Divine Wars

2 - Body creation

I never wondered what life after death would be like. Never thought about where I would go or what would happen to me.

My life was pretty simple. Boring in fact. No I wasn bullied or abused or killed by some rich guy to get some girl. Thank God for that. Id come to know the irony of that thought soon though.

Im Drake Velcester. An eighteen year old high school graduate. Im an average looking kid with green eyes and a short black hair. Neither lean not muscular. Got the fatty flabs at different parts of my body.

I wouldn call myself fat though just lacking in the motivational aspect to the several meat lumps on my body.

Well to the main point of this story. Its simple I died. Not from murder, bullying gone wrong or an accident.

Nope I had the most okay death if anything about dying is okay that is. Well I slept off the day I got my admission into college.

And I woke up, well not really woke up. More of realized. But thats where my story begins.

How I Drake Velcester died and became something quite not normal.

The environment around me was different. I knew because I always woke to three or one of two things. My alarm, my bed or my dog Milo. At the moment I woke to none.

Everything felt empty, like there was nothing nothing within reach. It was alarming and confusing. I felt myself afloat within this space of nothing.

I hung there for a long time doing nothing. Throughout the time I spent I realized I lacked something important. Took me a while to realize but finally I connected some dots don ask how. I just know I lack a body. My self whatever I was now was just floating about.

Of course the various questions hit me at the beginning. But I had never been one to stress over events that had happened or lacked understanding for. I mean I was dumb, why stress my poor brain cells over matters that it could barely comprehend.

At least I thought that should be why I wasn questioning anything. But really I guess the situation just hadn registered.

In that space of nothing where I could feel, see or hear nothing and where time felt irrelevant and seemed to be inconsequential a brightness came to being.

At first it shown like as bright as tbe sun when brighter. It could have been the sun for I knew but of course all I could do was think nothing more.

The light whatever it was intensified and a force began pulling me.

My mind confused and my thoughts in shambles I resisted. But it pulled on. It felt like an attempting to resist an elephant.. I struggled and struggled refuting its pull but the light failed to give up.

Of course I never had a likelihood of victory. The light stalled tugging for what felt like a minute or so before I felt myself ripped unceremoniously to it.

Everything turned red and hot when without my vision. And it stayed that way.

Time slowly passed with the surroundings red and hot. At sometimes I could feel liquid on myself. I would say body but I doubt that.Just the the warm feeling of something around me.

It felt like ages went by, and time spun slowly. I neither slept nor ate or performed any humanly functions. There was nothing but my awareness in the situation.

As time went on the boredom grew and the discomfort with it. Soon enough my boredom led to various thoughts. At first they were thoughts then conversations.

I spoke and replied to myself while feeling the nothingness around me. Throughout it I felt various things, from pain, to heat, warmth, chills. and downright freezing cold.

Atimes I felt like there was wind within the area but couldn be sure after all I still lacked sight. More time passed as all this experiences occurred sometimes separately and other times simultaneous.

Finally something new happened. It started with a crack like the breaking of something. Then I felt something warm and refreshing expand out of me rushing to escape my confines.

At the same time a flood of coldness rushed into me then simultaneously out. A subconscious feeling rose in me more like a thought than a feeling. At the same time I felt what should have been my brain click.

Then a DING sounded within my head or mind or whatever I had now. At the same time I realized something new.

I couldn see but I could feel my surroundings,it was like a radar of sorts. Very enhanced like if I stretched my mind It would bounce off different things and objects around me.

It was like how movies depicted a whales sonar or bats radar to be but with images appearing in mind. The shape or structure and size of everything around my minds reach forming within my head.

It was strange and weird but not as much as the images being recreated in my mind.

I refused to understand what I was seeing. I wasn smart or anything. In fact when alive I was normal. Not much IQ or anything. But I wasn dumb or stupid either.

So of course I kinda understood the images being created but I refused to accept it. In fact it want just about accepting but more like being unsure.

All around me in differed t sizes, shapes but only one state were lumps of earth?. The we
e huge rock like but we
e definitely not stones or mountains. If anything, they all felt like or should I say looked like earth from space.

Not in images bit in size and feel. Each were as huge as earth or even larger. Sometimes three times or five times. Only few being as small or smaller than earth. At least within my minds range.

While occupied over this environment I was in, a ding sounded in my head and with it came a line of prompts that had other thoughts banished from my mind.




(Proceed Y/N)

I just stared at the line of words. If I had a body and hands I would be scratching my head right about now.

Was I reborn or something?.If I indeed was, was I actually supposed to create my own body? I doubted this was how it worked. My mind could barely keep up with the new thought process.

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