le with no common sense in this world.
Even in your previous world, there are weird people who go into the refrigerator in convenience stores, or people who stick the mouth of the soy sauce bottle in the sushi restaurant into their noses, right? Can you get why they do that? No, right?』(Nicola)

『Well, I think they are just idiots.
But I got your point.』(Mark)

Anyway, we have to do something with the people who are following us.

「Onee-chan, going through that alley will be faster, so let’s go there!」(Mark)

「Eh? Really?」(Liza)

I pulled Liza’s hand and entered an alley nearby.
It was a narrow, dim passage.

There were several branches on this alley.

We went into one of the branches, and I made a stone wall several meters high to block the way.

I made the wall as similar as possible to the alley wall so that those men didn’t think that it was made by using magic.

I hope they don’t have any tracking abilities…

「You can make a wall in an instant with earth magic!?」(Liza)

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「Onee-chanーー Ssshhhh!」(Mark)

I made a ‘be quiet!’ gesture, and Liza immediately put her hands on her mouth.

So this gesture also works in another world, huh?

After a moment, we heard footsteps behind the wall I made.

「What the heck? It’s a dead end?」
「Tsk! Looks like they took another way.
It’s your fault for not paying attention to them!」(men)

Apparently, those men are really following us.

Liza made a strained look on her face.
Looks like she has just realized what kind of situation we are in right now.

Nicola was pretending to be frightened.
She clung to Liza’s waist, buried her face in Liza’s butt, and took a deep breath.

What the heck is she doing at a time like this!?

Anyway, we have to wait until they leave so that we can get out of this alley.

While waiting, I could hear their footsteps became louder.
It seems like they are running around, looking for us right now.

「Did you find them?」
I don’t know which way they took…」
「*Sigh* We should have just talked to them in the guild…」
「You fool.
Watching over them secretly and appearing in front of them like a hero when they need help is way cooler!」(men)

Huh? Hero?
What is he talking about?

「Well, there was no one who looked like they were going to attack those children anyway, so I don’t think we need to worry about them anymore.」
「Yeah, right.
Let’s go back to the guild, then.」

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「Ah, but it would be lame if we told the others that we lost sight of Liza-san and the children, so let’s tell them that we successfully escorted them secretly until they got home!」
「Haha! Agreed!」(men)

And then, I heard their footsteps fading away.
They seem to have left.

I see…
So they were following us to protect us, huh?

I’m glad that they’re not bad people.

After we realized what exactly happened, Liza and I let out a sigh at the same time.
We then looked at each other and laughed loudly.

Meanwhile, Nicola was still burying her face in Liza’s butt with an ecstatic look on her face.

Liza couldn’t look at Nicola’s face from her angle.
She thought that Nicola was really frightened.

She stroked Nicola’s head to calm her down.

「Are you scared? Don’t worry.
They’re not bad people.」(Liza)


Nicola moved her face away from Liza’s butt and looked up at Liza’s face with tears in her eyes.

Seeing Nicola’s crying face, Liza crouched down and stroked her head again.

Well, I’m impressed that she could quickly make a fake crying face, but she forgot to wipe her drool…

But, wait a minute…
Shouldn’t Nicola be able to tell whether those men had bad intentions toward us or not with her sensing ability?

Could it be…..
She didn’t tell me so that she could cling to Liza’s butt…?

This pervert angel…..

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