ut about it.
The so-called friends who were hanging out with Jiang Qingyue were just mocking him for being his family’s servant’s adopted trash.



It was the second year after their class separation.
After Ren Shuhan finished his English class where recited a certain poem, he suddenly missed Jiang Qingyue.



He wanted to see his face.
He wanted to hold his hand.
He wanted to talk to him.



Although they saw each other every day before and after school, he still had no choice but to skip a class and run to Jiang Qingyue’s classroom.



The classroom was empty, with only a few scattered students, and Jiang Qingyue was sitting in his seat, with a straight back, properly poised, doing his homework.
With his soft and lovely ponytail, he looked like an adorable little girl from behind.  



Knowing that he has been studying hard to catch up with his own grades, Ren Shuhan stood at a distance, not bothering him, watching silently through two layers of glass from a corridor.



In a short while, several other students in the class formed a group, some discussing random topics, some laughing and joking, and suddenly one picked up a handbag and threw it at Jiang Qingyue, hitting him on the head.



At first, Ren Shuhan thought it was a joke, but Jiang Qingyue threw the bag back to a classmate, yet another classmate aimed at his head and threw another at him.



This time Jiang Qingyue avoided it, did not pick it up, and continued to do his homework.



Those classmates then laughed and walked beside him.
Each of them gave him a few shoves, pushing all the books on his desk to the ground, and when the stationery was scattered, they went out from the door laughing without a thought.



Jiang Qingyue kept silent all the time, only moving when someone tugged at his hair to stop the ponytail from falling apart.
When everyone was gone, he picked up his things and continued to do his homework as if nothing had happened.



Ren Shuhan calmly marked the faces of those people in his mind, making sure to not forget any one of them.
He then turned around and left.



Later, he came back to Jiang Qingyue’s class on two occasions.
Once was done secretly, so he could take note of which classmates bullied him and mocked him.
The other occasion was when he came openly to the classroom.
His eyes coldly swept over the students, and he said a few harsh words to let them know that the boy was his own, and no one was to touch a single hair on his head. 



Jiang Yue was completely unaware of his surroundings, his young master being the only one who mattered in his eyes.
Every time he saw him come to him, he felt as happy as a little fool.  



Ren Shuhan was ten years old at that time.
He was no longer as foolish and sweet as Jiang Qingyue.
After he went to middle school, he quietly put these people in sacks one by one, to give them a good lesson.
Without anyone noticing, they had nowhere to seek revenge.
They could only deeply realize that this world had karma.



Ren Shuhan also took pictures of these people with black and blue faces to show Jiang Qingyue, and solemnly said, “If you are bullied again in the future, you must tell me so that I will never let you suffer a little injustice.”



Little Jiang Qingyue replied in surprise, “I never took what they said seriously, what matters is that the young master didn’t think of me that way.”



Ren Shuhan gave him a hug and discreetly gave him a kiss on top of his head..



Why did he miss him?



A bastard child? A servant’s child? An adopted little son-in-law? No, no label could define him.
He was just Jiang Qingyue, his favorite person.



Later, Ren Shuhan really did what he said.
He transferred directly to an ordinary junior high school, and didn’t go to the elite school where the students from their primary school usually went to.
He continued to be in the same class with Jiang Qingyue, and he didn’t let Jiang Qingyue hear any gossip until he met Gu Weici that year …



He must’ve been so sad, Ren Shuhan thought.
He had to make it up for him.



However, his bad taste just made him want to be sadistic again.



A few nights before the next kissing scene, Ren Shuhan gradually put the confession plan behind him, succumbed to his despicable thoughts, and began to try every means to get a sweet taste.
Clearly, he had a system that could help him, but he instead pretended to practice his lines at home, so that Jiang Qingyue could see him looking troubled every time he walked through the living room.



“Young master,” Jiang Qingyue said worriedly, “Is there anything I can do to help you?”



“I’ve also been stuck a bit.” Ren Shuhan saw that he was wearing soft pure cotton pajamas and cotton slippers, his long black hair was still wet and was hanging down his back instead of being in its usual ponytail.
He was, for once, wearing a pair of thin glasses.
Ren Shuhan thought that his unguarded look was of a big help, and he thanked him for the sight in his mind, however, he still said something else out loud.
“You don’t have to inconvenience yourself for me.”  



He got stuck many times last time despite not even having a line, and he had no idea why… Although Jiang Qingyue suspected that the young master had been making trouble, he still wanted to indulge him and said.
“No, I want to try and help.”



“How are you going to do that?” 



Ren Shuhan looked at him, his tone was very serious, but his mind was frantically admiring Jiang Qingyue’s pajamas that showed delicately his neckline, wrists and ankles…



“Were you acting by yourself?”



Jiang Qingyue pursed his lips in embarrassment.



Ren Shuhan walked up to him, took off his glasses and asked, “Do you want me to help you practice?”



Jiang Qingyue’s expression was surprised and flustered, with his lips slightly open, vaguely revealing his bright red tongue, like a ripe cherry.






The author has something to say: 


The poem that Ren Shuhan recited in class was  W.
Yeats’ “A Deep-Sworn Vow”.


Others because you did not keep

That deep-sworn vow have been friends of mine;

Yet always when I look death in the face,

When I clamber to the heights of sleep,

Or when I grow excited with wine,

Suddenly I meet your face.




Director Chen: Pass! 

Ren Shuhan: (¬_¬) ︻┳═一

Director Chen: ლ(ಠ_ಠ ლ)… Let’s retake the scene….

Jiang Qingyue: (•﹏•)???

Ren Shuhan: (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

Director Chen: ( ̄д ̄;)


I’m not sure if I understood it wrong or if it was really what the author meant to write… but Ren Shuhan kissing for the first time just seems strange to me?? Like I know he did nothing with Gu Weici, but he’s a renowned actor… Surely he had kissing scenes?? 




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