s were set on the small table.

Chocolate biscuits topped with fruit jelly.
Marzipan served with raspberry jam.
A dainty-shaped puff pastry.

“Before Nanny comes, let’s eat quickly! Let us hurry!”

Flitta glanced at the door again and pulled on the hem of Rosé’s skirt.
Only then did Rosé understand why the child had glanced at the bedroom door.

“Princess, I’m fine.”

Rosé smiled and spoke to Flitta.
The heart of the child who was waiting for her to taste the dessert was so pretty.
But that kind heart for her should end.
The child knows that too, so she must have hurried her because she was afraid the nanny would find out.

“Let’s eat together! This is really good! My nanny is not here.

However, Flitta tugged at the hem of Rosé skirt as if she had no intention of changing her mind unless she will agree.
Rosé looked at the child with a puzzled expression.
Then Flitta pouted her lips as if she was about to cry.

“… Yes.
All right.”

In the end, it was Rosé who raised her hands.
She could no longer turn a blind eye to the child’s kind heart.
She had waited for her patiently in order to eat dessert with her, so she didn’t want to disappoint her either.

Rosé swallowed her sigh and nodded her head.
Flitta laughed at that sight, and she quickly took her hand and walked over to her table.

She put Flitta on the seat and sat in her chair across from her.
She wiggled her legs back and forth as Flitta shook her legs back and forth as if excited, and soon took a fork and poked a piece of cream bread.

“This is for Rosé’s.”

Rosé’s gaze was fixed on Flitta’s dainty hand, which she held out to eat the cream puff bread.
Her hand, which held the fork, was white and small.

… She remembered the day when those hands were smaller.

The hand of her newborn baby, which were so small.

The happiness of the day she kissed each of those little fingers.


「 “How can these be so small?” 

Suddenly, the memory of Haven, lying in between their child, muttered to himself, unable to take his eyes off of Flitta in wonder.

The warmth of sunlight that sat down on the bed.

The soft texture of the well-dried bed sheets.

The figure of Flitta, fidgeting with her small hands, yawning with her small mouth with a small voice, in between her mother and father.


“… Ah! Yes, I will eat well.”

Being immersed in her memories for a while, she regained her senses by the voice that called her, and hurriedly accepted the fork that was being held for her.
She took a bite of the sweet cream puff.
Sweet cream leaked out as the thin crust crumbled.

“Wow, this is so delicious.
It seems to melt right in my mouth.”

Rosé tried hard to hide the growing cold on the tip of her nose, then opened her eyes wide and exclaimed in admiration.
Then Flitta shrugged her shoulders, proud of herself.

“Right? Hehe, eat more of this.
These biscuits, too!”

“Yes, Princess, too.
Please eat too, Princess.”

The excited child did not think about eating and suggested this and that to Rosé.
Rosé tried what had been suggested to her and topped the cupcake with rose petals.

“It’s really good to eat together! Much better than eating alone! We should have eaten together like this a long time ago!”

Flitta moved her hips excitedly as she smeared cream around her mouth.
Rosé wiped Flitta’s mouth with a smile on her face but stopped at the child’s words.

“Rosé, why?”

Flitta looked at Rose and tilted her head innocently.
After Rosé smiled again, she wiped the child’s mouth as if nothing had happened before opening her mouth.

“Have you always eaten alone like this? Even before I came?”

Thinking of it now, Flitta was always alone.
Except during breakfast time with Haven as usual.
She was alone at lunch, dinner, even during dessert time.

“Yes? Uh…Yes.”

At Rosé’s question, Flitta nodded her head with a calm expression.
However, Rosé did not miss the child’s quick blinking eyes.

“I am not, uhm, a baby.
So, I can eat it by myself.”

She clenched her fists and Flitta hesitated, saying her answer briskly.
If it was said at a different timeline, she would have been proud of her, but not now.
Rosé expression twisted involuntarily.

“I really am.
Really… Hnng.”

Watching Rosé acting like that, Flitta frowned at herself.
Rosé hurriedly corrected her expression, got up from her seat and approached Flitta.
She held her chin and comforted her.
But it was far from being calm, and Flitta’s face didn’t light up at all.

She was a child of only five years old.
She was at an age where she still needed someone’s kind touch.
And someone who needed her parents the most.

However, Flitta was used to doing everything alone.
She didn’t know the affection of parents, and she didn’t know the time they spent together.

‘Haven, what the hell are you….’

Rosé suppressed her resentment and bit her lip.
No matter how many memories he forgot, she resented his indifference towards his child.

“You’re not mad at me, are you, Rosé?”

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