Veers POV

It has been 4 months since our wedding. We both are sharing the room and also the bed but with a huge pillow wall in between us. In other couples its always the girl who would have set up a pillow wall but in our case its exactly opposite. Here its me who is not comfortable to sleep beside his wife. Wife, did I just say wife? Oh yes. This girl is driving me nuts.

Maybe we should give this relationship a chance. I should talk with her. Not now ofcourse let us both go home first and even if I want to say her now I won be able to because she is on a sortie and she will return around 6:30 and now its only 4:30 pm. It seems I have to wait. I waited 4 months and now I have to wait more 4 hours.

Her cute antics, her savage replies, her caring nature, her adoration, her scoldings, her shoutings, her affection everything lits my mood up. I guess am falling for her.

Just then my phone beeped, breaking my chain of thoughts. My smile changed into a frown when I saw who messaged me. It was none other than Nisha. Seriously what does she want now. Frowning I saw her message from the notification. Wow wow wow, now she wants me back because her ex again betrayed her. Is this some joke? Why should I spoil my mood because of a passing cloud. Let me focus on my work.


Sanas POV

It was a tiring day for me. I had two sorties today. I messaged Veer that am going home, because I didn even had a pinch of patience left within me and also I was having mild fever from last night. All I want now is to sleep soundly.

After returning home I went to freshen up. I started preparing dinner. It was 7 pm but I felt like I should finish all my works as soon as possible and then sleep. In these 4 months of our marriage one thing surely changed, I became more responsible. Don think am praising myself but its true. Don know why but even a slight misplace of things triggered me.

Leave that let me cook something nice. With that thought I started making Paneer Curry along with Dal and Rice.

After good 2 hours everything was done. Its almost 9pm. Veer must be coming anytime soon. Suddenly my phone beeped and it was a message from Veer. He said he will be late as he is having sudden sortie to carry out. I replied ok and went to watch TV.

*Knock knock*

Someone is at door. Let me see who is it. Oh a postman.

”Maam would you please sign here. ” He said and I signed and he gave me a letter and then he went.

As I opened the letter the first 2 words were

From Nisha. I went on to read the letter and my world shattered.

The letter:-

From Nisha,

Dear Sana, I know it would be hard for you to understand what am going to say. Sorry, because of me you had to marry Veer. But now you don have to continue the marriage.

Veer wants to divorce you. He wanted to say that you from long time but he couldn . I know its really hard for you but Veer loves me and you know that. He curses himself every day because of you. I can see him like that.

I don want you to hurt him anymore. It will better if you leave us and start a new life and let us also start a new life. Please forgive me. I didn mean to hurt you. But also I can let you hurt my Veer. It will be better if you move on from his life as soon as possible because the more late it will be the hurt he would be.

I hope you understand us and move on and please don forget to sign the divorce papers. Veer couldn directly say you to sign the divorce papers so am saying that on his behalf.

Was it a joke. Am I a joke to him. If he really wanted to divorce me then why the hell he didn say me directly. My whole life is a lie. I guess I don have any option except leaving him.

I packed my bags and left. But I didn forget to sign the divorce papers and left a letter attached to it for him. I don know why but my heart is saying that this is just a game, its just a trap don believe it. But my mind is saying if its really a trap then he would surely come after you to take you back.

Maybe this is only my fate. Maybe he can never be mine nor I can be his. Destiny has different plans for us I guess. Good bye Veer.


Veers POV

After 3 hours

Its almost 1 pm. She must be asleep by now. I should talk to her in the morning. Let me get freshen up first then I will have my dinner.

As I opened the door I couldn find her. I searched for her in the whole house. Fuck where could she go at this time. Damn it man she has also switched off her phone. I went again to our room. I pulled my hairs in frustration. Where are you Sana? Just then I found a letter along with some legal documents.

Wait divorce papers and that too she has signed it. Why? Wasn she the one who wanted to give this relationship a chance. Why are you doing this to me Sana? What have I done to you? There was also a letter along with it.

The letter :-

Hi Veer, I know I shouldn have left like that but you left me with no option. I agree you don like me but atleast you should have said that to me face to face. I know you still love Nisha and you wanted a divorce. You could have said that to me directly.

Lets not beat around the bush. I have signed the divorce papers as you have asked me to do so. You
e free from now. I hope we will still be best friends if not anything else. Sorry for everything Veer. I hope you will forgive me. Bye

Your best friend,


I can understand when I asked her to sign the divorce papers and moreover I never made any divorce papers and most importantly from where did this Nisha came. Don know why but there is something fishy and this Nisha has something to do with it. Am going to kill her for real. Frustrated I dialled her number.

”Veer. I know you still love me. Sorry I ran away from the wedding. I love you baby. ” She said and it triggered me more.

”Shut the ** up and tell me where is Sana. ” I roared in anger.

”Hey leave her. She must be gone. Come to me na. I am ready to marry you now itself. ” She said and I wanted to slap her. No offence I do respect girls and never in my wildest dreams I can even imagine of raising my hand on them, but this girl deserves one.

”Shut up and tell me what you did? ” I asked sternly.

”Nothing baby. I just wrote her a letter saying that you still love me and want to divorce her and also sent the divorce papers on your behalf and asked her to leave. After 2 months you would have asked her to sign the papers. Why should we wait for 2 more months, the earlier the better. I did the right thing na, I know you still love me, she was just a third wheeler between us. So its better she left. ” She said as if its not some big deal.

”Who the ** do you think you are. She is my wife. And put this in your little brain that I hate you no sorry, I loathe you. So get the ** out of my life. I don want to see you or hear you again. ” I said and threw my phone angrily on the bed.

Why it always happens with me. When I want to start something fresh and set something right, everything goes out of my hand. I need to find her. Let me call Maya. After 2 rings she picked the call.

”Maya did Sana come there? ” I asked.

”No. Why what happened? Is everything ok? ” She asked with concern.

”She left me, she left our home. I don know where she went and also her phone is switched off. ” I said.

”Veer did you check at her apartment? ” She asked.

”Apartment? What apartment? ” I asked confused at what she said.

”Yaa. We bought it long back. When we get bored we spend our time there. ” She said and I was amused at this newly found information.

”Can you give me the address. ” I asked her.

”Yup. Its Custodian apartments, flat no. 202. ” She said and I thanked her and kept the phone.

I rushed towards the apartment. Its almost took me 30 minutes to reach the apartment. I reached the flat and rang the doorbell. After some 2-3 minutes she opened the door and I can clearly say from her face, she didn expect me here. Her eyes were red probably due to crying. She wanted to say something but I cut her off.

”Not a single word. Bring your bags and come with me. ” I roared angrily and she jumped at her place. She again tried to say something but I again cut her off.

”Now. ” I raised my voice even more and she nodded silently. After 10 minutes she came out with two suitcases.

”Veer I still don think that I have a place in that house. ” She said and it triggered me.

”Shut up or else I don know what I will do. Lets get back to our home first and then you can explain yourself. But now dare not utter a word ” I said or you can say yelled and she nodded and came along with me.


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