Dianxia Qingcheng – Chapter 3

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 The fingers gradually tightened, and the coldness and chill in Pei Zheng's eyes were breathtaking.


 Qi Changyi was a little scared, but he didn't dare to dodge again, letting his breath be plundered little by little.


 Pei Zheng looked deeply at the pure and innocent face in front of him, as if looking at someone else's shadow (reflection) through him.
The more he looked, the more out of control his emotions become, and the strength of his hand become unrestrained.


 “En, wu…”


 Qi Changyi was strangled to the point of shedding tears.
He was unable to control it and started sobbing.


 Pei Zheng came back to his senses and slowly loosened his strength.
But his hand was still on the neck and did not move away.


 The fair and fragile skin was extremely sensitive.
After being pinched hard by him just now, a few red marks were leaved behind.
Bright and dazzling offensively conspicuous to the eyes.


 Qi Changyi was clearly very uncomfortable, but looking at Pei Zheng's face, he cautiously opened his mouth and explained, “Brother Pei, I didn't hide from you.”


 “En.” Pei Zheng replied in a deep voice, feeling around his neck for a while, “Does it hurt?”


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 Seeing that Pei Zheng didn't seem to be angry anymore, Qi Changyi touched his neck and comforted him foolishly, “It doesn't hurt anymore.
As Pei-Gege knows, I can bear the pain.”


 Pei Zheng's eyes were dark and profound.
Suddenly there was another sound outside, it was the summoned sedan that had arrived.


 The leader of Palace Eunuchs did not dare to come in without authorization, so he stood outside Living Quarters' door and announced out loud in a feminine and soft voice, “Lord Pei, the sedan chair has arrived, asking you to come.”


 Pei Zheng responded indifferently.
There were no sound outside, only quietly waiting for the people in the Living Quarters to come out.


 Qi Changyi was still sitting lovably at the desk.
Blinking his eyes he looked at Pei Zheng.


 His elder Pei-Gege is very good-looking, with a high nose bridge and thin lips.
His sword eyebrows and eyes like stars are under the few strands of black hair.
The edging of his black robe is impressive and stylish, embroidered with precise.
Standing in the moonlight with tall body and slender figure he is just like a respecful god.


 Different from Qi Changyi's soft and gentle, and a little feminine appearance, Pei Zheng's handsomenes is full of powerful seductive aura.


 The sedan chair outside the door was still waiting.
The two of them couldn't just go out one after the other. 


 Standing between Qi Changyi's legs, Pei Zheng started taking off his robe.
He directly wrapped the person sitting lovably around the chest.
His wide robe covered more than half of the petite body of the person in front of him. 

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 Qi Changyi was half leaning on Pei Zheng's shoulders.
Letting him carry him, his legs flexibly drooped on both sides of his body.


 Pei Zheng carried him to the door, and patted the little man in his arms, “Hide your legs.”


 Qi Changyi's legs that were directly wrapped around Pei Zheng' strong, thin and tight waist, hid under his robe.


 Pei Zheng was startled for a moment, then opened the door and walked out.
Holding a person in his arms, as if unaware of it, he was relaxed and at ease.


 The few people who were carrying the sedan chair outside did not dare to lift their heads when they heard the footsteps.
Even their breathing became a little weak, fearing that someone would accidentally provoke this Lord.


 Minister Pei's power overturned Imperial Court and won the Sacred Heart.
His methods were ruthless and cruel, showing that human life was like a grass.
Although other people in the Imperial Court were dissatisfied with what he had been doing for a long time, they had no way to take him down, because the Emperor is always extremely partial toward him. 


 It wasn't until Pei Zheng sat in the sedan chair that the eunuchs breathed a sigh of relief and carried them to the banquet hall.


 Pei Zheng sat on the soft couch in the sedan chair, and leaned back slightly.
The little man in front of his chest was still lying softly and was motionless, like a well-behaved and lovably little white rabbit.


 “Is it that comfortable?”

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 The deep and low voice that seemed to constrain or repress emotions sounded.
Qi Changyi turned his head to look at him, staring stupidly he was unable to hear the ambiguity in his words.
He only knew that the corners of his lips were raised in a pure smile.


 Pei-Gege mood is often uncertain and difficult to understand, but now he seems to be especially gentle and tender.


 Qi Changyi nodded his head vigorously.








*嗯 en 

*depending on the tone it has many meanings


(here:) ~a groaning sound


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*different tones 


• interjection

• OK, yeah

• what?



-interjection indicating approval, appreciation or agreement




(1)it has many meanings 


• clever (child)

• smart

• lovable

• cute

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