”Anyway, since you two are done being all lovey dovey lets get going ” Hector motioned in the direction that the car was. Joseph playfully smacked that back of his head as they all began to walk to the car. Finn got a little bit of a running start and jumped onto Hectors back.

”Lets gooo!! Wooo!! ” She exclaimed while wrapping her arms around Hectors thin neck. He just rolled his eyes and carried her. ”We
e heading to the festival right? The one the elves are hosting? ” Finn asked and Joseph nodded. ”I heard this one is in the forest this time, not sure how that got passed the Wendigos but hey Im not complaining ” Joseph shrugged and unlocked the car. Finn grabbed the keys out of his hand and jumped off of Hector, running barefoot across the asphalt and getting in the drivers seat.

”Finn knows how to drive?- ” Hector asked and Joseph nodded. ”I taught her ” he smiled proudly while getting in the passengers seat. Hector was banished to the backseat but leaned forward so he could still be included in the conversations.

”Please just try not to run over a curb this time- ” Joseph warned. ”And go the speed limit ” Hector added and Finn just waved them off. ”Yeah yeah I know ” she scoffed with a grin while putting the key in the ignition then putting the car into drive. She began to drive, a little faster than the speed limit was in the parking lot but Joseph let it be since it was completely empty. Once they pulled out of the parking lot he reminded her that she needed to go the speed limit.

”Relax I got it baby ” she rolled her eyes and drove. ”Last time you said that you almost ran into a light pole ” Joseph remarked and Hector was sitting in the back, wondering why they allowed Finn to drive if she had a history of hitting things and speeding. He sat back for a moment to buckle his seatbelt before leaning forward again, resting his head on Josephs seat.

”Aye Hex you need any blood before we get there? ” Finn asked, looking in the rear view mirror but realized she can see his reflection in it so she focused her gaze on the road again. ”I think Ill be fine ” Hector shrugged but Joseph frowned. ”Are you just saying that cause you don want to take from us? When was the last time you had any? ” Joseph asked and Hector took a few minutes to think. ”Noon ” he sighed and Joseph held his wrist out to him. ”Just do it, Im not gonna have you lose your shit at the festival ” Joseph told him but Hector tried to push his wrist away. ”Come on, you know you need it. ” Joseph tempted him, just wanting to make things go quicker.

Hector kept denying him so eventually Joseph gave up. He didn want to hurt either of his friends and he felt fine so he could last until after the festival. He knew he could last for about ten hours without blood so he thought that itll be just fine. Hed be home by the time the affects started to get to him.

About thirty minutes of Finn almost running numerous red lights, hitting a few curbs, and cutting somebody off they finally made it to the edge of the forest. ”Im driving us home- ” Joseph told her while getting out of the car. Hector got out too and Joseph pointed out her parking was a big crooked. ”Want me to fix it? ” Finn asked and Joseph nodded. As Hector was coming around the back to Josephs side of the car but Finn began backing up.

”Florence!! ” He yelled, springing out of the way, accidentally bumping into Joseph. Finn slammed on the brakes and stepped out. ”Hector Im so sorry I didn see you- ” Finn went over and hugged him. His reflection couldn be seen in the rear view mirror Finn didn couldn see him. Humans and creatures that were walking up to the forest scoffed and rolled their eyes, recognizing this chaotic trio. Joseph got in the car and parked straighter then they all strolled towards the music and lights that illuminated from the forest. Finn walked between the two boys, hooking her arms around both of them.

She happily skipped barefoot as the boys kept pace with her. There was a group of humans and elves playing music while others danced and sung. There were little stands for food, jewelry, and other odds and ends like that. Centaurs galloped around, careful not to hit anybody while some kids chased them as a game. Fairies flew about, some scoffing at the sight of Hector but her ignored them. He had gotten used to the glares, weird looks, scoffs, and all the other judgmental things people do. Finn unhooked her arms from around them and grabbed both of Josephs hands and spun him around while smiling brightly.

Joseph laughed and stumbled, being the uncoordinated goof he was but he still tried to dance with her. Finn was a bit clumsy too but they both managed to stay on their feet. Hector watched with a soft smile. He stepped around them so they wouldn run into him and eventually Finn grabbed his hands and made him join the fun. At first Hector refused but Finn jumped on him, wrapping her legs around his waist and making him spin around to keep his balance.

Time passed quickly as the trio danced and goofed off. Eventually Hector wandered off to go explore while the other two were looking at some of the trinkets and talking to people. Hector was walking around when he began to feel a familiar craving rise. Quickly checked his satchel and saw that he forgot to put a few vials of blood in there in case he got hungry. He looked around nervously, trying to find his friends but they were no where to be seen. Hector focused on someone and began to approach before quickly shaking his head and speed walking away. His fast walk turned into a sprint to get away from the crowds. He sprinted into the darkness of the forest that surrounded them, seeing a rabbit that would be sustainable for him so he chased it.

Hector ran deeper into the forest, not worried about the dangers that lurked. His mind was clouded with hunger as he took off after this one rabbit. Screeches of creatures that lurked the forests did not bother him at all. Eventually he tripped and tumbled. He laid there for a moment before getting to his feet. Before he continued on with his hung he heard soft singing that came from deep in the woods. He knew it wasn a sirens voice since those have no effect on him but this one he followed. He mindlessly followed the singing, hungry and entranced as he went on. Eventually he came up to a small, dimly lit cottage and he found the person that led him there.

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