ofu mofu mofu mofu~


ーーAfter a while of enjoying the mofu mofu heaven, I suddenly regained my sanity.


I looked around.

Luck was watching the surroundings just in case.

Jack looked sideways over here and saidー

「I’m not at that age anymore where I can petting an animal like that…」

Fu fu fu.
He’s still green.
No matter whether you are male or female, young or old, the feeling of love for cute animals will not change!
Dogs are exceptions though…

「Alright, it’s time to go back guysー」

Hearing Luck’s voice, we assembled immediately.

Bye bye mister rabbit~ Live well~

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「If we are heading straight for the river, we won’t be surrounded by kobolds.
Mark, can I leave the kobolds to you?」

I wanted to try defeating it, but I never expected Luck would ask me to do it.

「Is it gonna be okay if I’m the one killing them?」

When I asked Luck, Jack suddenly shouted.

「Ehh!? Onii-chan, why Mark??」

Luck lightly put his hand on Jack’s shoulder to silence him, and then replied to me.

I’m counting on you」

Of course I had no objection, so I accepted it.

「Oh, right! By the way Luck onii-chan, Is kobold a subjugation quest target? And, are there any materials that can be sold from kobolds?」

「Kobolds normally don’t go out of the forest, so I don’t think there’s a subjugation quest for them.
You can sell their fangs and claws, but there are not many adventurers who want to take trouble looking for such cheap materials」

「I see.
Well, we will be home faster then」

ーーAfter that, I used magic repeatedly as much as I liked on the way back.

「Onii-chan, over there」



With stone bullets, I shot the kobold that Nicola was pointing at, and blew it away.
It seems the hardness of the body was the same as goblins.

「Onii-chan, over there」

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Luck said it would be dangerous if they surrounded us, but Nicola and I didn’t miss a single one of the kobolds who came near us.

「Onii-chan, two over there」

ーBang! Bang!

When we hadn’t found Jack yet, we were walking carefully while watching the surroundings because we were worried about Jack’s safety, but it was easy peasy on the way back, because I could just kill them all.

If we proceeded at this pace, it looks like we could arrive at home before dinner.


*From here is third person narration*

Nicola was detecting the enemies’ position, and Mark would be the one killing them.

Looking at both of them, Luck was making an amazed look and just nodding, while Jack was watching them from behind with his eyes wide open and his jaw dropped.

Luck put his hand on Jack’s head and whispered to him.

「Look… They are really strong, right? So stop competing with them anymore.
You understand?」

While watching Mark slaughtering the kobolds with stone bullets, Jack repliedー

「…Ye, Yes… I understand…」

ーwith a sullen voice.

Luck then patted Jack gently on the head.

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