in pale and cold, she wore a sweet smile from another time.

“Sweetie, you're up.
Time for breakfast,” the 'wife' said softly, smiling.

Death felt closer than ever.

Fang Xiu was just a regular guy, never faced with anything supernatural, let alone the threat of being eaten by something non-human.

The fear from the previous time was freshly engraved in his mind, however he did his best to swallow it.
Lowering his gaze to his quilt, he tried his best to pretend that he didn't see or hear the 'wife', completely following the warning of the bloody note.

However, the 'wife' didn't play fair; she bent down towards Fang Xiu's pants.
As her face got closer to the quilt covering his lower body, she looked up, offering Fang Xiu a gentle smile.

At that moment, their eyes locked, and the air suddenly seemed to stand still.

The next second, the 'wife's' eyes went wide with surprise, and her sweet smile turned into a horrified grimace.

“You can see me!” She exclaimed.

Fang Xiu was once again reduced to a headless body.

Don't let them know you see them!!

The familiar warning on the ceiling, written in blood, stabbed Fang Xiu's eyes yet again.


Fang Xiu jolted upright in bed, gasping for breath.

‘That sneaky woman!’

Another time, it was the same ending—death.

Amidst his fear, he felt a spark of anger. ‘Dying and coming back to life again? Another repeat of the same scenario? Was it an endless cycle? Starting back from the beginning point after every time he was killed? Was it something like a game's save point?’

After calming himself, Fang Xiu carefully analysed every detail that happened in the second cycle.
After some time, he came up with something.

When he had lowered his gaze and avoided looking at her, she had come closer.
This confirmed one of his suspicions.
The monster needed to know that he could see her before she made her move.

Fang Xiu's mind was racing.

A few seconds later, that soft female voice rang out again.

“Honey, breakfast is ready.”

The 'wife', smiling sweetly, slowly walked into the bedroom.

This time, Fang Xiu quickly grabbed his phone, pretending to be engrossed in it, scrolling through short video clips, watching pretty girls dance in stockings.
But the usually captivating dance didn't hold his interest at all.

His back was drenched with cold sweat.

“Honey, how can you look at other women when I'm right here? Don't you love me anymore…”

‘Love you, my foot!’ Fang Xiu silently cursed in his head.

He kept scrolling through the short clips, attempting to distract himself.
With his past experience, he intentionally held the phone close, practically against his face, to block his view.

“Honey, I don't recall you being shortsighted.
Why are you holding your phone so close? Can you see me?”

Fang Xiu froze in surprise. ‘So is it not okay to act differently?’

However, after the 'wife' said this, she didn't take immediate action.

Fang Xiu let out a small sigh of relief, but when he flipped to the next clip, his eyes widened.

The girl in the next clip was the 'wife'!

In the video, the 'wife' was all smiles, her demeanour gentle.

“Honey, don't I look pretty?”

Fang Xiu's eyes widened in shock, and he unintentionally looked at the wife's face.

“You can see me!!”

“Damn you!” Caught between shock and anger, Fang Xiu hurled his phone.
It hit the wall and shattered.

But the 'wife' next to him moved closer, her face twisting as her skin split open, murmuring over and over, “You can see me! You can see me!”

“Go to hell, you monster!” Fang Xiu yelled, throwing a punch at the monster's twisted face.

He never thought he'd be the kind of guy to hit a woman; he'd always detested such behaviour.

‘C'est la vie.
Sometimes you become what you hate the most.’

After he threw the punch, Fang Xiu cried out in pain.
His hand felt like it had hit a wall.
The pain made him feel like it was broken.

The 'wife' was unscathed, her eyes full of wild greed.
She didn't give Fang Xiu any time to react, opening her gruesome mouth wide, and bit off his arm.


A pitiful scream filled the room.

This time, Fang Xiu's death was brutal, worse than the ones before.
At least in the previous two times, it was over quickly.
This time, he was eaten piece by piece, prolonging the pain.

It's unimaginably hard for a regular person to experience such a thing — watching a Specter slowly devour your body until you die.

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