The main protagonist has his own halo

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“System installation is complete, no firewall in the host body was detected, there is an extremely high risk, it is recommended to activate the exclusive shielding feature against the protagonist’s halo.”


Ren Shuhan woke up.


“What’s that noise?”


“Young master,” A gentle male voice expressed concern, “Are you awake? If you are awake, please get up, you have a very important program to record today.”


Ren Shuhan rubbed his eyes and found himself lying on a clean and tidy bed, wearing only a pair of underwear.
A quilt was covering him from the air-conditioner, and a beautiful man was sitting beside the bed——


Yes, beautiful.


He could not find another word to describe him, because his mind was blank at the moment.



Aside from the three words, Ren Shuhan, describing his own name, he does not remember anything.


“I seem to have lost my memory.” He jolted up, and his head ached a bit, “Where is this? Who are you?”


The man’s expression showed a momentary dejection, then he smiled and said, “It’s the after-effects of a hangover, isn’t it? I’m Qingyue, this is my home, young master.”




Suddenly there was another electronic tone in Ren Shuhan’s head, which was similar to the one that woke him up: “Jiang Qingyue, is the host’s housekeeper.
As a cannon fodder supporting character shou, he’s secretly in love with the host since childhood until now.”


Wait? Before Ren Shuhan could wonder what was that electronic sound, he was shocked by the amount of information contained in those words.


The host …… was him?


“The host, Ren Shuhan, has been confirmed.”


This beauty …… was his housekeeper? And was still secretly in love with him?




…… Ren Shuhan raised his head and looked carefully at the man by the bed.


“Young master?” Jiang Qingyue tilted his head and handed him a glass of honey water, “Do you remember now? Do you still have a headache? Here, drink this to relieve the pain.”


The reason why Ren Shuhan found Jiang Qingyue gorgeous was because his skin was very white, so white that he looked like a doll.
Moreover, he also had long black hair which looked like silk cascading down his back as well as gentle eyebrows.
Wearing cream cotton pajamas, he caused a certain part of Ren Shuhan to rise when he saw him for the first time when he woke up.


Therefore, Ren Shuhan immediately sat up while supporting his legs, and tried to use the quilt to cover his lower body.


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Is this person really secretly in love with him? What was that electronic voice, was it accurate in any way?


“Hello host, I’m this book’s Gong’s System.”


The book’s Gong…… that is to say, he was now in a novel?


Ren Shuhan took the cup handed over by Jiang Qingyue, and while staring at him, he drank all the water in it.


This man was a cannon fodder male supporting character?




Jiang Qingyue blushed a little when he stared at him, and slightly lowered his head, causing his black hair to hang down, covering half of his face.


He was being shy? That was adorable.


Ren Shuhan hurriedly shifted his eyes and thought to himself: As a man, if he found such a beauty at his bed side in the morning, then it was normal to stare, wasn’t it?


Instead, what was not normal was that …… someone who looked like this was actually a cannon fodder supporting male?


Then what was he?


“This book’s Gong.”


It’s a shame.


Ren Shuhan quickly accepted this tremendous information, and sighed as he returned the cup to Jiang Qingyue, thinking to himself.


Since he is the Main Gong, and this one is a supporting character, that meant that he can’t devour him, right?


The system AI, as if stunned by his inner shamelessness, was silent for a moment before answering.


“… Not necessarily.
Friendly reminder to the host: Please, keep to a civilized use of words.
This book is being published in the big JJ website, and as such, the detection of discordant words will automatically get it censured.”


Ren Shuhan was speechless: …If he wants to fantasize about unspeakable things done with a beauty in his mind, is this system going to try and nag him about his thoughts?


The system was temporarily quiet.


Jiang Qingyue could not have imagined that the person in front of him was busy thinking about impure matters concerning him.


From his point of view, Ren Shuhan was sitting on the bed, with a frown on his face and a preoccupied look, as if he was thinking about someone.


The young master really loved that person……


Jiang Qingyue showed a bitter smile before standing up and going towards the door: “I just called Assistant Wen, she is already on her way and will arrive in half an hour.
Since breakfast is still hot, you should eat something first.”


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Ren Shuhan only then noticed that breakfast was laid out on a small table at the side of the bed.
The food, while simple, was very rich and fragrant, unlike the average breakfasts usually sold in stores.


“You made it yourself?”


Jiang Qingyue froze in his tracks for a moment before nodding his head.


“Thank you,” Ren Shuhan, like a refined gentleman, smiled courteously, making it hard to believe that he could ever harbor perverted thoughts.
“You must’ve been exhausted, working so hard.”


He was actually thinking: Secretly in love with me for so many years, it’s indeed really hard for you, little beauty.
Next time you should just prepare yourself for me to eat.


As if struck by lightning, Jiang Qingyue froze at the door.


“What’s the matter? Did I say something wrong?” Ren Shuhan asked, with an innocent look in his eyes.


He’s not the same as the system, he can’t hear what he’s thinking, right?


It is because the host suddenly isn’t acting the same way as the original host, and that is causing unnecessary commotion.” The system found fit to remind.
“It’s recommended for the Host to take a look at the Original Body’s persona.”


Just what kind of person is he supposed to replace? He can’t even say thank you?


Ren Shuhan suddenly had a bad feeling.


“Former Director of Shuhan, 30 years old.
International Movie Star possessing the only characteristic of a bullying President as a personality trait.
He has been secretly in love with his childhood friend, Jiang Qingyue, who’s his white moonlight.
Because he was too shy to confess, he turned towards the protagonist shou as a stand-in, and has ended up falling in love with him in the progress, thus commencing a Wife-chasing crematorium1. 


Quite a classical trope.
To sum up in one or two words—



“Scum Gong.”


Ren Shuhan’s face was expressionless while he thought: Oh.


When he saw tha

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