet after leaving his house, the young master ran away to who knows where, got drunk and Wen Xin hadn’t even been able to contact him.


In the end, she had to ask for Jiang Qingyue’s help.


Jiang Qingyue spent several hours searching through half of the city before he found a drunken Ren Shuhan and took him home, telling Wen Xin: “Young master may be in a bad mood, so when you see Gu Weici tomorrow, tell him to keep his temper in check.”


“Don’t worry,” Wen Xin said, “he won’t be angry with Xiao Gu, he can’t bear to give up.”


Jiang Qingyue was silent for a second before forcing himself to smile on the other end of the line, “That’s good.”


Last night, he got drunk because of Gu Weici’s words, but now, he even had the audacity to say that he didn’t need to be stuck on him…


Wen Xin: Ah, men truly are deceitful every time they open their mouths.


But maybe he was intending on taking Jiang Qingyue along to make Gu Weici jealous!



The truth of it all was that the current Ren Shuhan simply didn’t care about Gu Weici.


He just finished reading the information and asked the system a few questions in his head to get a general idea about the reality show and the guests, because something didn’t feel right.


The program was called “Acting Deacons”.


There were only three regular guests, who were all popular celebrities and who consisted of two men and one woman.
They took on the roles of attendants and were responsible for cooking, cleaning and taking care for the hosts of the show that would gather in a luxury villa.
Gu Weici was one of those special guests.  


In addition, each episode of the program will choose a guest to play the role of the owner of the mansion.
Since this was the first edition of this program, the original Ren Shuhan had offered himself for the role and has also provided his own luxurious villa in the city for the show.


The resident hosts of the reality show were quite ordinary despite their popularity.
And since the original Gong had arranged this program for Gu Weici, it was certainly going to be a hot topic.


So…What exactly was bothering Ren Shuhan…?










I have actually no idea if it’ll be revealed later on or something, but I don’t actually get why the Original Gong… didn’t just confess to his childhood friend instead of taking a replacement and just doing wrong to both parties… maybe it’s cause he’s supposed to be scum, but everything could’ve been easily solved if he just… y’know, confessed (#><)

Also, on the other hand… I find the show to be rather… unique.
Maybe it’s cause I’m not used to watching reality shows  ╮( ̄ω ̄;)╭





CP refers to a character pairing, in this case it’s for their characters in the movie 

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