role would suit one of you two very well.”



Gu Qingmeng and Shen Xinghe exchanged a look: “We have never filmed a movie before, so don’t you think it’s inappropriate for any of us to play the second male lead?”



Ren Shuhan, who had the help of the system, naturally knew why they were excusing themselves:



These two are actually secret lovers.
They obviously weren’t mentally prepared to see their other part come up on the set and record an intimate scene.



“In fact, Qingmeng’s personality is quite like Xiao Zhang’s.
He’s quite introverted so you won’t have to go against your nature.The Acting will not be a problem.” Director Chen was strongly trying to convince him.



At the beginning of the audition, Director Chen had intended to let Gu Qingmeng play the second male.
If it hadn’t been for Ren Shuhan’s recommendation of Gu Weici, the role would have been settled long ago, and now it’s just a formality to ask the actor if he wanted to do it.
Except for Ren Shuhan who he couldn’t possibly piss off, he is not to be taunted, so the other actors would have to give in to him.



“That’s alright.
You have the final say.” Gu Qingmeng nodded.



Shen Xinghe was not very happy: “This is different from what was agreed on at the beginning.”



“Do you want to find a body double for Qingmeng?” Ren Shuhan was considerate, and took advantage of the situation to extend a branch to the two singers.
“There are quite a lot of intimate scenes, after all.”



“Yes, yes,” Shen Xinghe nodded repeatedly.
“Thank you, Ice God.”



It was now Director Chen’s turn to be unhappy: “I can’t just use body doubles in my movie, the final result will not be that good.”



Ren Shuhan grabbed Jiang Qingyue’s wrist and got him to his side: “I’ve even found a stunt double for you.
What are you not satisfied with? You yourself said that Qingmeng looks like Qingyue, and I do think there’s a resemblance, so it’s settled.



Director Chen: ???? ……That’s too much!!



Director Chen: “Ah, then it’s fine….
Thank you, Ice God…”



Jiang Qingyue had always obediently followed his young master, so even until the announcement day, he had no idea that he had been tricked and was quite focused.



Fans are more confused than he is:



“Who? Who is this beautiful woman?”



“It’s the mysterious newcomer who appeared in the preview of “Acting Deacons” !!! Did he shoot anything else? Asking for a link! ”






“I remember those black-hearted fans were blowing their tops because of the casting of the second male! Come and jump out now! I mean it’s the opening ceremony yet we’re seeing no one bringing up that dude! Can’t use the Ice God as a stepping stone anymore?”



“So those fans just caused drama, and the internal staff even spread wrong news, the second male lead is Gu Qingmeng, so they just wanted to use the hype around Gu Weici for their pre-publicity stunt?”



“So funny? Director Chen’s movie needs to use Gu Weici’s popularity? Just look at the actors, Ren Shuhan, Gu Qingmeng, Shen Xinghe, just which one of them isn’t bigger than Gu Weici? That’s so ridiculous.”



“I see the joke clearly.
You say what you want about Ren Shuhan, but those two singers need to focus on singing ok? They’re letting a newcomer make a movie, he’s honestly not as good as our Gu Weici.”



“Excuse me, the Ice God personally discovered your family’s Weici.
His debut was in a double male lead big movie, he immediately shot a variety show after that, yet you still refuse to admit that Ren Shuhan’s the push behind him?”



“Can you stop with this nonsense? You’re all everywhere and just annoying.
Since Director Chen is such a great director, then he can secure his movie’s popularity by himself, can’t he?”



“Ok, sooo who’s the beautiful long-haired young man next to the Ice God? Is the link coming or?”



“Yeah, just give me the name of the great beauty, I don’t care about anything else.”



“Am I the only one who thinks this guy looks a bit like Gu Weici? Surely it’s not that Gu Weici gave up the role of the second male and they had to temporarily find someone that looks like him to make up the numbers, right?”



“What the hell, could this be the truth…”



“God, don’t tell me that with all the resources on that cp, it still ended up being given up upon because others are eccentric and biased? This whole thing hurts so much T T!”



“….You stupid troll… That cp just used the Ice God name to get popular.
How dare you say that others are eccentric? Your grandmother is the one who’s biased! Can you just bring up Gu Weici to Director Chen? He’s a B-tier actor who’d never make it if he doesn’t buy out others!”



“Who looks like who? To be honest, Gu Weici is at most a lower-quality version of this beauty, their temperament are too different.”



“See that one fan up there? Some people go to crazy lengths to smear up Gu Weici’s name.”



“Look how everyone’s going crazy? We don’t even know this beauty’s name, yet there’s so many stirring up things.
You can tell who I’m a fan of, but I still want to learn this person’s name!”



“I know how to find out! Go see the official announcement of “Acting Deacons” and search for a poster featuring him!”



“I just came back from it, there is no poster of our Qingyue.
The official statement was that he was the personal assistant of Ice God, called Jiang Qingyue.
Yes, you didn’t see wrong, the Ice God can casually bring someone to help him out on a set, and he just brought someone like this… I’m withering, he probably doesn’t have many shots.”



“Not in the circle ah …… my heart is aching, I want to see the beauty in the film ah! Director Chen can’t you just get him since he has such a good face?”



“Shit, no wonder he stood so close to the Ice God in the opening ceremony, these two have a matching beauty!”



“So well behaved and good looking, I can’t believe people are saying it’s worse than that old cp.”



“Sisters, get ready for the food, #JiangQinyueRenShuhan#~”







The second those two appeared and started bickering like a married couple, I knew they were either in love with each other and didn’t admit it or were already lovers x3

Also, I hate Directors (or bosses) that cower in front of more powerful people but oppress others ‘below them’… so good on Ren Shuhan for messing with this director (・`ω´・)

And while I find it funny to see fans fight in comments, it was a pain to translate (╥ω╥)




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