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「Haaahhh… Alright, you can go back to sleep, but after you eat breakfast.」(Celine)

「Yaayy~! Then let’s have breakfast right away~!」(Eclain)

Eating breakfast to go to sleep as soon as possible sounds weird, but let’s ignore it…

Honestly, I can’t say that Celine is a person who has a regular routine.

She sometimes sleeps until noon but sometimes goes to work early in the morning.
Sometimes she also drinks alcohol at noon just like Eclain.

Like mother, like daughter.




After that, I woke up Nicola, and the four of us had breakfast in the dining room.

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The menu was simple, only white bread and vegetable soup.
Both white bread and the vegetables were obtained from other villagers by exchanging Eclain’s home-made wine.

The white bread was softer and fluffier than the ones I usually eat at home.
It seems that it was made differently.
I want to bring some home so Mom and Dad can taste them.

After we finished our breakfast, Eclain immediately stood up from the chair.

「Well then, I’m going to go back to sleep~」(Eclain)

However, when she was about to go to her room, Nicola grabbed her hand.

「Eclain mama, can I sleep together with you?」(Nicola)

「Ara~! Of course, you can.
Let’s sleep together~!」(Eclain)

Eclain grabbed Nicola’s hand back, and then the two of them went to Eclain’s bedroom while holding hands.

After seeing them off, I turned my gaze toward Celine.

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「Celine, can you lend me your Resonance Stone? I want to contact Delica.」(Mark)

「Okay~ Ah, it’s better if you keep it while we’re in this village.

Celine took the Resonance Stone from her cleavage and handed it to me.

It’s kinda warm…

How can she even fit various things in her cleavage…?

「I can keep it for a while?」(Mark)

「Yeah, I can’t use it anyway because Delica is very far from here and I don’t have enough mana to make it reach the other half that Delica is holding.」(Celine)

「Alright then.
Thank you.」(Mark)

I put the Resonance Stone on the table and started injecting my wind-attributed mana into it.

I was tired after fighting the Mothers yesterday but I’m now full of energy, so I’m not as dizzy as yesterday when the stone started to suck my mana.

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