pparently, she was looking at my Item Box instead of my naked body.
That’s a relief.

She seems to know Celine.
Well, this is a small village, so I think the people here know each other.




After that, we talked for a while.

I told her about the town where I was born and where I live, Fatia, the village with a unique custom of eating monster meat, Secard, and the town of miners, Sadola.

Ester’s eyes were sparkling while she was listening to my stories.
Looks like she’s really interested in the outside world.

After talking for a while, I decided to ask her about something that has been bugging me.

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「Say, Ester.
I can use Sensing Magic and I’ve been using it since I started bathing, but why didn’t I notice your presence until I saw you?」(Mark)

「Ah, it’s because I hid my presence.

Saying that, Ester closed her eyes.
Soon after, I barely sense her presence even though I can see her.

I feel like I’m looking at a 3D hologram that resembles her instead of looking at the person herself.

「Can you tell that I’m hiding my presence?」(Ester)

As Ester asked me, I can gradually feel her presence again.

I see.
That’s why I can’t sense her presence with my Sensing Magic.
That’s really impressive.

I remember Nicola did something similar when we took a bath in the Japanese-style bath I made in Sadola.
(chapter 148)

From now on, I better keep in mind that Sensing Magic is not always reliable.

「Is that some kind of magic?」(Mark)

It’s not magic.
Umm, how should I put it… It’s more like a… mental power…? Or… a combat technique?」(Ester)

Elves and Half-elves are good at using magic, so I thought it was some kind of magic.

Hmm… A combat technique, huh? …Wait a minute…

「If it’s a combat technique, then why did you use it to peek at me while I’m bathing?」(Mark)

「Ah, I was practicing over there and planning to take a bath here, but then I saw you.
Villagers rarely take a bath in the river at this hour, so I hid my presence in case you were a dangerous person, but it turned out that you were a funny kid! “Brrrr, zo gold…!” Bwahaha!」(Ester)

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「Oh, come on! Forget that already!」(Mark)

「Haha, I’m sorry, I’m sorry… Oh, right.
It’s kinda unfair that I’m the only one who saw you naked, so as an apology for peeking at you, I’ll show you my naked body.
Wait a second.」(Ester)

Saying that, Ester tried to take off her clothes.

I could see her navel and lower breasts, but I quickly grabbed her hands to stop her before she showed me something I shouldn’t see.

「No, no! It’s okay! I don’t mind it, so you don’t have to apologize!」(Mark)

「Really? Alright, then.」(Ester)

Phew… That was close…

I feel like females around me mostly don’t feel the shame of showing their naked bodies… Except for Delica for some reason.

「By the way, may I ask another question?」(Mark)

「Of course.」(Ester)

「You seem to be interested in the outside world.
Are you planning to leave this village one day?」(Mark)

While fixing the wrinkles on her clothes, Ester answered my question.

「Yup! I’m going to leave this village soon and see the outside world with my own eyes! But… I haven’t made my Portal Stone, soーー」(Ester)

While Ester was still talking, I suddenly heard footsteps approaching us.

「Mark~ Have you finished bathing~?」(Celine)

I turned my face in the direction of the voice and saw Celine walk along the riverbank toward us.

Next to her, there was Nicola following her while smiling in satisfaction.
Looks like she really enjoyed her bath with Celine.

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