have long hair too, did the teacher care? “



Jiang Qingyue nodded shyly: “The school where I studied didn’t care about dress code or hairstyles.
There were even many male students that also grew their hair then cut it off and donated it to people who’d need it to make wigs.”



Everyone looked pensively at Ren Shuhan: The Ice God had probably used his status.



When they entered primary school, Jiang Qingyue almost cried because he had to cut his hair.
Ren Shuhan took note of this small matter.
To every school they went to, he made a contribution to the school and made it so that the students who yearned for freedom could also help out the groups who needed wigs by setting up this kind of non-profit project. 



Jiang Qingyue also cut his hair multiple times.
But he always made sure to cut his hair from waist length to shoulder length to leave enough hair to tie in his usual ponytail. 



“Ice God also stood out a lot, right?” Shen Xinghe preferred to talk about Ren Shuhan more since he was good at sports, “I remember reading that Ice God has always assured the role of class president during his school days and has broken many school records when it came to sports.
Isn’t he quite strong when it comes to both studies and sports?”



“My position as class president depended on popularity and I only studied well in elementary school, so I wasn’t that good,” Ren Shuhan said while patting Jiang Qingyue’s shoulder, “After we entered Junior high school, Qingyue has always been the first in our grade, and it has never changed.”



Their primary school was an elite school.
Because they attached great importance to early education, everything Ren Shuhan learned before going to school was also mandatory at home.
So such things as French, Latin and equestrian fencing were all learnt by him beforehand.
However, Jiang Qingyue wasn’t the same, and Ren Shuhan let him choose casually what he wanted to do.
So everyday, he used to paint and play the piano and learn flower arrangement and gardening.
As a result, his overall ranking in elementary school was ordinary.



After changing schools and getting into Junior High, both of them experienced some changes.



After starting to brush up on various topics and studies, Jiang Qingyue’s results skyrocketed and he won the city’s top spot in the midterm exam.



Even Ren Shuhan’s parents who wouldn’t even bother to come on his birthday were shocked: “…….”



“The young master also has very good grades, he’s always in the top 100 of the year!” Jiang Qingyue used to say with a clenched fist.



Others: Emmm……



It was true that ranking amongst the first 100 students in middle school is great, but after listening to the accomplishments of Jiang Qingyue, it wasn’t that impressive in comparison… People thought that he probably liked to ‘suck up’ to his Young Master, but it was really unnecessary……



“And the young master has broken many records in disciplines like swimming, long-distance running, long jump and javelin.” Jiang Qingyue added, “At that time, several high school teachers would be there as referees.
As a result, many sports teachers absolutely loved how the young master played, they all wanted to recruit him and even had a fight between themselves.”



Shen Xinghe was excited: “Wow! Really?”



Ren Shuhan: “That’s because our School already had a low ranking when it came to sports.”



“But our junior high school was always part of the joint sports meetings held by several schools.” Jiang Qingyue resolutely refused to give his young master a chance to be modest.
“Young master was so good that he raised the competition level by himself and even the neighboring schools couldn’t compete.”



Shen Xinghe was quite responsive: “That’s really impressive!”



Jiang Qingyue’s eyes were shining brightly: “Yes.”



Gu Qingmeng: “…… What are you jotting down, director Chen?”



“School life material,” Director Chen then asked Jiang Qingyue, “You seem to remember your time there really well, is there anything else you could share with us?”



Jiang Qingyue: “……”



“There’s no more to remember,” Ren Shuhan expressionlessly took away director Chen’s notebook, “Hurry up and shoot your scene.”



There was actually many more memories



If the young master wasn’t around, Jiang Qingyue preferred to be alone and study hard, so he didn’t have many friends.
He doesn’t know whether he was precocious or a late bloomer, but only when he was in High School did he start to long for love.



There were countless images of Ren Shuhan in his memory, the most vivid of which was when he was sweating on the sports field.



The boy who looked particularly good when he threw the javelin hard, his muscles tightening.
The boy who would push his short hair back when he came out of the water, the boy whose body had countless little droplets teasingly dripping down his body, the boy who would rush to the finish line, break the ribbon and get held up and thrown high up in the air by his teammates… He would always look around, then find Jiang Qingyue accurately between the crowd and would only smile at him.   



He would only drink from Jiang Qingyue’s bottle of water.
He would only come to ask him questions after class.
He’d offer to help him with his cleaning duties and take out the garbage for him or wipe the desk and chairs.
And when he’d listen to something, he’d only offer him one of his earphones to use.  



When they’d go out for an outing with his classmates, he would always keep the back seat of his bike for Jiang Qingyue.
He’d only carry his school bag or cook food for him.
When going out for karaoke with others, he’d only make sure Jiang Qingyue had enough food and would content himself with playing with instruments instead.
He’d only sing for Jiang Qingyue alone.   



If Ren Shuhan heard his thoughts, then he would probably say, “Silly, you are indeed a little late-bloomer.” 



If it wasn’t for the fact that I like you, why would I only want to sit behind you and tug on your ponytail alone?








I’ve read enough stories to know that no declared feelings + ‘pretending to be together’/’practicing together to be a couple’ = a disaster as one part will misunderstand and think that the other doesn’t really love them, so I am scared o(〒﹏〒)o

On one hand, I feel like the author has some really strange views on rich people sometimes… (・・ ) 



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