? Nicola?」

『Actually, I was already satisfied when Onii-chan embarrassed him in the duel, and now his big brother embarrassed him even more! Haha! I’m more than satisfied now, so it’s okay』

Said Nicola to me using telepathy, but she only nodded once to Luck.

「Really!? Thank you! I promise I’ll be more strict to him… Oi, Jack!」

「Y, Yes!……… Mark, Nicola, I’m sorry…」

Urged by Luck, Jack reluctantly apologized.
Of course, with his face still bright red.

Does he really regret what he did?… You guys, if he troubled you again, just tell me! Well then, we’ll go home now」

Then Luck and Jack went home.

But, even if he said “just tell me”, I don’t even know where he lives.

What a storm-like event.
Nicola and I still stood in front of the inn, looking at their back.

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「Heeーー So Luck was the big brother of the bully kid you told me earlier huh」

Suddenly, Celine appeared from inside.
How long has she been watching?

「Celine, you know him?」

「Even though Luck is still a rank E adventurer, everyone said he was a promising beginner.
Well, from my perspective, he’s nothing though」

Oi, oi.
He’s still a kid.
What an immature thing for an adult to say…
By the way, Celine was a rank C adventurer.

「Boys really like dueling over the girls they like, huh.
And you embarrassed such a boy by taking off his underwear in front of the girl he likes.
Mark, you are a demon… But what you did was hilarious though, Haha!」

Demon, huh?
I was just thinking of a way to make him give up without hurting him though.
Well, his body didn’t hurt at all but his pride was severely damaged.
And the damage was doubled with his big brother embarrassed him earlier.

「Well, I think the little brother will be quiet from now on.
He never thought there’s a child like you existed.

Celine looked at me and laughed.

「By the way, Mark.
You always practice magic everyday.
Do you wanna be an adventurer in the future?」

「Umm, to be honest, I’m still not sure.
If I can earn money easily, I’ll gladly become one.
But, it’s a very dangerous job, right?」

「Well, if you have confidence in your ability, I think it’s a good job.
However, trouble is inevitable in this job, so it’s not completely a safe job.
But you know Mark? When you can overcome the trouble with your own power, you will get an indescribable pleasure feeling, emhh~♡」

Celine put her hands on her shoulders and writhing her body while saying that.
Don’t tell me she was an M person…

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*/ masochist.

After seeing my cold stare, she saidー

Maybe because you’re a child, you don’t understand it yet」

ーand then clapped her hand.

「Oh, that’s right! Mark! If you want, I’ll take you with me outside the town in my next job tomorrow!」

Oh? A sudden excursion invitation!

This is good.
Actually, I’ve been interested in the outside world recently.
But of course, I never plan to do anything reckless.
However, I think I’ll be safe with Celine.
I shouldn’t miss this opportunity!

「Yes! I wanna go!…..
But, will you protect me?」

I didn’t know what kind of danger existed in the outside world.
Besides, I’m still six, so I need protection from an adult.

「Okay! Leave it to Celine onee-chan!」

Celine stretched out her chest while saying that, making her big boobs boing-boing-ed softly.

In my previous world, there was a theme park for children where they could experience working as adults.
Let’s just think of it like going to that park, so the safety was also guaranteed……… It’ll be safe, right? Right?

First, I have to tell dad and mom and get their permission.
Both Dad and Mom knew Celine very well, so I think they’ll give me a YES.

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