The fight at the resort didn’t last long.

The masked individuals, realizing that the San Gong-Doku didn’t work properly, suffered losses and retreated.

Finally, the sun rose.

Throughout the ordeal, Jin Cheon-hee had stayed awake all night with wide-open eyes.

Even if he had suddenly woken up in Gangho, he was still an ordinary Korean.

He couldn’t afford to be too concerned while people were dying outside.
Although he wasn’t scared, he wasn’t indifferent either.

Sounds of people carrying corpses and patients could be heard from outside.
And the sound of escort warriors coming and going could be heard.

‘It’s over.’

The fight was over.
The Cloud Dragon Escort Bureau was safe.
And the incident, where many people were supposed to die, has been changed.

‘Now, what should I do? Should I be a bystander or offer assistance? I have to choose one.’

With slightly narrowed eyes, Jin Cheon-hee glanced at the door.

‘If I’m a bystander, my abilities won’t be revealed.
That’s safer.
Besides, because of that emergency treatment I used on this guy, other doctors seem to have a lot of questions.’

Jin Cheon-hee briefly looked to the side.

The Supreme Demon, Yeo Ha-ryun, was still asleep.

‘If I intervene in treatment, some people who would die might survive.
Baek Rin Eui-seon can’t use Bunshinsu, and there must be a limit to the number of people he can save.
But that’s not more important than my safety.’

The answer was clear.

‘My medical skills are definitely strange and unconventional.
Maybe I could be mistaken for a spy.
Yes, let’s do that.
I can stay here as I am and work at the Cloud Dragon Escort Bureau, living as a doctor in this world.
Yes, that’s what I’ll do.
When the time comes, I’ll save as many people as possible…’

While continuing his thoughts, Jin Cheon-hee looked at Yeo Ha-ryun, who was asleep, and suddenly recalled a face.

The face of a young child who was confused by the gun of a rebel pointing at him.

The child that Jin Cheon-hee had protected from the bullet.

– Did that child survive?

– Why did he save those people? Why did he have to go through so much trouble to save them?

– Why didn’t he abandon them on the mountain?

– I don’t know.
I really don’t know.

‘Damn it.
I don’t even… ‘

Only then did Jin Cheon-hee stand up from his seat.

That’s right.
Even back then, he couldn’t turn away.
And now, there was no was he could turn away and justify his actions.

He approached Yeo Ha-ryun.

Before leaving the room, it was necessary to check his patient’s condition.

Why is this happening now?’

This time, he was sweating more profusely than before, as if he had been weighed down by the nightmare more than before.

He breathed heavily and this time his breath stopped.

‘Is it Apnea…?’

1 second, 2 seconds… 30 seconds… 1 minute.

For a whopping 1 minute, he didn’t take a breath.

Thinking it would be okay by now, he reached out his hand to shake his shoulder.

At that moment…


His pale hand wrapped around Jin Cheon-hee’s wrist.

Gradually, his eyelids slowly opened.

His eyes were red.

With a muffled voice that sounded like scratching a rusty sword on the ground.

“…Who sent you?”

Life spread around Yeo Ha-ryun.


‘Damn it.
This brat is already so… nonchalant.’

Jin Cheon-hee smiled, trying to calm down the future Supreme Demon.

“I am…”



“I can kill you and ask your corpse.”

At that moment, Yeo Ha-ryun’s other hand grabbed Jin Cheon-hee’s neck.


Helplessly, his throat was squeezed as if being sucked in.

Under the powerful pressure, Jin Cheon-hee coughed, expelling his breath.

‘Damn… I never imagined he would be such a tasteless guy.’

Jin Cheon-hee knew.

One of the reasons why Yeo Ha-ryun would later become the Supreme Demon in the novel.

The blood of the Celestial Killer.

In modern terms, could it be called the temperament of a serial killer? No, it was even more than that.

The Celestial Killer was depicted as an exceptionally talented being in killing people.
The more people he killed, the stronger he became.

Not only that, but he also had an innate talent for martial arts cultivation, becoming stronger than anyone else.

One could literally call him ‘a killer from the heavens.’

With such extraordinary talent, of course, came certain disadvantages.

It was said that they would eventually be consumed by the madness of the Celestial Killer, but Yeo Ha-ryun, like a protagonist, managed to control his madness and completely overcame it, becoming the strongest in the world.

‘A power that defies modern science… No, this is not the time to be thinking about such things.
My throat is being crushed, and the headache is getting worse.

Could it be because of the crisis? It seemed like the blood of the Celestial Killer that had been sleeping so far had awakened.

However, he couldn’t just let it end like this.

Even if he wanted to ask for help, his voice couldn’t come out because his throat was being squeezed.

Jin Cheon-hee twisted his body.
And in that movement, the candle he had lit earlier fell to the ground.



Bunshinsu(분신술 in Korean and 分身術 in Japanese) is a term originating from Japanese culture which literally translates to cloning technique.


Apnea: A medical condition where you stop breathing while asleep or have almost no airflow

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