e is different, and I used mayonnaise just to complete the potato salad.

When I was talking with Gill oji-san, Nicola tried to put her half-eaten cucumber stick into the mayonnaise jar, but I immediately lifted the jar up so that she couldn’t reach it.

Nicola then glared at me with a pouty face.

『Dear Customer, you’re not allowed to put your half-eaten food into this jar.』(Mark)

『Mumu! Why!? My saliva will make the mayonnaise better!』(Nicola)

『There’s no way it’ll make it better! That’s disgusting!』(Mark)

『What did you say!?』(Nicola)

Hahh… This girl… Can’t be helped then…

I grabbed a cucumber stick, stirred the mayonnaise with it, and put it into Nicola’s mouth.

「Ara, that’s not fair.
Why is it always Nicola-chan eating them? Can I get another one?」(Camilla)

「Me too!」(Gill)

「M, Me too…!」(Pamella)

Apparently, mayonnaise is really popular.

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Maybe I should give Gill oji-san and Camilla some later.


After we enjoyed the mayonnaise cucumber sticks, the potatoes seemed to have cooled.

I put cucumber, bacon, and mayonnaise into the bowl containing the mashed potatoes, and mixed them together.

While adding some salt and pepper, I occasionally tasted the potato salad.

By the way, in this world, pepper is not cheap, but it’s not too expensive to buy either.

I think this is about right.

After I confirmed that its taste was good enough, I prepared four small plates for four people, put the potato salad on the plates, and gave them to everyone.

「Here you go! Enjoy~」(Mark)

After receiving the plates, four of them immediately brought the potato salad into their mouth with spoons.

「Hoo… It has a unique texture and taste.
Yeah, I think this will go well with alcohol.」(Gill)

「Mmm~ this is good.
Depending on how we make it, I think we can make a cute decoration from other ingredients.
Also, it doesn’t smell, so it’s perfect for my shop!」(Camilla)


While the three of them expressed their impression, Nicola was just eating the potato salad silently with a blissful face.

「If you want to add some color to it, I recommend boiled carrots, boiled eggs, apples, and slices of onions.」(Mark)

「I see.
Certainly, that will make this food colorful.」(Camilla)

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「This is really a good dish.
Where did your parents learn to cook this dish?」(Gill)

「Well, there are a lot of travelers and adventurers staying at our inn, so maybe one of the guests taught them.」(Mark)

Just like okonomiyaki, I had decided to make this kind of excuse.

Because there are still many recipes that have not been discovered in this territory, people won’t know that I’m lying.

After tasting the potato salad, Camila smiled at me and Gill oji-san.

「Gill-san, Mark-chan, thanks to both of you I can add a wonderful menu tomorrow!」(Camilla)

「I, Is that so? Ahahaha! I’m glad that we’re helpful!」(Gill)

Gill oji-san laughed shyly as his face turned red.

I’m happy for him.

「Well then, let’s boil all the remaining potatoes! Of course, Gill oji-san will do the mashing for us! Right, Gill oji-san?」(Mark)

「O, Ou.
You can leave it to me! As a man, I can’t let women and children do that kind of hard work!」(Gill)

As I expected, he would say that.
Now I don’t have to mash the potatoes~ Lucky me~


After a couple of hours of cooking, the preparation for tomorrow’s dishes was completed.

The feudal lord will come to this town tomorrow, and it seems like we will get really busy.

But honestly, I’m looking forward to it.


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